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Grow Your Ballz – be more of a man

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This article will inspire you to become more of a man. You will discover why men are not manly anymore and what you can do about it.

Grow your ballz is a personal guide to all men who wish to be real men. If you are a man wanting to own himself and everything around, below are some useful pointers:


Be Fearless

Often misunderstood phrase; being fearless doesn’t mean that you should not be without any fear. It means that you should admit the fears you have and go beyond these concerns. Real men do not deny their fears and neither do they hold up a mask of imperviousness.

Gather the will power to face your fears and work on them. Have the courage to do things that frighten you when the situation calls for it. You will come to understand that a real man is the one who can overcome his fear and do great things.


As a man, you need to observe flexibility and reliability at all times. Should there be a need, you should learn how to start again at any given moment. Regardless of what may have happened; accept your fate and never let yourself become your destiny’s victim.


Live, Speak, Listen from Your Heart

Never hide your feelings and intentions if you want to be real. Neither should you be afraid of being gentle nor afraid of being sad. You should learn how to get in touch with your emotions so that you can express them.

Master the courage of living your dream and create the space you need to listen compassionately.


Own Your Anger

Yes! A real man owns his anger. Our anger transforms into masculine compassion. You can be strong, courageous, angry and decisive. Your anger will serve your presence and the presence of others. However, this kind of violence is not humiliating neither is it destructive.

Humiliation and destruction are a result of slavery in anger. The anger of a coward is trying too hard to cover up his inferiority feelings; such is a sad man detached from his wrath. The anger emasculates you, and you have no power whatsoever.

Other men will not take you seriously; women too can smell immature anger from miles away. It’s a big turn-off for them. Mature anger is a huge turn on. Be wise and teach yourself how to manage your anger.


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