De-stress yourself with these 7 golden tips

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We are all under stress yet some people tend to handle it so nicely. Wonder how busy entrepreneurs and professionals handle stress? Here are a few time-tested ways to keep stress under control.

Start slow

The best way to handle everyday stress and tension is to start your day on a slow note and prepare the mind to handle everything that comes its way. Spend five minutes in meditation. Go for a nature walk or listen to your favorite music. You can even read books. If you start your mornings slowly and savor each moment, you can equip yourself better to remain calm throughout the day.

Get a pet

That’s the best advice we can give you. If you are single and stay alone, a pet can be your best companion. You will always get back home and find your puppy waiting for you. A pet can help you to des-stress your mind and forget all the nagging professional issues.

Take regular breaks

When in office, plan your schedule in a way so that you can take breaks after every hour. I know marathon meetings and deadlines may make it impossible to follow the regime, but at least try to steal a few minutes to walk around the office and catch some fresh air. Do some deep breathing exercises and you will feel relaxed instantly.

Take up a hobby

If your busy life is causing you stress, it is time to take out that guitar and try a few notes. Yes, a hobby is the best way to relieve stress. Hobbies like playing music, gardening or painting lets the creative juice flowing and takes our mind off stressful thoughts. Even reading can help you to relax and enjoy some great time with yourself.

Talk to someone

Yes, talking to a friend can be so relaxing! You can laugh at some silly jokes, share old memories and just chill. Make it a habit to talk to a friend during your breaks.

Take a brisk walk

When a situation becomes too tense, it is better to break away from it and nothing can be better than taking a brisk walk. Most professionals today spend their lunch hour in social networking sites. We suggest you to take a complete break and go for a walk. Just ten minutes of walking is enough to let your mind relax and restore your energy level.

Mind what you eat

Stress levels are aggravated by our food choices. Mind what you put inside your body. Drink plenty of water and avoid spicy food in the lunch. Don’t just gulp down your food. Spend a few minutes relishing its taste and look.

One last advice. Do not have your food in your cubicle. Go to the canteen or an open space where you can enjoy your food wholly.

These are some easy steps that can control stress levels to a large extent.

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