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Secret to Success or How do Everyday People Succeed so Fast

secret to success
Written by Sean Collins

We are seeing this phenomenon all the time. Every day you go online, you’ll spot at least one story of fast success, derived from practically nothing. In many cases, we are talking about the people who were living on a thin line of poverty. Yet, it seems that they’ve discovered the secret to success.

Is that what gave them an edge? Does the situation where you’re forced to live from the welfare or searching for the coins in chairs and sofas motivate to the extent where you transform into some new entity? Can the breaking point really be the secret to success?

What happens after we reach the breaking point?

Some caves in and fall into a state of depression while the others gain boost right in their asses.

That breaking point is reached in two ways:

  1. Horrible financial situation and the edge of the famine
  2. Unbearable dullness and nonsense of the current career

In both cases, something snaps in people. However, it results in two quite opposite outcomes.

One type will start searching for the opportunity while investing time and effort to learn even more. The other type will plunge deep and have the hard time surfacing.

What makes the difference is…

The full absence of the higher goalsthe motivators.

Those who fall down from the edge are most likely those who failed to recognize the segments of their lives that have the power to propel them.

This outcome is even more emphasized at men because our sense of “protection” revolves around physical protection while at women this includes the overall well-being of the entire group (family and children in particular).

In today’s world, that largely implies the financial stability.

That’s why your wife is always on your case to bring more money. It’s the reason why she’ll be far more upset than you when the budget is almost completely exhausted.

And that’s also why you’ll count more women than men when you’re analyzing the stories of sudden and fast success.

Unlike men, women are extremely motivated to live in security and when every other option is exhausted, they will take the wheel and start doing wonders.

Their secret to success is not a secret at all

It comes down to dedication.

Those who want to do more with their lives understand that you need to become decisive and determined, but most of all focused on one area before anything else.

You simply cannot overstretch yourself, trying to cover multiple agendas all at once because you’re lacking experience.

It is almost magical how one’s dedication to a simple topic, discussed and argued from every possible angle, can penetrate through the dense competition and gather followers.

And once these followers start flowing in and spreading the word, it becomes increasingly easy to monetize your efforts.

But it is important to have a monetization idea right from the start

Money is always on the top of your list. And as soon as you start doing something, you automatically think about the possible monetization of your efforts.

To do it right, one must spend time learning the niche or industry. He has to know what type of clients he can expect in order to adjust the message.

This is what separates those who are making 4 figures from the ones who are making 5 and even 7 figures a month.

The latter simply defined the moneymaking blueprint before even starting the business.

But, in all fairness, even the people who started simple, with no true intentions to make serious money, inevitably succeed.

That moment of inspiration gave them the additional boost and helped them to shape their messages in the best possible way to make the impact on their prospects.

6figureswriting[dot]com, kimraluna[dot]com, and many others managed to transform their knowledge into the fresh stream of money without spending too much time wandering around. They simply saw the gap in the market and fired up their messages right into that gap.

kimra luna secret to successIn return, the ability to identify the 2% of the unsolved part of the problem brings Kimra Luna around $1.000.000 annually, for example. And since her business has the low overhead, most of that money is the net gain.


It all boils down to guts and ballz. What do you have to lose anyway?

Hence, learn from the successful simple startups and make your way up in short time. Focus and determination are all you need to succeed. 

Now when you are closer to the secret to success, it’s time to go deeper into the subject. Read on…

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