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Power of Visualization or Why You Need to See It to Achieve Your Goals

Written by Igor K

We explained on several occasions how visualization is necessary for your pursuit of success or the imminent goal achieving. We are a visual species and thus, we have difficulties believing in what we didn’t see.

However, things are far more interesting than that. It turns out that we are materializing stuff just by looking at them. And there lies the secret behind the “write it down to make it real” paradigm and the whole Power of Visualization doctrine.

Power of Visualization or what do you have to see?

Your goals, for example. It is critical to experiencing your goals through the process of visualization. Which implies a simple premise: the goal must be something physical and tangible.

Say that you’ve been dreaming about living in some big ass mansion on the coast.

As long as it is the product of your imagination, you will have difficulties making that dream real.

However, if you know the exact place; a piece of land; location, or even a building you want, things change quite radically through the effect of visualization.

visualization of the physical place

In other words, once you know exactly what you want, it will be that much easier to pursue that dream.

Same applies to your goals.

How do you visualize a goal?

You write it down.

Because as long as it resides in your head, it doesn’t exist. In other words, it’s a “wave”. And what you want is the “particle”.

Just try it few times for fun. Write something simple you’d like to achieve in near future. Take the piece of paper and transfer your thoughts to it. Read it at least once per day. Thanks to the power of visualization there will be no more “shades of grey.” It is there now and it is exactly what’s been written down.

visualization of your goals makes them real

This is why everybody keeps telling you how important it is to write down your goals.

It’s the same thing like with that mansion. The place has to exist in the physical world. Spend some time traveling the coast and pick one. Focus on it. And every time you’re daydreaming about your big ass mansion, visualize the one you picked.

In less than 5 years it will be yours. That of course if you are truly determined to make your dreams real and if you’re decisive enough to learn what it takes to make it happen. You have it all here; laid down in front of you, so exploit every piece of information.

Proof for all these claims can be found in two different sources.

Do you believe in God?

If you do, why? Did you see him or her? No. Are you absolutely sure that you believe in God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha and gazillion other “higher beings”?

OK, let’s say you’re 100% sure you do.

If you believe in God, Christian version, how do you visualize God? What do you see in front of you when you hear the word ‘God’?

Most likely, the visualization of God returns the image of a grey-haired old man staring at you from the clouds. It’s the same image in the head of each of over one billion Christians. Same is happening with Allah and Muslims; Krishna and Indians, Buddha and those who believe in him.


Because someone, a long time ago, drew a picture according to his or her own imagination or to be more precise, according to his own perception of the authority. And from that moment on, more than one billion Christians believe in some cruel entity with a strange sense of humor that resides in the clouds and decides who’s been bad and who’s been good to go up in heaven. And that entity is the man…an old man…with the grey hair and long beard who just can’t manage the money. He always needs more.

visualization of the image of god makes you believe in a grey-haired man in the clouds

Joke aside, simply put, you see that man because someone presented it that way.


But there is an ultimate proof of the necessity of visualization found in modern physics.

A particle is, in fact, a wave until visualization takes place

Welcome to the complex world of quantum mechanics. We will not go too deep into the subject but only mention one fact interesting for our subject:

A particle behaves like a wave until we look at it. Once we look at it, it transforms into particle – a real physical shape.

This means that the act of visualization has the power to make something appear in reality. Because you simply can’t see the wave.

In quantum mechanics, this concept is known as the wave-particle duality or the fact that the direct observation materializes the otherwise invisible wave in a perfectly visible physical form – a particle.

visualization of the wave transforms it into the particle


Now, if this is happening in physics and physical world around us, it does prove the necessity of visualizing your goals and everything else you want to achieve.

Therefore, make sure you write down your goals! In other words, see it, to make it real. Because until you visualize it, it is just a wave of a frequency between your neurons. Once you see it, it will take a physical shape and become real to you. Which will make the whole thing far easier to achieve.

By the way, this is exactly why you are spending more money when using a credit card than when you are paying with cash. The card simply hides the physical shape of your hard-earned money making you less careful. Try paying with cash exclusively for a month and then compare it with the bank statements of previous months.

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