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An accidental hero or how to have a wild sex with the 20-year-old mommy

accidental hero sex story
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We are all dreaming about becoming heroes. The white knights in shiny armor, with special powers. Supermen, who are saving the world at every step of our way. And in that dream, there’s always this hot woman we know one way or another that ends up having sex with us.

Sometimes, the dream turns into reality. Sometimes, you end up having a passionate sex with the strange woman just because you were in the right place, at the right time, with just the right set of ballz.

Just another late night walk

I have this habit to get out just before the midnight and walk for an hour. Life tends to be stressful and some time ago, I found that an easy stroll for a couple of blocks, when things get quiet, is a good anti-stress remedy.

That Tuesday night was no different. I got this new contract, the high-end client, a demanding son of a bitch. It was my chance to move up and maybe enter the Board. The pressure has been building up. My night walks became faster and longer. It was hard to clear the mind and see what tomorrow brings.

You see, if you are focused enough, and really see the world around you, it’s rather simple to plan your next day because 95% of everything in your life is predictable. The “surprises” are rare if you put your mind into it.

But surprises happen, nevertheless. Good and bad.

At first, it seemed like a couple standing on a sidewalk and talking. But when I came closer, it became clear that a rather big guy is arguing with this tiny young lady; maybe even a teenager. That raised the alarm in my head. Something was not right in that picture because the guy simply couldn’t be her father.

I was maybe a couple of yards away when he pulled her arm. It was right beside the ATM. He was forcing her to get some money out. She didn’t want to. The argument quickly turned into a physical violence right in front of my eyes as he pushed her to the ground and prepped to jump on top of her.

I didn’t think. Just picked up my pace, grabbed the bastard’s arm and pulled him off of her. She was lying there, looking at me with some weird mixture of fear and excitement in her big green eyes.

Naturally, the boyfriend or whoever that fuck was, didn’t want everything to end with his defeat so he tried running into me.

I don’t really get why people are doing that because it’s so fucking easy to move aside and trip the prick. That brick wall wasn’t an optimal landing spot for his head. He simply flew over my foot and hit the wall with the top of his head.

Didn’t want him to get up so I made sure that he stays down for a while. A couple of well-directed and powerful blows in the face and that was all to it.

By the time I was done with him, she got to her feet. There she was, standing a few yards from me, on the street, with those big green eyes staring at me, not really comprehending what just happened here.

– Miss. Miss. – I was trying to bring her back to reality. – Everything’s fine now miss. Are you hurt? –

She turned her attention to the guy on the ground. I wasn’t really sure what she wanna do with him. But what she did, after hovering above his numbed body for a minute completely shocked me.

I firmly believe that such a powerful kick with the high heel in the lower back must leave a permanent damage. A bit lower and his kidney would split in half.

– Come, lady. Let’s get the hell out of here. – I didn’t want to wait for the cops. Wouldn’t look good on my CV.


An hour later, we were having a late night dinner in one of those retro diners. They are serving some good pancakes, I tell you that.

– How can I thank you enough for what you did? A moment later and it would be me lying there. –

– Who is that guy? –

– Well, now my ex-husband, that’s for sure. –

She left me speechless. I couldn’t believe what I’m hearing. I kicked the shit out of her hubby and now she’s here, having pancakes with me. “What the fuck is going on here, Mike?” I was asking myself.

– But you are so young… – The words just slipped out of my mouth.

– Perhaps. I’m 20. –

You could sense the proudness in her tone. So young and already looking into divorce.

– Any kids? –

– Yes. A daughter. Lara. She’s 2 years old. –

Her eyes instantly filled with tears. It had to be hard imagining the future in such situation even if you are single, let alone if you have to take care of a toddler.

– Oh my God! Is that guy her father? –

– Yes. Look, let’s talk about something else, OK? –

– OK, but then again, where you’re gonna sleep tonight? It’s definitely not wise to go home. Where’s your daughter? –

– She’s with my mom. I don’t know. I’ll figure something out. –

You could sense the fear and confusion in her tone of voice. This girl didn’t have a clue about what to do next.


Now, I don’t know why we are making stupid and hasty decisions from time to time and I’m sure that each and every one of us has regrets but sometimes, you just can’t help yourself. After all, I was 43. She could be my daughter. I guess I felt protective on some level.

– Come with me. I have a spare bedroom. You can crash in for a couple of days until we figure out what to do, OK? – I just fired out without thinking.

– Are you for real? – She said without even taking a second to think about my offer.

I took a sip of my café latte, put down the cup, looked straight into her eyes and said:

– Yes, I’m for real. And I’m not some maniac who’s walking the streets and luring women into his apartment. Here, you can look me up and check me. –

I gave her my smartphone and my driver’s license. I really wanted her to take me seriously and believe me. For some strange reason, I wanted to help her.

After a few minutes and pretty detailed checkup, she accepted my offer.

I had a spare bedroom. Wasn’t trying to fuck her up in any way. Recently divorced, with the 3-bedroom apartment, my home suddenly became empty and silent. It would be good to have someone in there. At least for a few days.


It was around 3 am when she got out from the shower, wearing nothing but the medium-length brown towel. It’s funny how quickly you change your perception towards someone. A moment ago, she was like my daughter. Now, she was this hot young woman, whom I would even pay to have sex with.

– Wanna glass of wine? – I asked her after my mind switched from a protective daddy to a sexual predator.

– Sure. –


accidental hero sex story woman in chairShe was sitting in a large chair, right next to the window. Legs slightly spread. Her hands in her lap, gently rubbing the fabric of the towel. With that familiar “come-fuck-my-brains-out” look.

“Fuck the wine, Mike,” I said to myself, placed the glasses on the counter and kneeled in front of her. She didn’t mind me grabbing her knees and spreading her legs wide open. Shaved cunt of a 20-year-old was looking at me, ready for some rough sex. A sight I haven’t seen for a while if you know what I mean.

I don’t know what is it exactly that turns women on in such situations. Maybe it’s that primitive instinct, aging way back, while we were still being picked on account of sheer might and ability to knock out the competition. Be it as it may, I knew that I was in for some hot sex with the barely legal girl.


She pulled up the towel, revealing her young, shaved, pink and surprisingly tiny cunt. The clit was about to explode from all the arousal she was feeling at that moment.

I slowly placed my head deep between her legs and started working her clit with my tongue. It didn’t take long to hear her moaning. Her body was twitching in ecstasy. Young, firm breasts with large hard nipples were screaming for my hand. When I grabbed one of them, she squeezed my fist around her tit, wanting me to play harder.

Then, she exploded. I could feel her vagina squeezing my finger. Could hardly keep up with her sudden wild rhythm.

After almost half of minute of intensive orgasm, she pushed me back, stripped me and literally swallowed my dick. I was amazed at her ability to take it all in, deep in her throat.

Couldn’t help thinking about how dumb that prick is, letting a girl like this slip away. I would keep her like a diamond because you don’t see such fire, skills and raw passion often. I guess it’s like that with women who are still obeying their primitive instincts.


She moved away, turned around, kneeled down on a leather chair and pushed her butt out, spreading the cheeks with her hands.

Fuck the condom. Go right in.” That devil inside my mind got loud again.

So I did it. I followed my gut instinct and my desire to penetrate hard and deep in that young flesh without any disruptions.

Brutal penetration is a weak word for what I was doing to her. It’s been a while since I had sex so the accumulated sexual desire in me just burst out in that one, single moment. Her butt cheeks were bouncing as she was moving back and forth, trying to stick herself even deeper on my dick. Moaning turned into a loud screaming.


Don’t really know how long was I fucking her. What I do know is that she had to take a shower again. Her ass, her back, her neck and that short blonde hair were full of my cum. And she didn’t mind it.

After a shower, we went to the bedroom and slept the good portion of the next day, exhausted from all the excitement the night before.

She stayed for a week and then said goodbye.

– Moving back to my parents, up in the north. Hope to see you sometimes. – Was all she said when she left for good.

It’s been a year now and I haven’t heard a word from her but I’ll sure as hell remember her ‘till my last breath.


I guess, you just need to pay attention, give a fuck and show some ballz from time to time to experience a positive shock and unexpected excitement. All I know is that my walks are now devoted to something entirely different than to just relieve some stress. I’m looking for a new barely legal momma if you know what I mean 🙂

Mike Anders, guest author

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