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How to Utilize Daydreaming into Goal Setting

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Written by Sean Collins

Oh, that lovely moment when you get up and sit on your deck overseeing the magnificent clear, blue sea, with the Sun rising above the horizon.

And then she comes, looking at you with those big, beautiful blue eyes, focusing on your six-pack. She is astonishing. The unbelievable figure, a stunning ass and soft, suntanned skin you cannot resist.

And it’s all yours. Maybe you will take her on your yacht and have a wild sex right on a bow.

Is it just a dream and can it be used in goal setting?

While it’s great to dream, it’s even better to distill only those dreams that have potential to become a tangible goal.

And when that tangible goal can be reached by doing something you’re passionate about, then it’s possible to reach the above-described scenario.


It is beyond important to wish for things.

Law of Intention is a powerful thing. If you wish for a yacht with all your heart, you’ll get it, sooner or later. Because you are clearly demonstrating intention.

However, wishing something is only the beginning. Sure, it may as well be the great foundation for the goal setting but you need to put that dream aside and focus on a sequence of micro-goals you need to achieve to live your dream.

What separates a goal from the dream?

A goal is something within your reach. Something that can be measured and almost take a physical shape.

The dream is only imagination.

There is a fine line, though.

What you have to do is to work your way backward from the end scene (your dream).


Your mind had already created the road to that image.

You just need to recall it from the cognitive memory.

Of course, in your dreams, the path is always simplified but it is possible to focus on a certain event and create vivid details about it.

The only problem is that your dream starts at the point where you’re already a hotshot millionaire, a freaking Superman or the king of some country far, far away.

Nonetheless, this is the point you should focus on.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your brain successfully designed the entire path to that point.

The dream is nothing more than a subconscious representation of your initial goal setting!

How can we be sure in that?

Have you ever spoken some foreign language in your dream?

The fact is that everything you’ve ever heard, saw, and sensed is stored in your memory. You know it. For example, you already “know” how to play in the stock market and how to invest. Or how to run a successful business. Because you’ve been exposed to the mechanisms for your entire life.

In other words, you already learned the theory, at least to some extent.

And that’s what makes possible for your brain to assemble a complex scenery and the chain of events that have nothing to do with your reality.

It won’t be possible to clearly see the path at first.

That’s why you need to work your way back. Analyze scene by scene; sequence by sequence, and help your brain to build a solid ground.

Eventually, you’ll reach that initial jump point.

You need to fill the gaps or the missing sections or the goal setting will fail.

The gap between your current reality and the point where you are already a successful actor, entrepreneur or a freaking rock star is now wide.

While there is a precise course of actions, buried deep inside your mind, you will have a hard time to recall it. Because when your brain developed it, its sole focus was on your passion.

In other words, the brain used that passion and converted it into a career, a service, a manufacturing process or anything else tangible that can carry you to that point.

You have to understand that this is not an exact science. The parts of the initial phase are pretty much blurred. But the critical details are in place; make no mistake about that.

What may seem like a real obstacle to goal setting, is the fact that we know only what we’ve experienced.

That being said, the “movie” in your mind is formed by the mirror neurons that allow you to experience an action taken by another person as your own.

Thus, the first step is to educate yourself on the matters you are not entirely experienced in.

Therefore, whenever you run into the memory gap, you have to find the building blocks and bridge it.

And arguably the fastest way is to exploit your passion.

How to recognize the passion to speed up the goal setting process?

It’s what drives you to eagerly get up in the early morning all excited and under the adrenaline rush. And when the day is coming to an end, you just can’t wait to get up next morning and continue where you left.

It feels like some invisible force is giving you the strength and energy. And that’s the ground zero for you, my friend.

Once you recognize your passion, it will be easy to find the way to monetize it.

It won’t go smoothly at first and there is a possibility that you are on the wrong track but if you don’t give it a shot, you will never know. Those blue eyes will look at someone else’s six-pack.

And that someone did exactly what you did but managed to properly analyze every detail, discard the unlikely and focus on tangible.

You can do it without any doubt. You are a man. A warrior. And the warrior can’t lose.

Remember; rewind the movie, one scene at the time. When you hit the wall (the missing frame), do whatever it takes to break it (fill in the gap). Hence, learn!

We suggest that you start by finding out what exactly makes possible for the everyday people to succeed. It will lead you to the secret of success, sort of speak.

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