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5 Types of Men – Which One Is YOU?

types of men
Written by Steven Hawk

When all things are considered, there are 5 types of men in our modern society. Each but one has its own set of positive traits and the role in our society consisting of 3 types of people.

Yes, generally speaking, there are 3 types of people in this world:

  1. People who wonder what’s happening
  2. People who know what’s happening
  3. And people who make things happen

That said, when it comes to men alone, we have yet another disambiguation describing the character and potentials of a specific human male specimen. And yes, there are 5 different types of men in this world. Find yourself; you are here somewhere.

#1 – The Alpha male, the most rear among all 5 types of men

This guy just rules supreme. His every action triggers admiration at those following him.

He’s got the best seat in the house, the best meal in the house, and the very best fuck in the house.

However, when the shit hits the fan, all eyes are on the alpha

It’s his job to make sure his followers are feeling perfectly safe.

He’s got no problem answering the challenge. Because Alpha’s zone of control is their little zone of trust and he knows what that means.

How did he become the alpha?

Dedicated work.

Nobody is born alpha. Alpha is made over the course of time.

The courage and the willingness to step out of the comfort zone is what differentiates the alpha from the rest.

It’s the guy who never gives up.

He always strives for more and better because A) he knows it can be done and B) knows he can do it.

#2 – Alpha Wannabe

He is the second in command but the main engine nevertheless. It’s the guy that spends his time constantly competing with and challenging the Alpha.

He is one of the main reasons behind Alpha’s constant progress because he’s breathing down the Alpha’s neck, not allowing nor tolerating any mistakes. He attacks on the very first sign of the weakness.

In direct comparison, there are no larger differences between the Alpha and him. He’s got the whole package necessary for the acceptance of the group. He just has to wait for his moment.

#3 – The Beta Male

types of menHe is a great guy. A funny dude.

Dedicated; no question about it, but he has no real desire to lead.

Beta is more of a soldier type, executing the commands without second-guessing.

In terms of the courage, this guy will lay his life for the leader and for the group at any given time because of his deep sense of belonging, respect toward the leader, and awareness of his own limitations.

It’s the guy that is great to have by your side in every situation.

#4 – Just another scary little girl

He has a dick thus; he is defined as a man. But that’s where every similarity stops.

He will cave in and hide when facing an imminent danger or some challenge. He simply lacks the energy and willingness to expose himself to anything outside of his direct zone of comfort.

And while he most likely won’t push anyone else into the fire, he won’t pull someone from it either.

He might even have this hidden passion for antidepressants, alcohol, and drugs derived from his constant need to escape from the reality.

#5 – We still have no name for this type…feel free to forge one

Talking about the mistake and the byproduct of our successful elimination of nature’s greatest notion: survival of the fittest.

Some people should never live, that’s for sure. We are talking about the guy who will not only cave in and hide to avoid any potential risk, danger or a challenge but he will also push someone else into the fire with the sneaky move from behind.

It’s the guy with the least testosterone, dopamine, and serotonin. A worthless piece of shit that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

And to compensate for his shitty character, he will often pick on the weakest to heal his frustrations – most likely his unlucky wife who chose him on account of the false self-presentation made by the ultimate coward.

If he would be a soldier, he would be entering the rooms after everything settles and perimeter’s been 120% secured – just to rape and beat women during the raid. Slap him and he’ll cry.

Alcohol and drug abuse is a must for this guy.

We honestly hope that you don’t fall into this last type. We’ve got nothing for you if that’s the case. Well, we do, but it’s not “politically correct” to say it out loud. Let’s just say that it’s rounded and can fly at the speeds greater than 300/mph

But if you are Type 4 or Type 3, we have everything you need. A precise guidance on how to develop and move to Type 2 and even the Type 1 because it’s there where the fun begins! Find out more.

Oh, and please put your suggestion about a convenient name for the Type 5. Let’s come up with something original.

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