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Better Prep Yourself Because It’s Coming

Doomsday - Ballz Magazine
Written by Steven Hawk

Doomsday - Ballz MagazineIn any given time, it takes less than 24 hours for everything we’ve built to go to hell. According to most optimistic estimations, it will take minimum of 5 years to restore everything. That assessment doesn’t take the mass hysteria into the account, so we can apply our PI rule here and say that it will take 5y x 3.14 to recover from disaster that is just around the corner.

It happened before, it will happen again. The only question is when!

As they nicely put it in Armageddon, only in our case, we are not talking about some big ass asteroid. From all doomsday predictions, the following is most likely and just around the corner in any given moment!

We are talking about that invisible thing that hit North America less than 200 years ago, killing everything that contained any amount of electricity within the circuits and wires.

Among everything that could potentially hit us, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is most likely menace to cause the doomsday!

Not some lame lining up of the planets as they tried to spook the population with only because they misunderstood the meaning of the Mayan calendar. Not some asteroid either. Not even the global economy collapse.

The invisible beam of particles, coming from our own Sun, that makes possible for us to exist, will — not may but will — kill our way of life in less than a second and push us back to the dark ages.

When it happens, and it will, we’ll switch to out primordial mode – kill or be killed!

The question is: which side of that mode do you prefer?

Why are we so goddamn sure it will hit us again?

Doomsday - Ballz MagazineHave you ever heard about “Carrington Event”? OK, that may be too hard. Have you ever seen Aurora Borealis? Yes, you have.

On September 1-2, 1859, one of the largest recorded geomagnetic storms (as recorded by ground-based magnetometers) occurred. Aurorae were seen around the world. Those in the northern hemisphere could see it as far south as the Caribbean. Aurorae over the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. were so bright that their glow awoke gold miners, who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning. People in the northeastern United States could read a newspaper by the aurora’s light. In short, aurora that night was so freakin’ bright, that almost every human being, regardless of the place of the residence could see it.

Back then, it was an interesting event that, with few exceptions, didn’t cause any kind of mayhem. Those “exceptions” were telegraph systems all over the Europe and North America that failed in nanosecond, causing electric shocks at some telegraphists. Pylons threw sparks and lit the fire around them.

Today, similar shit would cause global disaster because, unlike in 1859, where 99% of the planet’s inhabitants didn’t rely on electricity, in 21st, 99% does rely on it. So when it hits us, those in airplanes, helicopters and space stations, will drop down at terminal velocity, like a pigeon shot by the hunter.

It will take only an hour before people realize what the fuck is going on and their disaster response will be far from optimal. It will be the true doomsday! Mass hysteria, caused by the sudden loss of, well, everything since we depend on electricity in every segment of our lives, will start taking death tolls almost immediately. Yeah…get stuck in the elevator for example and you’re fucked because backup systems are fried also!

How frequent are these things?

On 31 August 2012, a CME connected with Earth’s magnetic environment, or magnetosphere, with a glancing blow causing aurora to appear on the night of 3 September. According to the K-index, we got hit by the relatively serious Solar storm because everything above the 4 is considered as a storm. This one was calculated as the level 6 out of maximum 9.

On 23 July 2012, a massive, and potentially damaging, “Carrington-class” Solar Superstorm barely missed Earth. NASA revealed the information about this near-catastrophic event to the public on April 28, 2014, almost 2 years later.

Doomsday - Ballz MagazineOn 1 August 2010, during solar cycle 24, scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics observed a series of four large CMEs emanating from the Earth-facing hemisphere of the Sun. The initial CME was generated by an eruption on 1 August. The event produced significant aurorae on Earth three days later.

The March 1989 geomagnetic storm knocked out power across large sections of Quebec.

So, yeah, these motherfuckers are quite frequent and we can do shit about it. We can only suffer the consequence, that’s all. In other words, we must survive this apocalyptic event.

Because, one single precise “Carrington-class” CME and we are left in darkness.


Now, for lone wolves, it’s a problem they can tackle with relative ease. They are solo movers which make them highly adaptable. But if you’re married with children, which most of us are, this shit spells disaster if we don’t do two things right away, before it strikes:

  1. Take care about most efficient logistical preparations;
  2. React immediately when shit hits the fan!


This implies, but it’s not limited to, proper storage facility, filled with minimum 10-year supply of food and medicaments. Of course, the entire thing assumes that you moved to the outskirts of some larger city or even in the village, where you own at least an acre of the meliorated land, ready to be used in food production. In your arsenal you have hunting knives, hunting rifles equipped with lenses for sharp, long distance shooting, pistols and/or revolvers and proper amount of ammo for each piece of weaponry on your disposal. In short, you covered everything and each member of your household knows his/her responsibility.

That’s the way of the preppers.


Let’s face it: only a handful of people are committed to full-time readiness. The bulk will be caught completely off guard and let’s say that you’re among that crowd.

What do you do if, for instance, you find yourself in the center of a large city, while your wife and kids are miles away, locked and out of their goddamn minds, in your apartment that you picked explicitly because it’s built on 45th floor of the skyscraper.

They are trapped, while entire hell is breaking loose all around them! Looting and all connected shit is picking up on the momentum while you’re trying to figure out how the hell to get to your family since it’s obvious that everything with the electrical circuit has been fried. So no cars, no buses, no metro.

This is what you should do in the event of this type of doomsday situation

In the apocalyptic event caused by the solar eruption that picked the exact moment to occur to collide with the Earth’s position in the orbit, true prepper will react this way:

#1 – Jump on the first bike and get the hell out of the center

Yep, mechanical things are still working. Steal if you have to. It’s do or die situation so…pick your priorities straight. Avoid main city arteries. Ue the side roads.

#2 – ARM YOURSELF by any mean necessary!!

We will switch to our primitive mode where people will shoot other people just for fun, using the circumstances as the excuse. Don’t fool yourself thinking how government will be able to deal with the crap. They fail to control simple riot. They simply don’t have the manpower and all of their vehicles are out of service – keep that in mind!

Either pay the visit to a local gun store or steal the gun from the security guard. They are not that trained as people assume.

#3 – Use the auxiliary route to access your apartment

It’s gonna be crowded at the main entrance so use the fire escape. Don’t forget that global cataclysm such as this will knock out the elevators and everything else that uses electricity.

#4 – Don’t break in because you might end up with the knife in your abdominal region!

Instead, clearly announce your presence. That will calm her and the children down. Remember, she’s out of her freakin’ mind so don’t add up to the situation by some panic outburst. It’s you who are responsible for the adequate disaster response and safety of your family. A cool head and cold logic is the name of the game here.

#5 – Get them out of there!!

Doomsday - Ballz MagazineDon’t stay in your city apartment for too long. Grab essentials which include:

  1. Warm clothes,
  2. Lighter (matches)
  3. Jewelry(!),
  4. Water,
  5. Medicaments and first aid kit
  6. Strong knife
  7. And perhaps some canned goods
  8. Get the fuck out of there.

You don’t have the tap water anymore and pretty soon, nobody will sell your shit for paper money. ATMs will become things of the past. Only the practical items and most likely gold and silver will be used in the exchange because people will be aware that things will eventually get fixed and those with gold will rule. Ergo, take every golden and silver item you possess!

#6 – Head out of the city into the rural area!

Avoid crowd along the way. You are searching for the isolated place with access to water. That implies nearest wilderness. But, you won’t be alone in this quest. Lots of others will use this exact same approach. And make no mistake: when it comes to survival, everybody is expendable and on the way!

It means that people will drop other people without thinking, taking care of the competition. Finding yourself in the situation where you’re starring in the barrel of the hunting rifle or some automatic weapon is not a pleasant experience, believe you me.

When we think about it, how about you go out and buy yourself a gun for a starter. Go with Glock 19. It’s reliable, requires minimum maintenance and it’s practical to carry due to its low weight and relatively small size. If possible, practice some shooting.

#7 – Once you are cleared, find a natural shelter and build fire!

Even if it’s a hot summer day. Fire calms people because it makes them feel safer. And you want that. You want calmness and not panic and anxiety.

You need 3 skills in the following period:

  1. Ability to hunt for and gather food,
  2. Ability to build the fire,
  3. Ability to defend your ground and thus, protect your family!


From that point on, it’s up to you to find/build permanent and above all, efficient shelter situated on the ground that can easily be used in food production.

Global catastrophe or doomsday if you like, will easier to survive if you prep yourself A.S.A.P.

Life in the city is great. Everything is within the reach. You only need to dial a few numbers and food is on the table. However, in a doomsday scenario, the most likely survivors will be those with the piece of land, outside of the city limits and armed with some serious arsenal.

Those trapped in the city, with nothing besides rented condo stand great chance of falling as victims in this sudden new world order.

Doomsday - Ballz MagazineIn some way, natural disasters such as Solar Flare (CME), will bring us back to our origins. Cities will lose their meaning and villages with the ability to produce food will rise once again. For now, they are the true bloodline of our modern civilization, only operating under the radar. Because, don’t forget, everything you ate today and everything you’ll eat tomorrow has been grown outside the city, in some village, on some farm, where people are living in the harmony with the nature itself.

They are exploiting the current trend of moving to the cities to work for money. While many are deciding to work for money, folks on the farms are making their money. There’s a big difference between these two as you can imagine.

So, it might be a wise investment to purchase some piece of land or maybe a farm not far away from where you are right now. Who knows, maybe in 17 hours from now, you’ll be forced to switch in the ultimate survival mode!

But, in case you’re not interested in neither of these options, you are definitely advised, one responsible man to another, to at least consider acquiring what is known as a bug-out bag. It’s basically a practical backpack, filled with stuff that you’d need to survive for any extended period of time outside your zone of comfort (72-hour survival kit in most cases).

Now, you can purchase an already assembled bug-out bag or you can assemble your own.

What you need to assemble a standard issue bug-out bag that will keep you alive for more than 2 weeks?

What you basically need to survive for 3+ days in case of emergency caused by some form of natural disaster is this:

  • Knife
  • Water container (filled with water)
  • Water purifying tablets (easily purchased in any drugstore)
  • Waterproof clothes (and additional warm clothes depending on your whereabouts)
  • First aid kit
  • Firestarter!!
  • Calorie-rich quick snacks (like chocolates (a single 80-gram milk chocolate contains 500 calories!) or specially manufactured supplies that contains high-protein and high-glucose content used by the military personnel)


This is basically it. If you’re a resourceful type of man, in reality, you only need a knife and fire starter. You can find everything else because wherever you look, you’ll see first aid kits, canned food and bottled/running water. Shit, you can use your cell phone to start the fire. Just bust the battery and connect two chemicals within with the metal. It will produce the high-temperature spark and lite any fire!

Then again, in this world of opportunity and abundance, why not equipping yourself and your family(!) with enough, while still having a practical (easy-to-carry) PERK (another name for bug-out bag meaning Personal Emergency Relocation Kit).

So, if you’re working in the corporate world where certain dress code exists, you don’t have to be a genius to assume how hard it will be to walk 5+ miles in those fancy shoes. Also, the formal outfit has pretty much limited your movement, seriously slowing you down – something you don’t want in this kind of situation.

Therefore, one of the things in your bug-out kit or at least close to it (in the trunk of your car of desk office drawer) should be adequate trekking shoes and optimal hiking clothing.

Another thing you should consider having within your overall survival kit is a piece of rubber (the inner tire of the bicycle) and a lighter, all sealed in a waterproof container (bag). You see, no matter what kind of weather conditions may hit you, you’ll have no problem lighting, rubber of durable and high-temperature flame, perfect for lighting the bigger fire when dry materials are scarce!

The biggest advantage of the firestick is its durability and resistance to wet weather conditions. Standard cigarette lighter does depend on the gas, flint and dry conditions. Friction is all you need to light the fire with the firestick!

Now about that knife (and preferably even a small axe). If it’s not SHARP, it’s useless! You should be able to cut the sheet of paper with both in a single move. Therefore, make sure that, along with the knife and axe, your bug-out bag contains sharpening stone.

What about the gun? Should you arm yourself? Most definitely. Having a firearm in a situation where the whole world went to hell is advised. Only, it’s useless if you don’t know how to use one. Thus, make sure to: A) acquire a gun, and B) train with the gun under the supervision of an expert! You must be able to hit the target and handle your gun in the safest way to prevent self-inflicted injuries.


Well, that’s about it regarding the doomsday preparations and adequate disaster response. You have options for every potential scenario. It’s all about keeping a cool head and react with cold logic – in many cases, completely emotion-free! Can you handle it? Are you man enough? There’s a neat way to find out. Sign for an army-type boot camp and see what you are made of!


Good luck to you!




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