Grow Your BALLZ

Did you know that there are only 5 Steps to success and increased selfconfidence

Written by Sean Collins

What are the steps to success many people ask….  There are in fact only 5 steps between your current situation and ultimate success. And as you’ll soon see, none of these 5 presents some hard to breach obstacle. It was something you’ve been practicing regularly while you were kid only forgot to use it once you grew up.

The funny fact is: sometimes it takes kid to refresh your memory.

Same happened here. Few days ago, I stumbled upon the piece talking about how one teenager decided to fund his out-of-school activities (read: gaming) without borrowing the money from his folks and without steaming himself in some fast food for ridiculous minimal hourly wage. Kid showed initiative and it paid off pretty soon.

What he’s basically doing is not much different from what we all have been doing when in his age.

We’d think, we’d decide, we’d plan, and we’d execute the steps to succes

Whatever the hell came up to our minds, we did it without even thinking about the consequences. Some of us even had real problems with law enforcement. But not even that has been stopping us from repeating the same action, only slightly improved.

And then something happens in our brains when we get married.

It’s too much preaching about responsibility and acting as a fully grown man, coming from our parents, school system and other people around us. Being young and easy to influence, we bought it. Not even once did we take the moment to analyze who’s preaching those nonsenses. It turns out that people who were the loudest among everybody were in fact ultimate underachievers. What could we possibly learn from that kind of man?

Take the action. Like you did in your younger days. Nothing bad will happen as you already know. Detach from that old demagogy because people who were persuading you into changing your behavior never actually did anything with their lives. Why would you want to repeat their mistakes?

One of the reasons why we executed with ease when we were younger is because we didn’t give a shit about possible fail

That’s why we jumped from one building to another. That’s why we climbed the highest branches of the biggest tree we could find. And what have we all learn from all that climbing? We learned to recognize the strength of every branch. And we learned that after few of them cracked under our weight. We’ve learned from our mistakes which made us more confident and enabled faster and safer climbing.

And one of the reasons why we could learn from those mistakes was our devotion to reach those top branches

Once we would set our mind onto something, we wouldn’t allow anything to distract us. Our focus was solely on climbing that big ass tree. And when you think about it from our current perspective, climbing the large tree is much more dangerous than anything we fear from today.

It appears that somewhere along the line, many of us lost their ballz.

Which brings us back to people we are surrounded with. Our success relies heavily on our closest social environment.

Who was around you each time you were climbing the tree? Crowd that cheered you up, propelling you to give your last atom of energy into that single climb. Some of them even guided you because they had better perspective while being devoted to that same goal – for you to climb that tree in fastest and safest way possible.  

And then your mother or father comes. He starts yelling at your friends and peers. Then he turns his focus and anger at you, threatening to pound your ass if you don’t come down immediately, ultimately killing the dream of that impossible climb entirely.

Getting the picture?

Analyze your current crowd. How supportive are they when you come up with some new idea? If they are negative, you’ll never climb to the top. If they are cheering you, your odds are radically improving like those few times you managed to climb without being interrupted by the “responsible” adults!

And next time you’d choose the tree, you’d focus on finding the bigger and higher than the last one was.

You simply didn’t get comfortable with the last height you reached. You wanted more. You wanted to go even higher than last time. And you applied that same principle on everything you ever tried. Each following time you were giving 120% to beat your previous score!

All because you were free from the shackles of our irrational norms of how adult man should behave. The truth is: you should behave the same way you behaved as kid when your folks aren’t watching! That’s the secret of success. Remember that. 

About the author

Sean Collins

An investigative journalist with the thing for business, confidence, societal, and human behavior topics. The straightforward guy with the opinion that doesn't always agree with the mainstream. We call him Choozo. Cuz he's picky. About freakin' everything.