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Interview with an Elite Prostitute

interview with an elite prostitute
Written by Steven Hawk

Trafficking and white slavery are the burning issues of our civilization. These two are the oldest and most sadistic cruelties the mankind is capable of. However, for some women, working as the prostitute is the way of life.

The lady we have interviewed most recently didn’t fall as a victim of this vicious money-making machine. She has entered the world of forbidden pleasures on her own free will at the age of 25.

Yvonne was a girl like any other. Being extremely pretty and with the smoking hot body, her high school and college time wasn’t bad. In fact, she was one of the “popular and trendy “ people.

After her graduation, Yvonne got the job in marketing. She was working long hours as an apprentice in one large marketing company several hundreds of miles away from her hometown.

Life wasn’t easy since the salary of the apprentice had its limits.

It all happened rather unexpected,” claims Yvonne who we met with in her luxury apartment at the beach of a small coastal town, “One day, a colleague of mine, another girl working for the company, approached me and asked me if I would be interested in making some great money.

Now, I wasn’t stupid, you know. I knew what she was asking me to do since I already heard rumors about some, well, not entirely legal activities some girls in the company were involved into.

interview with an elite prostitute taking her panties of

It was a hot summer evening when we met. Yvonne was wearing this extremely tight summer dress. And she wasn’t wearing a bra under it. One could see the nipples through that dress from a mile away.

Now in her 30s, Yvonne was a prime example of a stunning woman. Long blond hair, impeccable makeup, high heels and the longest freaking legs. The woman had the ability to make your throat bone dry just by looking at her. She was one of those women who simply burst with erotica.

Yvonne sat down and crossed her legs, exposing her thigh to my plain sight. After taking a sip of the cold, freshly squeezed lemonade, she continued.

“I was interested, no question about it. All the stories I’ve heard assured me that there was some good money in the game. So I said, fine, let’s get together and you’ll explain the rules.”

As it turned out, Yvonne was right. Her colleague tried to get her into the world of the elite escort services.

“It was intriguing, to say the least. I love sex and judging by the impressions of all the men I was with to that point, I was rather good at it. You know how it is. If you love something and truly enjoy it, you will be good at it.”

It’s funny how your body reacts when you are listening something like this coming from the hot looking woman. In your mind, you can already see her doing men all over the place, genuinely enjoying it.

Of course, it was clear to me that the story will have its happy and tragic moments. My own past experience with this world has taught me about some hard times a prostitute is facing on daily bases.

“I was making just enough money to pay my share of the bills and the rent since I was sharing a small condo with another girl. It wasn’t the way to live a life and I still had almost a year ahead of me before they decide to offer me a full-time contract with the company.

So, one night, I decided to give that girl a call and show my interest. She was at my apartment just a half an hour later persuading me to dress up and get ready because she has something great for me.”

: Your first job?

Yvonne: “Yes. My very first ‘client’. It was surprising even to me how easy I accepted the fact that in just a few hours I will be having sex for money. Maybe the fact that I was about to make my monthly salary in one night acted as a silencer of my logic. Either way, I jumped in her car and she drove us to the parking lot of the 5-star, luxury hotel.

We didn’t use the main entrance. Instead, a security guard was waiting for us at the side entrance. It was clear to me that this was a well-oiled machine; a business that has been running for a while now.

‘Good luck’, she said to me, and I went with the guard. After a short time in the elevator, during which the guy didn’t even look at me, I was in front of the room 1224 on the last floor of the hotel. The corridor was empty and it seemed like nobody is alive there.

I knocked at the door and a few seconds later, a man, in his 40s opened and smiled at me. He wasn’t bad looking at all.

‘Great. It will be that much easier’, I was telling myself.”

: Was there any introduction or foreplay or even a drink, or just a direct action, sort of speak?

Yvonne:“Well, he did offer me a glass of wine and I took it, just to relax more. But trust me, as soon as I saw the pile of money on a nightstand beside the bed, I actually got, well…excited…if you know what I mean.”

(Her smile and the look in her eyes were telling me that I understood correctly. She got horny, plain and simple. Money does act like that on women or we wouldn’t be having gold diggers in the first place.)

: How it went?

Yvonne:  “He took a seat in a chair on the other side of the room, away from the bed, and simply undressed. I remember how surprised I was when I saw him naked. He wasn’t a bad looking at all so I wondered why he didn’t just go to the bar. I was sure it wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes for him to attract some woman.

Either way, I knew what had to be done so I approached, trying to look as sexy as I can, kneeled down in front of him and took his dick in my mouth, suddenly, without preparation; the whole thing.”

(I don’t know if you ever had a chance to be in a similar situation, but I’ll tell you this: she brought too little lemonade. I was pouring that shit down my throat like a camel in a desert.)

“He made a sound like ‘finally’, you know, leaving me to do his dick the way I want it. For some strange reason, that turned me on. I’ve completely forgotten what I was doing there. At that point, I was just having a great sex.

A minute after, he gently pushed me away, picked me up, and carried me to the bed. I was on my knees and elbows, fully exposed to him.


Then he did something I simply wasn’t expecting him to do. He grabbed my butt cheeks and I felt his tongue on my clit.

I don’t know if you would believe me, but I did cum just a few minutes later. I’m sure that you can guess the rest of action.”

(I wasn’t entirely sure am I speaking to a porn star, nymphomaniac or a prostitute. Years in the force have led me to interview and to speak with many prostitutes but not a single one was claiming something like this.

Was it just an attempt to justify her decision?)

: So you left after everything was finished. Then what?

Yvonne: “No, I haven’t actually. We did it two more times that night, he called the room service in the morning to bring us the breakfast after the morning quickie and then I left.

We’ve made another “appointment” in three days and that was it.”

: OK. But how the money was handled? You are now a well-known professional and you operate on your own. Yet, back then, someone had to collect, right?

Yvonne: “Yeah, of course. That woman who drove me to the hotel already took her 20% in the “agency”. Everything on the night table was mine.”

: How much?

Yvonne: “$1,500 plus $200 of bonus he gave me at the doorway when I was leaving.”

: Good money for a night of great sex, isn’t it?

Yvonne: “Oh, honey, that’s just a pocket change from what I started to make a few months later. But the interesting thing about this guy was that I almost fell for him, could you believe that?”

(She probably noticed the question mark all over my face and above my head which made her smile rather loudly.)

“Yeah, he was my only client for the following month and even gave me his credit card to shop without limits. As it turned out, he paid for 3 weeks of escort service.

But then, one night, when I entered the hotel room, few more men were in there. Needless to say that I was scared. The coffee table was full of coke and money was everywhere. He looked different. Had some strange grimace on his face, reminding me on Grinch.

‘Don’t worry love’, I remember his words, ‘It’s been taken care of.’

sex with the prostitute

That night I did three men and made 5 grand. Luckily, the other two were done during the blowjobs and couldn’t get it up for an hour or so. But once they managed to do it; trust me, they fucked my brains out.

I earned my 5 G’s. Fair and square.”

: How did you feel the day after?

Yvonne: “Like shit. I’ve spent hours in the shower, crying my ass off when it finally hit me that I was no different than any other prostitute. It was the breaking point and I was seriously thinking about calling the whole thing off.

prostitute feeling miserable

But the money played a critical role. I made a fortune in just a month and bought a shitload of a new wardrobe.”

Yvonne took a sip of a refreshing beverage and looked in a distance, probably rewinding those first moments.

: How was your life after that first experience? Did you continue immediately or did you take a break?

Yvonne: “It took only 2 days for me to get my shit together and continue with style. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve never grown emotional feelings for the client again.”

: Let’s go back to those orgasms. I apologize for being so direct, but it is an interesting subject, as you can imagine.

Yvonne: “Yeah, love, sure I had orgasms. You have great men who put themselves into it. After all, this is not a corner prostitute pick-up type of work. It’s an elite escort service and I use to spend 2 and more weeks sailing the world on some big ass yachts couple of times a year. Sooner or later you will meet with someone who is good-looking and who knows how to lead the girl to the eruption from time to time.”

: What that lifestyle carries with it beside the sex of course? What do you have to do to remain attractive and on-demand?

Yvonne: “Yes, that’s a great question. People think that you only have to mind what you’re eating and to be great in sex. But it is much, much more than that.

I spend a minimum of one hour in the gym every day, without exceptions. I already had my shots of Botox [she is pointing in her eyes’ area and lips, which look great, by the way; outstanding work, if I may add, ] and I stretch for a half an hour every morning after running 2 miles.

For example, I had to spend weeks to learn how to suppress my gag reflex. Now I can swallow the entire banana without any problems. You have to justify the price, you know.”

prostitute giving blowjob-deepthroat

(It took come hardcore self-control not to ask for a live demonstration if you catch my drift.)

She obviously recognized my flow of thoughts, smiled and said:

“Yeah, love, for $1000 extra or within a ‘full service’ price, you can deepthroat me as much as you like.”

She gave me that look that gets your hard-on in a nanosecond. Almost took my wallet out. Honestly.


Yvonne has shared a lot more with us. In the second part of the interview, she is leading us to the darkest corners of the elite escort business. As you will soon see, it wasn’t always honey and milk. She even almost lost her life on more than one occasion. Men can be extremely brutal when they pay for the service to compensate for their gutlessness in real life.

CONTINUE TO PART 2 – The Darkness

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