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The Power of THOUGHT

Written by Mark Novicki

Consciousness is the sum of all events happened to that moment in time. With every passing moment, your mind (brain) physically changes. That’s who you are. And all because of the THOUGHT! What you think, is what will happen. That simple!

There is no destiny or some hypothetical higher being with the plan for each and every of us. It’s we who are tailoring our future. Thus, there is only our THOUGHT, or many of them.

Be careful what you want or wishes for because it will happen

shutterstock_289956929We even coined two mutually interconnected terms to describe our ability to influence on future events. One is the ‘Law of Intention’ and the other is ‘Law of attraction.’

It’s basically same, only we use two due to our primal fear of the unknown – in this case God, the Universe or some other term we are using to describe the imaginary higher being watching over us.

Law of Intention refers to the deliberate action you’re calling for using your thoughts. Law of Attraction refers to the desired response from that higher being. That’s the basic difference.

In reality, none of these exists nor can be proven to exist. But that’s irrelevant. What’s important to understand is that you will cause the chain of future events with your THOUGHT!

For instance, ‘I’ll give my heart to you’ may not end the way you’d want, but it may happen nevertheless. The message is too wide and may cause different results with the same meaning. You could end up dead in some car accident and your heart may be transplanted to that other person you promised your heart to. You, in fact, did give your heart to that person, only in a more literal way.

That’s why you should be extremely precise when you’re thinking about what you want.

We can’t explain it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. As you know, we like to think or present ourselves as beings with the ultimate wisdom about the world around us. But the limiting factor is that we can only use our cognitive senses to assess something. Who says that there’s no some way of communication that we can feel but not interpret of physically recognize?

How many times did you think about someone and he/she suddenly called you or popped up in front of your doorsteps? Coincidence? Out of everything in that particular person could be doing at that particular moment, why would he/she choose to call you or meet with you in the same moment you thought about it?

Take the monetary victims, for example. Day after a day that monetary victim is crying over his tragic destiny, blaming government, corrupt banking sector and even you for his misfortune. Do you honestly believe that monetary victim will ever move from the edge of poverty?

On the other hand, you have a guy who sets up to dominate or to make a million. He’ll fall and fall and fall again. But he only has to be right once. Pretty soon, you’ll talk to two different mindsets. One is ‘have’ and the other is ‘have not.’ Same background, same age, same physical appearance and shape, same neighborhood, same everything, and yet, one is rich while the other is hungry and pissed about it.

One is thinking how it’s impossible to progress in this environment while the other wants to clone himself to do everything he thought of and make even more money. All things are being equal and you have two opposite outcomes.

The only reasonable explanation is this:

We are what we think derived from ‘cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am),’ originally coined by René Descartes only annotated and perfected. His proverb or whatever you like to call it, has deeper meaning than he originally thought.

We build the world around us, using our thoughts. It’s not just that we are because we think. Shit, even the earthworm thinks. We are just not capable of decoding its thinking patterns. Every creature is because it thinks.

What we are all doing is shaping our lives with our thoughts. Earthworm decides where to dig through dirt next to indulge in richer soil. We decide how good or bad our life will be by deciding what we want or don’t want; should we turn left or right; what we can or cannot.

We are basically doing the same thing earthworm does, only on a bigger scale because, let’s face it, we are at least a bit more advanced than the worm.

Be specific and think bigger and wider. Do not limit yourself before even giving a shot. What you have to lose? Money? Where did it come from? Did you always have money or did you make it? Well, if you fail, make it again like you already did a couple of times before.

Because, who can claim beyond all reasonable doubt, that you can’t weigh your thought in a physical sense like atom for instance?


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