How to Stop Complaining Once and For All and Why Is That Important for Men

Written by Sean Collins

If you want to be a REAL man – you need to stop complaining – NOW!!! Complaining is for girls and pussies. It’s really disgusting to see a fully grown man complaining about something. That should be a woman’s job. The question is: are you maybe a woman deep inside?

But that’s just a fraction of the entire problem our society has with the men who complains.

The rest of the problem is men who are not behaving as they are supposed to behave. It’s like a glitch in a program of the main matrix. Something got terribly wrong during the development and now we have a pussy with the dick, who grew a habit of covering his ass by complaining. As the result, we have an individual (in fact plenty of them) who is not up to his task. He’s underachiever.

How can we be so sure that those men who complain are automatically underachievers?

Men complain only because of two things:

1) Because he feels helpless. It’s beyond his current possibilities, but when he looks around; he sees other men and women doing that same thing with ease. So he is finding an excuse to cover his own incompetence.

2) Because of pure laziness and/or complete lack of interest. It’s like when I call for one of my CEO’s and ask him what’s been causing the delay. It always amazes me how fast can a man come up with such a pile of bullshit. And the only reason for the delay is his own acute disinterest. You should think twice before hiring hot chicks to be subordinated by an easy guy. One wink or ass move and he’s melted. She’s got him good.

But no, I don’t have a habit of firing his ass immediately. His underperforming is my fault. I’m the one who should teach him better. After all, it was me who hired that man.

So what I do is simple.

I teach him how to stop behaving like a little girl and start taking responsibility for his own actions and mistakes. I teach him how to stop complaining. But what’s most important, I teach ‘Why’ he must stop complaining – as of right now.

So why do you must stop complaining?

Because it is causing the block and limiting you with or without your knowledge. Every time you complain about something, it means that the stuff you were complaining on had some sort of negative influence on you; or you’re just making stuff up.

The question is: how could you avoid it?

If you focus on complaining alone, you’ll never look at the cause and see the solution.

I remember one time, years ago, while I was managing a company that pretty much depended (and still is) on the operability of the forklifts, my foreman came to me, complaining on too much snow and ice.

“It’s impossible to work in these conditions. I think we should stop everything and send people home. They are freezing their asses off anyway.” He told me while we were assessing the conditions and damage; snow storm did over the night.

“Jimmy,” I said, “We live and work high up north, where you have to heat your home for 8 months of the year. Are you really telling me that we cannot deal with two feet of snow?” Jimmy was confused and didn’t know what to answer. So I continued.

“If you don’t like the snow, don’t fucking live this high up north. Move to south. But if you do like it here, and you do like receiving good paychecks and bonuses for good results, then Jimmy, you’ll find the way. And to make everything more interesting, you have an hour to clear this mess and start the operations.” I said and left him with his thoughts.

What do you think happened?

It appears that little boost in someone’s ass does miracles. I still remember Jimmy, calling me in half an hour, telling me how we’re back in business. The old saying got it right. It goes:

“Who wants – finds the way and who doesn’t want, finds an excuse.”

When I forced Jimmy to move away from complaining about the weather and focus on a solution, he dealt with the mess in 30 minutes. It took him 5 minutes to persuade the local road cleaners to spare one machine and that was it. He only had to use his negotiating skills.

Would he do it if I didn’t push him?

No, of course he wouldn’t. He would be home, keeping himself warm behind his wife’s ass. Him and 120 others. It would cost the company around $25,000 net because that’s what they can produce in 16 hours (2 shifts.) This way, it cost a lunch for the truck driver who cleaned the snow.

But how do you stop complaining?

#1 – Move away from the feeling of helplessness

It’s easy to get motivated when someone is threatening with your paycheck. But how do you do it if you’re on your own? How do you stop yourself blaming on the weather or wife, or kids, or boss, or that stupid bus driver who cuts you off and similar crap men use?

In any of these conditions, you felt like there was nothing you could do to prevent it. And perhaps you couldn’t. But you could work around that problem. Instead of feeling helpless, observe the shit as the problem that you can deal with. Snow is covering the roads and you cannot drive your car? Walk. Some prick cuts you off and took your parking spot? Get out and bust his chops. Just kidding. The proper solution is:

See the spot before the others and move in faster.

You’re not helpless. You only don’t know how to do it, that’s all. All you have to do is learn how it’s done properly. But you won’t learn shit if you don’t stop complaining. Because complaining is justification. And justification of any kind is counter-productive because it stimulates the brain to activate the backward rationalization defense mechanism too frequently.

Give it some time and even your neighbor’s dog will be guilty of something.

But this demands another trait found in every man.

#2 – Become fearless

You are fearless. It’s in your blood. It’s in your genes. Of course we are not talking about trying to take down a fully grown lion with your bare hands. We are talking about taking the leap whenever it takes and not caving in.

If you wanna solve the problem, sometimes it will take more than just a good will. Sometimes it will take courage.

A while ago I held the meeting with a few of my associates and executives. I came up with the idea and was 100% sure that it will bring money. In my head everything was smooth and by the numbers. Now, I’m not known as someone who likes his methods of managing to be questioned in any way. It’s my freakin’ business and even if I make a mistake, I have the right to make it.

Yeah, I guess we are all a bit stubborn from time to time and even I can’t help it sometimes. Sure, I’m open-minded but not that much when it comes to something I created out of nothing, alone.

So in the middle of the meeting, while everybody was nodding their heads and approving my idea, one of my executives got up and said that it won’t work. He’s got a better idea. The entire room went silent. There he was, standing couple of feet from me, looking directly in my eyes and trash talking about my brilliant solution.

I can bet good money that all the others were sure that I’ll fire his ass immediately. It did happen before.

But something told me to back down and give the man a chance to explain himself. His confidence couldn’t be disregarded.

To make the long story short, it turned out that my solution would maybe work but more likely generate losses. His solution to the problem made us a fortune. And now he’s sitting in the Board of Directors. One of the finest men I know. A guy with brains and the balls to show that brain. The perfect manager.

That small act of courage brought him promotion out of nowhere. I bet he didn’t even dream that something like that will happen when he was leaving home that morning.

And this leads us to another trait every man possesses, important to be emphasized in order to stop complaining once and for all.

#3 – Hardcore persistence to walk another mile and follow through to the bitter end if needed

It’s great to have an idea, but that idea has to be put in motion. That same day, the guy who challenged my solution, got his work cut out for him. Put the money where your mouth is and chew it all the fucking way until you either choke on it or spit it out to breathe again.

“Your idea, your project,” I told him, “See it through, make it work, and you’ll be sitting here.”

Yeah, OK, guy was motivated, but how many guys you know that cannot be motivated at all? How many men do you know that have zero persistence and even less will to move their asses?

Once you move away from helplessness and become courageous, you have to prove your worth. And the only way to do it is to really just do it. No complaining. Only pursuit for the solution. Race to the finish line.

Here’s the problem.

Many folks get up one morning all aroused and with their cocks hard as a piece of rock. They got a great idea which makes their ballz to suck up in their sockets.

So they start working on their idea, excited like a teenager when he first smells a pussy. But after a while, they realize that it will take much, much longer for their brilliant idea to see the light of the day. As time goes by, their dynamics decrease. Less and less energy and time are getting allocated into the idea. In a few months, everything is already forgotten.

What happened?

The wrong perception. That’s what happened. Every attempt to succeed in something requires energy and time. These two cancel each other out because we are lazy by nature. More time it takes for your woman to get turned on, less interested you’re becoming. And by the time you got her all worked up, your dick goes soft. You can’t get it up anymore.

In other words, if you are running a marathon, you can’t prepare yourself for the sprint. The more time that is passing, the more energy (persistence) you need. That means that you have to feed your body and mind (with motivation) in order to endure all the way to the finish line.

But it works the other way around also. Due to our natural limits (need for rest and automatic shutdown of the systems when night falls), we sometimes cannot get the needed acceleration because we don’t have enough time (short deadlines for instance.)

So when you start thinking about it, your brain kicks in. Its only job is to protect you and excessive and/or rapid energy consumption on some mental tasks is simply unnecessary and completely counterproductive. That’s your brain’s standpoint about the issue. The backward rationalization mechanism gets activated and your brain starts listing every possible excuse for not doing it. Give it a minute and you’ll have a perfect justification.

The problem is: you’re gonna believe it!

The only reason why you quit after some time is because your own brain is playing with you.

You’re spending energy on things that are neither water nor food. You’re spending it on things that has nothing to do with survival. According to your brain, that’s illogical, so it shuts everything down and turns your attention to something else. It’s a small diversion and it works if you don’t use your neocortical region to override your own brain.

It’s that simple.

So what do we use to fuck our brains? Motivators. We define goals, which means that we are writing them down and assigning times for each. Visualization of the goal and the assigned timeframe forces your brain to activate the inner clock. It’s a small diversion and it works every fucking time.

Your brain is you. And since you’re the human being, nature made possible for you to override your primitive instincts. All you have to do is stop complaining and start pursuing the goals and that’s it.

Hope this helped you to move away from blaming and justifications. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. We are all here to help you to unleash your true potentials

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