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5 Simple Changes to Increase Productivity

increase productivity
Written by Sean Collins

Let me tell you this: I read 78 different suggestions’ lists on how to increase productivity and tried almost everything they wrote (some stuff were only for Bear Grills by the way).

After 2,5 years of experimenting and constantly reassessing my stamina, thoughts flow, increase or decrease of thinking speed and output results, I can sum 412 different improvement methods into 5 that really do count. Just five to increase productivity.

Don’t forget; people are getting paid to come up with things and due to a serious shortage of time, they assume much of it without trying or researching.

As the result, you can find 50 different pieces of advice per day. Most of that is simply ridiculous and time-consuming. Potential benefits don’t really justify the invested amount of time and energy.

However, the following 5 will increase productivity in every sense of that word.

If you have any doubts, keep in mind that the guy who’s telling you this is in his forties makes a shit load of money and is still perfectly capable of attracting the attention of much younger women without showing off his wallet.

We’ll go chronologically, starting with the wake-up call.

#1 – Morning booster

The night was long and you’re overwhelmed with the carbon dioxide. On top of everything, your metabolism is extremely slow.


  1. Roll out of the bed and do quick 10 pushups. Would be better if you could have morning sex, but this will also do the trick.
  2. Now get dressed and go out on a fresh air. Breathe deeply for at least 1 minute.
  3. Get back, and have something sweet.
  4. Wash it up with a full glass of cold, refreshing water.

There you go. Make yourself a coffee. You’ve earned it.

#2 – Mental imagery

You’re awake, properly fed with nutritional breakfast (not cereals but a full pack of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins; bacon and eggs in my case, with some hot dry sausage) and ready to go.

You still have some 15 minutes before you have to leave.

To increase productivity, do the following:

  1. Find a quiet place
  2. Sit down
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Focus on what lies ahead of you.

In other words, imagine your day to slightest details. Be precise because you know the most of your day.

This simple practice will reduce the response time and improve the decision-making process.

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#3 – Spend no more than 15 minutes going through emails and other messages

And then turn off applications. You won’t be answering any of them right away. Because first, you need to think.

Think about ‘Why’ of every message you find important. Don’t focus on ‘What’ or ‘How’, but on ‘Why’.

You’ll answer your messages 2 hours later and make the habit out of it. Pretty soon, people will learn when to expect your call or a message. Furthermore, they will know that they can expect a smart and useful answer and not some hasty nonsense.

If you’re receiving more than 50 important emails and other messages per day, it’s time to hire an assistant. Otherwise, you’re your own assistant.

The main point of this change lies in a more effective time management. In other words, you are slowly building a precise schedule.

#4 – Get up from your desk chair or move away from your working post

And stretch or walk for a while every 2 hours.

Almost every job post allows it and many companies are encouraging this practice. If that is not the case, find another job A.S.A.P. Because you really don’t want to end up completely disabled or live for the rest of your life with the back and neck pains.

However, it’s not only about the physical pain.

The human body, male, in particular, is built for the kill. Long and strong arms and legs, powerful torso, high-capacity lungs and heart. Advanced neuronal network. All features of the extraordinary creature that is not designed for the sedentary lifestyle.

Think about what you are doing to your mind with all that passivity.

Simply put, you are slowing it down, making it less efficient. You are either bored to death or too focused on a narrow topic. Either way, you won’t be able to respond to a change in a routine in an optimal way.

#5 – Read and write daily

Read everything you want. Don’t be picky, just read. Spend at least an hour (in my case that’s minimum 3 hours) per day reading stuff. Fiction, scientific studies, finances, poetry, how-to guides, articles and comments, history and future. The point is to cover multiple disciplines and subjects.

At the same time, run a diary or just write down your thoughts. Practice this daily and don’t be too disciplined about the precise time. It’s creativity and that cannot be forced with the timestamp.


Number 5 is arguably the practice that counts most in terms of personal development and net worth growth. Even if you’re enjoying lighting a cigarette right after you open your eyes and love to get surprised by daily events, learning process must never stop.

Furthermore, writing your thoughts makes them real because what you don’t visualize does not exist in your reality (if in doubt, check the wave-particle duality).

Now, I’m an open-minded person who encourages people to suggest or state their opinion. At the same time, I’m willing to try everything that sounds reasonable enough. So please feel more then welcomed to put your own experiences and suggestions.

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