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Interview with Yvonne, an Elite Escort – The Darkness

Written by Steven Hawk

Yvonne is a stunning looking woman in her 30s, who’s doing men for good money. She is an elite escort and that means a lot more than just looking beautiful like many think.

As she explained in the first part of our interview, an elite escort who makes her living this way has to learn everything that can potentially satisfy a man even if that means spending weeks learning how to control the gauge reflex.

Apparently, deepthroating is in demand lately.

It also means that a woman has to be in impeccable shape, which translates in at least one fitness session with her trainer per day.

Life of an elite escort is everything but easy.

This gorgeous woman will make every eye to turn in her direction just by walking by. And although she makes a good money, it does come with dangers as Yvonne is vividly describing to us in this second part of our interview.

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After two years in a business, Yvonne thought that she knows everything about it and that she has learned how to control her emotions. But as it turned out, one random social gathering will put her on a collision course with the man who will ultimately try to kill her.

Ballz MagazineYou’ve mentioned something about this when we met for a lunch the other day to discuss the details of the interview. What did you mean by a random social event and how did it endanger your sole existence?

Yvonne: “Yeah…well, you know, even though I work as an elite escort, I do have a social life and my friends are not aware of what I’m doing for life. And it’s a big city so the chances of running into someone who will brag about the fact that he spent 5Gs on one night with me, is extremely remote.

So I was invited to a private party by one of my girlfriends. It supposed to be a classic party with the bit of alcohol, maybe some coke, you know…standard.

But at the peak of the night, I noticed a man staring at me from a distant corner of the room. Our eyes met and he lifted his glass a bit higher to discreetly toast. He smiled at me. It was one of those moments when your knees start to shiver just from looking at someone.


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I knew that we’ll spend the night together. After all, when you do what I do for a living, an occasional sex adventure with the total stranger who knows nothing about you is an exciting thought.”

Ballz MagazineSo have you spent the night together?

Yvonne: “Sure [she smiles]. I always do what I intend to [loud laughing]. We even engaged in a relationship.

And we had a wonderful time. I felt genuinely in love with that man.

But one night he invited me to his place to celebrate his alleged success at work.

When I came in, somebody grabbed me from behind and threw me on the floor. I felt a strong pain on my left side when somebody hit me probably with the foot. And then, that someone grabbed my hair and dragged me all over the fucking place. It was hurting like hell.”

Ballz MagazineYou must’ve been in the panic and scared to your bones?

Yvonne: “Of course, what do you think?

[Yvonne took a long pause to get a hold of herself. It is more than obvious how this kind of pure terrorism can affect a woman’s mind.]

Sorry, it was a long time ago but the wounds are still very much alive.

Anyway, the beatings continued for a while. There wasn’t an inch of my body that wasn’t covered with bruises and cuts. I was freaking out, not knowing what the hell is going on, and being absolutely sure that I was about to die soon.

It just adds to the feeling when you can’t see who is doing that to you or why.

And then, I heard a familiar voice. It was Robert’s voice, the guy who I met in that party and the guy I was dating for the last month or so.

He called me a filthy bitch and promised that I’d remember this night for a long time. He was right about that, no question about it.

I remember blackouts. Every now and then I would completely shut down from the pain and fear but that didn’t seem to stop them torturing me.”

Ballz MagazineWhat the hell happened? Why did he react that way? Did he find out details about your life maybe?

Yvonne: “Yeah, that was the reason for this. One of his colleagues apparently mentioned something about me being an elite escort and that pissed him off real bad. I found that out later that night while he was sitting on a sofa, watching three men brutally raping me.

All that time he was laughing and doing coke, holding a gun in his hand, probably to encourage himself and to make sure I’ll obey.

When those three pricks were done with me, he came, grabbed me by my hair and pulled so hard that I thought he ripped out my scalp. He threw me on the floor all bloody and in pain. Those three assholes made sure to destroy my every hole if you know what I mean.”

[Yvonne took another long break, getting up from the chair and walking away to lean on a fence. You could see the sorrow and desperation on her face. It’s one of those situations that cause the sudden surge of adrenaline and for some strange reason, you get an impulse to hunt down the bastards and kill them, one by one. And you don’t even know the woman.]

She continued with her sad and horror story while staying away from me. It came up to my mind that she’s developed a certain fear from men and when something reminds her of some tragic event from her past, she unconsciously distances herself.

It’s a defense mechanism, nothing more.

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“Then came the most horrifying part of that night. I’ll never forget it.

He pulled my head back and ordered me to open my mouth. After all those suffering, even that simple move was causing excruciating pain, trust me. I was sure he’s about to suffocate me by deepthroating me as those fucks tried but instead he put the gun in my mouth and told me to make my peace with God.

And then, he pulled the trigger.

I could actually hear the shot and feel the bullet coming inside my head but as it turned out that was all in my head. The gun was empty and all four of them started laughing.

He hit me with the gun and almost knocked my eye out. That was the last thing I remember. It was three days later when I woke up in a hospital not knowing what the hell I am doing there.”

Ballz MagazineDid you report him?

Yvonne: “No, I didn’t. To whom? Police? They would put me in jail for working as a prostitute and maybe put those bastards away for some short time. What would happen when they get out one day, huh? I was lucky to stay alive and that was enough for me.

It took four months for me to fully recover from the injuries and stress. It took additional two months to get back in shape because my money was running dangerously low and I had to get back to work.

I own an eternal gratitude to a friend (a cop actually) who helped me recover.”

Ballz MagazineA cop?

Yvonne: “Yeah, I told him everything. He was an accidental friend, sort of speak. I met him during a bust in a private apartment. We were having a party and cops simply busted in. They were working on a tip they received. Needless to say that it was their lucky night. Drugs were all over the place.

For some reason he took me into his custody and escorted me outside telling me to leave immediately otherwise he’ll be forced to handcuff me and arrest me.

I still don’t know why he did what he did but after a while, we established a contact and some weird platonic connection. We never had sex but he knew how I make my living. He was aware that he’s spending time with an elite escort but that didn’t seem to bother him. And we didn’t talk about it.

Ballz MagazineHow did he react when he saw you and when you told him what happened on that dreadful night?

Yvonne: “What do you think? [Yvonne smiled and got back to the table, putting her hands on it and leaning in my face].

He promised me this: You will never hear about them, ever again.

What that meant, I’m not sure, but the fact is that it’s been years now since that night and I’ve never heard about them again.”

Ballz MagazineWhat was the reason behind that brutal attack on you? Hurt feelings? Ego?

Yvonne: “The sum of everything you mentioned. When he realized that he was dating an elite escort his ego couldn’t handle it. You have to know that we had a romantic relationship above all. He was gentle and tender, but a great lover also.

I’ve never thought that someone like that could turn into an animal overnight. I will never forget the look on his face when he was holding the gun in my mouth and squeezing the trigger. It was the face of the beast and not someone with whom I made love just a day before.

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I guess, the girls like me should think twice before engaging in a relationship. The guys like whores only when they’re paying them. They don’t like to live with one.

And when you think about it, it’s a cynical thing. Every man wants his woman to be hot looking and a wild animal in the bed. You simply can’t miss with someone like me. I have both. Yet, none of you wants to have anything to do with someone like me outside the paid sex. How do you reason that?”

Ballz MagazineYeah, I see your point but you have to agree that no man is dreaming to spend his life with a woman who makes money by doing men all over the place. I trust you wouldn’t be so thrilled to live with a man who’s doing women in the same fashion, would you?

Yvonne: “Yeah, you’ve got the point there. But still, it is ridiculous. I have everything and no man wants to have anything with me. Go figure.

I guess that’s the ultimate price for doing what I do for a living. You can’t get into a loving and caring relationship. I’d have to change the continent.” [she winked and waved her hand and those beautiful, long, red fingernails]

Ballz MagazineYou said that this wasn’t the only time when you feared for your life.

Yvonne: “Two years after the whole Robert situation, I had met with the client in his office. He became regular, paying for my services at least once a week. But one evening, he unrevealed his true intentions and the real face. He wanted me to work for him.”

Ballz MagazineYou were working alone, weren’t you? With your own list and recommendations?

Yvonne: “Yes. But this guy was serious. He beat the shit out of me when I refused and doped me with heroin. The last thing I remember was two guys grabbing my arms and dragging me across the room we met in.

They held me as a prisoner in some big house, beating me and rapping me every day for a week to break me. I almost got addicted to heroin.

One night, a man came in my dungeon, as I thought about the room where I was held, and offered me way out.”

Ballz MagazineWhat way?

Yvonne: “He asked for twenty thousand and occasional sex for free.”

Ballz MagazineYou agreed?

Yvonne: “What would you do in my place? Of course, I agreed.

So he got me out of there, drove me to the hospital and stood by my side for the entire time I was there.

Two weeks later, I paid the man and fulfilled the rest from my end of the bargain. It lasted for several months. We would get together once or twice a month. The intriguing thing was that I never found out his name let alone something more about him.”

Ballz MagazineWhat about heroin? How did you deal with it?

Yvonne: “Pretty hard actually, but how about we continue our sweet little chat tomorrow? The girl has to go make her living in an hour. Is that OK with you?”


Nothing left to do than to say goodbye and hit the shower thinking about that one grand investment I thought of at the begining. After all, what would you do in my place?

It is, by far, one of the riskiest and controversial professions that ever existed. Nonetheless, each year we have more women turning to elite escort and ever more men paying for their services. Yet, no one wants to admit it.

How do you feel about the pro elite escort services?

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