How to Get a Woman to Fall in Love with You, Explained by Science

Written by Steven Hawk

Do you want your woman to fall in love with you? Do you know that there are 11 key factors, pinpointed by the science, that determine the odds of man and woman falling in love with each other? Over the course of time, and with joint efforts of several scientists across the globe, we finally have some sort of “recipe” for love.

Of course, this is not a rule. It’s just a pattern that shows itself most frequently so take that under the consideration when you start listing the potential “targets” after you learn the “recipe.”

It may just be that you’ll manage to target just the right person if you apply the following filter:

1) Similar personalities, origins and some segments of the characters

2) Geographical proximity

3) Favorable (desired) markings of the personality and appearance

4) Positive feedback in terms of attraction (the fact that someone likes us)

5) Fulfillment of our wishes

6) Physical and emotional excitement (arousal preferably)

7) Social influence, moral standards and approval of our closest social environment (parents and friends)

8) Specifics relative to voice, eyes, posture and movements

9) Readiness and willingness to commit to a deep romantic relationship

10) Possibility to spend time alone

11) Certain level of mysticism in situation(s) and/or the person


There you have it. 11 most promising factors that could indicate you’re on the right track with some lady. Or perhaps, if you’re in the middle of the decision making process, trying to make up your mind about one particular in the sea of others, these 11 distinct factors may easily be your way out of that dreadful situation. After all, that kind of decision is something women should make (and they enjoy it.)

We (men) are here to demonstrate our devotion, raw power and potential. She’s here to decide.

But don’t forget: she’s using these same 11 factors to decide for or against you.

Of all 11, these few appear to be the most important

As with everything else, some things are more important than others. Same is here. From 11, only a handful makes the backbone of the entire love model. The rest is only additional “checkpoints.”

Let’s see what science has to say about:

Geographical proximity

Apparently is does help a lot if you two are close to each other. Who knows man, maybe she lives just a block away. It’s worth of further investigation.

But how would you find out something like that?

By being extremely picky about the places you’re spending your time on. It may sound tactical, rough and not romantic at all, but we must admit that there is certain “strategy” when it comes to love.

It’s rarely happening out of nowhere. In most cases, the relationship is forged over the course of time and that means that in some point of time, the two have to meet – frequently.

So, if you’re staying away from the spots frequently visited by your neighborhood, you might be missing on an opportunity to click with the woman of your life. The same principle applies if you’re offshore and deliberately avoiding the places where your countrywomen are gathering.

But the choice of the places is not only limited to the above described.

Beside the origins, one other thing should influence your choice of locations and places you’re visiting

If you have a certain “stereotype” of a woman you’re more likely to fall in love with, you need to pick the spots where you can meet women like that. To paint it roughly, if you want a sexy woman, you don’t go to a gay club.

And, staying at home or working long hours will most likely result in loneliness because you’re not exposed!

It’s all about being exposed to one another

Exposition is critical. And that’s the core of this specific factor. We tend to connect more easily with the people who originate from the same place we are, especially if we are living in some distant city or country.

In 1950 scientists conducted a simple survey among the freshly married couples. It turned out that 54% of all couples were only 16 blocks away from each other when they started to go out. 37% were living only 5 blocks away.

When allocated, you’re more likely to connect with the people from your town than with handsome people!

The reason for this occurrence hides in our limbic part of the brain. We tend to connect mostly because of frequent exposure to one another. That’s why living in close proximity will expose you to her and vice versa.

It’s the same thing used by the marketers. They are bombarding you with the brand and after a while, you’re more likely to purchase that brand than some other; the one you weren’t exposed to.

So make sure to go out frequently. Choose places where your “stereotype” is most likely to be found. Don’t close yourself in four walls of your office or apartment. Job or a good TV show is just an excuse to avoid facing with your fear of rejection.

The best way to fight the fear is to expose yourself to it. Remember that.


She loves people who are kind, polite, smart, funny and who make her feel good. We all know that. We all know that smooth talkers, otherwise known as players, hardly ever miss. They will get laid because they know how to fire up just the right neurons in her limbic part of the brain.

And for the viewer, it may appear like she’s easy. It’s not that shallow as it appears.

A reflection of the character will make a deep positive or negative impact on our mind. Specific set of neurotransmitters will fire and brain will create the memory entry about the event. And the signal is sent by the limbic part of the woman’s brain.

So, the way you reflect and self-reflect has the profound influence on the entire process.

For instance, confident men, who are not over defensive, tend to have frequent love experiences. Unlike them, those with serious self-confidence issues and lack of strong self-definition tend to develop superficial (game-like) relationships full of conflicts and with low levels of intimacy.

Chicks dig the strong and confident man. They do buy that macho crap whether they’ll admit it or not. Because alpha male is an alpha male and when you present yourself as the alpha to her, she won’t be able to control her innate instincts. Her limbic brain recognizes the potential “catch”, making her fully exposed to that man’s influence. And players know this.

But then again, you really cannot be a player if you are not highly confident about yourself. Be a wuss and she’ll sense it. You can act, but you won’t be able to fool her because you’re not talking to her neocortex. You’re talking to her primitive brain and that brain doesn’t give a fuck about the words you’re saying. It relies on something deeper than that and that’s mostly the visual appearance, posture, gestures, movements and probably remote chemical sensing (too much perfume can make more damage than good, remember that.)

So, if you’re having difficulties communicating with the ladies, it’s a clear sign of low self-confidence. It’s time you start working on that issue man.


We tend to say that differences are attracting each other. The truth is quite opposite.

People will more likely choose their lovers and life partners on account of the similar personality. Furthermore, more similar is the couple in terms of personality and origins; more relaxed they’ll be with one another. They will feel more compact and be more satisfied with the quality of their relationship.

Accordingly, couples who share the same views on life and share similar tempers and behavior will most likely stay together for a lifetime. It only appears that we are different. We disregard about irrelevant things for the most of the times, but when it comes to something important, we think alike.

And when you think about one specific occurrence, we practice when we are introducing two people, this claim will make more sense to you.

What is the first thing you say after you introduce your friend to a woman you know (speak their names)?

Your brain tries to find the similarities between two of them!

Funny thing Marissa. Mario here likes the opera, same as you. Isn’t that great?”

You automatically try to connect them by clearly emphasizing at least one thing two of them have in common. The more stuff you can list, faster they will “click.” It’s just the way we behave as the species.

We tend to group with the like-minded people, and couples are no different.

Observe any type of group you want and you’ll see this exact pattern. From political followers to bikers and all the way down to a single couple, we group with the people with whom we share the same standpoints about the important things in life. If she wants children and you don’t, there’s no future there. If she tends to spend much time with her parents while you think it’s unnatural, you’ll never make it work for an extended period of time.

Conflicts of interests and relationships do not go together.


And not only sexual arousal! Different emotions that are occurring as the result of some positive or extremely negative stimulus can trick us into falling in love in the first person we see. That’s why 1/5 of all couples will answer that their current relationship started after some emotionally challenging situation.

Tough breakup can result in fast emotional attachment to some new person in a matter of days. Stockholm syndrome is happening due to the same mechanism. We tend to grow a feeling towards musicians because their songs make us all emotional.

But excitement is only an amplifier same as exposition. It’s not the reason why we fall in love.

There’s something else we need and that’s the overall attraction based on person’s visual appearance. In other words, we tend to judge people on account of their beauty. Ask woman if this is true and she’ll tell you that beauty has nothing to do with it. Connect that woman to lie detector and you’ll see that she has just lied to you.

We tend to fall for beautiful people and that’s perfectly natural. In fact, it’s that advanced eye for beautiful and astonishing that gave birth to virtual values of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. In modern days, we use that same mechanism to perceive money. We cannot eat it, but it’s still most valuable thing in the world.

Thus the conclusion:

Make yourself more attractive because that’s one of the predominant factors she’s using to decide.

And to tell you the truth, many men are doing shit about their visual appearance. Excessive amounts of fat, poor hygiene and dreadful choice of wardrobe, make millions of men less attractive than they actually are.

Among everything we’ve listed, visual appearance has the predominant role when it comes to choosing our partners. We have a habit of saying that men will look only at beautiful female specimens, but it’s true the vice versa also.

Appear strong and confident, with attractive haircut, dressed in some quality (well combined) clothes and she’ll become interested in you. Play your game well to the end, and she’s yours. At least for that night.

But who knows. Maybe a few of those remaining factors kicks in and you develop a deeper connection.

It sometimes takes only one accidental meeting to spend the rest of your life together. You just need to expose yourself. That’s all to it.

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