Look at your personal Goals in an entirely new way

A new look at your personal goals
Written by Ballz Magazine

In this post, I want to show you a new way of looking at your personal goals.

It doesn’t matter what you’re wishing for. You can use the tip of the day to give a good push to any goal you have. Big or small. Regardless if you want to build a new carport, have a birthday party, or create a competitive alternative to Facebook.

And it’s easy too – Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Everything in this world consists of small parts. That thick book on your shelf consists of many pages and many individual letters that were once written – one by one.

The pyramids in Egypt are impressive, but they are all built one stone at a time.

Your hairdo might be looking a little tired, but it consists of hair that’s grown out – one by one.

Your body is an amazing construction – but it consists of cells that grew – one by one.

Do you see where I’m going?


The truth behind success – and personal goals

Success – regardless how great and fantastic it is – consists of many small steps.

Most people look at a successful entrepreneur, sportsman, or family and think it was something that happened overnight. “They are just born under a lucky star,” they think.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

If you could get into the head of these people and turn back time, you would probably be surprised at the enormous effort and the many, many steps that preceded this success.

There are phone calls, a meeting, a hug, countless training hours – all these things combine to what today is an “overnight” success.

It takes many years and sleepless nights to become an OVERNIGHT SUCCES

It’s your turn now

Take one of your most important goals and find three simple things you can do even today. Notice that I’m not writing “some” day – I’m writing TODAY!

Let’s say, for example, that your goal is to get into better shape. Many get started on this goal, hoping that everything changes in one fell swoop, but that’s probably not going to happen.
Instead, you need to think about which steps to take to get closer to the goal.

It may be eating a healthy lunch, taking the stairs, going for a long walk, or skipping that Mars/Snickers bar. All small steps, but combined they make a huge difference.

So find three small things you can do NOW, today, to get closer to your goal. Do it again tomorrow and the next day, and make sure you keep it up.

And the smaller the things are, the better. Because the better the chance of you getting it done, and this way you will feel the success sooner.


Why does it work with your personal goals?

If there is one thing we underestimate as people, it’s the value of taking these small steps toward our goals each day.

We are always being brainwashed into thinking that having success requires superhuman strength and genius. That’s not so.

Everyone can accomplish great things if they know what they want, and if they do the little things that will bring them toward this goal – every single day.

And it only takes one tiny little step to get started.

After getting a little taste of success, you’ll want more – and more….
You will feel increasingly confident and motivated to keep going, day after day.

That’s all it takes – one step at a time.

Do you know right now, which step you can take to get a little closer to your goal? A phone call, an e-mail, a new book, an internet search.

I think you do….

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