The True Superfoods – ALL Essential Nutrients at Lowest Cost and How to Best Prepare Them

Written by Steven Hawk

When Ballzers talk about Superfoods, they are not talking about some damn herb growing on the top of Himalayas or Andes. Or some algae.

As we are all well aware, kale sucks. From our earliest age, we tend to develop an aversion towards anything that looks like a freakin’ greenish diarrhea.

It appears that our brain knows how herbs do not contain all necessary nutrients.

For example, did you know that vegetarians simply have to supplement one of the essential vitamins, B12, because it doesn’t exist in any plant-based food source. It can only be found in meat.

In addition, most of the raw vegans are suffering from a serious malnutrition because they keep forgetting how plant’s cells are surrounded by the strongest organic material known to men – cellulose. There’s a reason why cows chew slowly, have strong jaws and teeth, powerful stomach acid and three freakin’ stomachs to digest herbs.

So what are the true Superfoods?

In other words, what will provide you with everything you need that is, at the same time, cheaper than everything else?

Have you ever seen the documentary on Discovery channel or NatGeo where bears, wolves, foxes, lions, and other carnivores set the table?

What do they eat first?

The stuff that makes the hair on your ass and head to grow again.

They eat the stuff that contains every single essential macro and micronutrient in a perfect form for our digestion system to metabolize it.

Food, so filled with testosterone that you won’t be needing Viagra while your partner will have to beg you to lay off for a while.

Yes…the organs.

Liver, heart, bone marrow, and the brain. The real Superfoods.

Cheap, cheap, cheap – and cheap.

Funny thing, isn’t it?

The most valuable food, is, at the same time, the least expensive, because nobody likes to eat that stuff.


Nobody knows how to properly prepare it.

Good chefs do know and if you remember correctly, goose liver is an expensive specialty. Goose liver pate costs insanely in some delis.

How do you reason that? Why are people so attracted to the goose liver pate?

Because the brain recognizes the quality even if you are not aware of it.

Liver, for instance, contains 95% of everything your body needs.

Proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. The entire set is there and for the most part, it is in a form that allows our bodies to metabolize it with ease – without spending much of the resources on the digestion process.

The rest of the vital nutrients can be found in other Superfoods listed above.

The problem is preparation.

Folks simply don’t know what to do with it because it does look nasty.

However, there is nothing simpler to prepare than liver, heart, brain and the bone marrow.

For example, the liver can be prepared in three different ways:

  • On stew with onions, garlic, pepper, cumin, and salt
  • Fried on the sunflower oil and sprinkled with garlic after its done
  • Blended into a creamy and delicious pate after being properly stewed

The trick is: you don’t add the salt to it before you turn off the heat.

This is where many are mistaking and the end result is a piece of rubber, almost impossible to chew. But add garlic and a teaspoon of cumin if you’re preparing the liver stew and put the salt in when it’s done and you have one of the best dishes ever.

What about the brain? How’s that a superfood?

That shit looks nasty also, doesn’t it?

Fuck, many people cannot even look at it.

It’s just that they weren’t fed with it when they were younger. Once your child hears you saying that some shit is ugly, untasteful or smells weird, it will take it for granted and will never eat it.

So how do you prepare the brain to enjoy it?

Simpler than you think. In the same time, only 300 grams is enough to keep you going on full capacities for hours.

Check the price tag next time you are at the local butcher. That shit is practically free. So, not only that you’ll eat the great and nutritional stuff but you will also save 50% by switching to these true Superfoods.

What you do is take 300 grams of the brain and boil it for few minutes to remove the membrane (if it’s not already done) and make sure you don’t eat it raw because 300 grams of the brain is done in less than 10 minutes. Another great feature, isn’t it?

Then, you slice some onions (spring onion if possible) and garlic. Toast the onions on a pan with a bit of sunflower oil and roast it a bit. Add the boiled brain and garlic along with some salt and pepper and roast it for next 7-8 minutes. In the end, sprinkle some parsley leaves and have a tomato as a sider.

You don’t need bread or anything else. This dish will keep you away from the fridge for the next few hours.

You see, liver, heart, brain and the bone marrow are the cheapest foods you can get in stores.

Nobody buys them because people are finding it to be disgusting. Nonetheless, there is no other combo that provides you with everything you need for a cheapest possible price.

You will spend less time on food preparation, eat healthier and import everything your body needs even if you’re burning energy at a fast rate. Most importantly, you will save money.

Now if these features don’t properly describe the term Superfoods, we really don’t know what does.

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