This is Why You Can’t Get a Day Off

Written by Mark Novicki

You come to your boss, completely burned out from all the work you’ve been doing for him. All you want is a single freakin’ day off so you can get your shit together and maybe have some sex with your wife. The poor thing is already on the verge of becoming a completely sexually dissatisfied woman who will start searching for the alternative.

So you knock on your boss’ door, get inside his office and then stand still for 2 longest minutes of your life, while fat fart is pretending to have some important stuff to finish which is preventing him from even raising his head to salute you.

After he finally found the decency to greet you, you make a short and sweet presentation of your issues and end everything with the pitch, already imagining how you’re grabbing that ass the moment you arrive home.


“So you wanna day off? Is that it? You’re tired? Exhausted? What kind of pussy are you anyway?” Starts the boss with his usual bullshit.

It appears that man is right. You can look from whatever angle you like but the facts are presented in a clear and completely understandable manner. Don’t you agree?

So what can you do to get a day off?

Well, you can start using your brain. Turn your focus on alternative. That alternative is self-employment. And before you start nagging, answer this: what makes your boss capable of running his own business and harassing you and all the others that you don’t have?

Exactly! You two are in same position. It’s hard to believe that the business he’s running was something fallen from the skies above. It’s more likely that he employed his brain, focused on the opportunity to be his own boss and eventually took the leap many — including you — are afraid to make.

So how about you employ those grey cells you have in your head and figure something out. Opportunities are countless for men with ballz. Do you have any?  

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