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Her 6 Secret Desires You Ought to Know

her 6 secret desires
Written by Steven Hawk

Yeah, we all dream about stuff and we all have secret desires, don’t we? She’s no exception, you know. Her mind’s been busy and she might make you an amateur if you could somehow see what is going on in there.

Women daydream. Women secretly yearn and desire. And it can get out of the hands from time to time.

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Because the human brain is a weird thing when it comes to secret desires

Our mirror neurons are providing us with the unique ability to feel what others feel. It’s why you can get all aroused when watching porns. The whole thing goes so far that you can actually “feel” the dream you had. It was so vivid and now the boner you have just doesn’t allow you to take the morning leak. And it’s mostly because of a few secret desires you have.

And when we push it even further, our daydreaming will become deeply imprinted in our memory.

Just by witnessing the action, it feels like we personally did it.

It’s that mechanism that can bring mayhem if the person who likes to dream about stuff isn’t particularly careful and, on top of everything, have a great imagination. Add some ballz to the equation and you might stumble upon some of these following 6 secret desires she has.

#1 – Girl-on-girl action

secret desires girl-on-girl action


Yeah, she won’t admit it, but give her some time alone and she’ll find the porns. From the category lists, she’ll most likely pick girl-on-girl action. It’s what major porn sites’ statistics say about habits of female visitors.

Once again, the numbers show that searches for women enjoying other women top the charts, with 2017 being the third year in a row that ‘lesbian’ was the number one searched term worldwide.”  – excerpt from the PornHub’s 2017 in Review annual report.

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#2 – Threesome with additional man

her secret desires sex with two men

There is no woman in this world who didn’t at least once in her married lifetime begged the husband (it was cleverly enveloped into the joke) to go out and find one more guy to drill her from both sides. Make no mistakes; this is in her head at least once a day.

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#3 – Threesome with additional woman

her secret desires threesome with another woman

Now we’re talking, right? Well…maybe not. We do if she’s just having some fun, exploiting her hidden homosexuality. But we definitely don’t if she finds out that she’s been missing the right target this entire time.

Two kids and a fat ass husband, and all she actually wanted was love from another woman. She just wants to feel that gentle touch of the other woman’s skin and lips.

If this is the case, sport, you’ll be watching live peep show while making sandwiches. It is boring, I tell you that. They just keep pushing you away. Where’s the fun in that, right?

So, think twice before you decide to allow the second woman in your bed!

#4 – Hot and dirty quickie, in some half-public space, with that macho stranger she’s been watching for quite some time now

her secret desires public sex with the stranger

This shit can turn into reality in a split of a second if you don’t pay attention. All it takes is the little fight with you a day before her menstrual cycle, and she’ll fall a victim of the sweat talk like right there on the spot!

You really should take a look at what is going on if you haven’t for a while now. And, you should really take her anywhere and anyhow that one day before she starts bleeding.

What you shouldn’t do is picking the fight during that day. You’ve been warned.

#5 – To get dominated with style by the stranger

her secret desires being dominated by man

Proof? 50 Shades of Grey. A billion of sold e-copies. A half of billion movie visitors. Who knows how many hard copies are sold.

Yes, they like to dream about it, especially if they are forced to “lead the way” all the fucking time. It’s not her job and she feels unnatural in that role. This goes particularly for female executives, who feel the need to balance things up.

She will eventually, make no mistake about it.

So be there for her and show her what it means to be fucked by the real man.

#6 – To get grouped by a couple of strong and tall boys with 10 inches dicks all day long

her secret desires having sex with a group of men

And to have every hole filled instantaneously. Hardly any woman will admit it, but this is what she’d love to try out at least once.

Well, can you blame her? You’ve been dreaming about the same thing, only there were fewer dicks and more tits, right?


Remember, these are only her hidden desires and daydreams. It really doesn’t mean that she’ll try any of these. At least while you’re doing your job as a lover.

But, neglect her, and mirror neurons will start firing at terminal velocity.

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