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5 Reasons to Stop Waking Up Early

waking up early
Written by Steven Hawk

While it may have its benefits, waking up early, like at 04:30 every goddamn morning is simply pointless. Yes, you have more time to do something(?). Yes, you’ll increase your situational readiness and awareness even before you get out of your home. But is there really a difference between waking up in 04:30 and 07:00 or 08:00 in terms of operational success?

Well, let’s break this common myth, once and for all!!

This is practice preached these days by the ex-military personnel who retired and then engaged in coaching niche. They’ve been teaching companies and their executives how to introduce more discipline in their lives. Apparently, getting up in 04:30 or 05:00 will boost their level of effectiveness in a day ahead of them. Any later than that might not be that effective.

Is that really a fact?

Let’s see.

#1 – The sleeping time is the only time when your cells are regenerating

While you’re up and on the go, you’re using energy and cell’s regeneration rate is seriously decreased. Once you close your eyes and fall into the first sleep phase, the brain shuts down everything except the primary systems. It’s like being inducted into sleep by the anesthetic. It’s sleep time, and your body is undergoing some serious maintenance.

Hence, the average sleep time determines the “freshness” of your body. And it’s the level of “freshness” that counts in your overall productivity.  Waking up too early might be counterproductive, especially if went to bed late.

#2 – You are not living the lone wolf lifestyle like some folks!

It’s easy to be single or have a family that got used to your military doctrine and then preach about how you have to get up like a goddamn goblin. I know that because I spent 14 years of my life getting up extremely early and jumping right out on the track to do 30 minutes of morning cardio. Yes, you do snap out from the sleep rather fast, when you find yourself at freezing temperature, wearing nothing but the army pants, boots, and T-shirt. Add crunches and pushups in deep snow and you’ll understand that awakening mechanism.

What good did it do to me?

Well…I fancy morning over the afternoon in terms of productivity and I have a blocking back pain each time my left side of the back gets cold.

And…I had to go to bed like a little child every goddamn evening, just to be ready in the morning, because it’s not like you can get back to bed at 08:00! You have to push through the day. So no late night drinking parties with the friends and family!

As you can imagine, that shit will sure get you quite a lot of social action if you catch my drift.

#3 – Waking up time is one of those rare things you can control!

Funny thing how some folks will deliberately deprive themselves of only a few things they can actually control. Waking up time is completely under your control.

A logical question emerges: why not allowing yourself a bit more time in rest state?

#4 – You’ll get extremely sleepy around noon or right after your lunch as long as you are waking up early

Yeah, it was easy to practice this in 20es. Now, in my 40es, it does take a lot more to keep on going for the entire day, if I wake up at 05:00. A good lunch around noon and I’m best for sleep. How about you?

I don’t get it…does that make you more or less productive?

#5 – Do you like morning sex?

You’re a man with many miles in your legs. How many times did you have morning sex at 05:00, and how many times around 07:00? Does 07:00 0r 08:00 sound like a more optimal time to wake up?

Exactly! Nothing more to add to this. We both know the stats.

In conclusion

In all fairness, waking up early around 05:00 just fucking sucks and nobody should practice this! For the army guys, it’s a must, but you really cannot copy their entire routine to your personal life, can you?

And you shouldn’t, period!

Get up an hour before you have to leave the comfort of your home, even if it’s 08:00. More sleep you get, the merrier.

Or, to make things even better, develop a lifestyle that allows you absolute freedom. Go to bed whenever the hell you want and get up whenever the hell you want like millions of us are doing! Productivity will just increase. You’ll find out more about how to reach that freedom shortly, don’t worry.

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