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Wanna Have More Sex? Use Science!

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Written by Igor K

How about 67% increase in sexual activities between you and your lovely spouse? How does that sound? Impossible? Well, my deer oblivious friends, as you’ll soon learn — and start beating your head against the wall soon after — you were just an inch from the ultimate turn on for couples ALL THIS TIME! More sex with the simple home improvement.

You do have a smartphone, a laptop, the home computer or any other device that can play music, don’t you?

All you have to do now is setting up the great sound system all around your home and in a week, your sex life will radically improve.

We have one trial to thank for this insight

Apple and Sonos, the company that installs Wi-Fi connected audio systems, made an interesting experiment. They installed the monitoring equipment, including several cameras and Apple iBeacons, into the homes of standard families. 30 families from all around the world to be more precise.

During the Phase 1, families were monitored in their usual activities – without music. It turned out that family members hardly communicated or even established the eye contacts. For the most part, both adults and kids were occupied with their smartphones and tablets.

In Phase 2, Sonos equipped the homes with audio systems while Apple provided with the iTunes subscriptions. Families were enjoying music on high-quality sound systems.

The results were amazing, to say the least:

  • Cameras recorded smiled and positive faces of family members who socialize with each other more frequently and sing together, in contrast to period without music
  • During that one week of in-home music festival, family members spent 13% more time together
  • iBeacons registered 20% decrease in distance between family members – they were much closer to each other when music played!
  • and when it comes to sex, the result is mind-blowing – 67% increase!

That’s 67% more sex. Can you believe it?

Now, what’s so special about music and how it can affect the quality of sex?

According to Daniel J. Levitin, a neuroscientist who participated in the experiment, the overall improvement of the quality of life and sex, in particular, is deeply connected with the effect music has on our brain chemistry.

When brain hears the music, it fires two specific “trust and good mood” neurotransmitters: oxytocin and dopamine.

Oxytocin is the chemical that connects us with other people. Higher the levels, more we trust the other person.

Add dopamine to the equation, the specific type of neurotransmitter that is responsible for feeling good about ourselves and you have a powerful combo here.

In one online survey, 98.48% of all participants claimed that music does affect their mood. It’s because brain reacts on sounds and those that resonate at optimal frequency will activate the firing of these two important neurotransmitters.

In short, we can consider music as the alternative therapy that enhances our cognitive and emotional responses. And when it comes to women, this emotional component is critical.

She’s the reason why you’ll have more sex

You’re the man and we are easy when it comes to sex. Women, on the other hand, are somewhat different. Sex is on their mind quite frequently, but the level of arousal that ultimately leads to sex is much lower than it is at men.

However, given the effect of this simple hack, her brain is firing high volume of dopamine and oxytocin – two predominant chemicals needed for the sexual intercourse. Music that perfectly resonates with her brain with you by her side, singing and smiling, creates the perfect chemical cocktail in her brain and subsequently her entire body.

It takes little to none incentive for her to cross the natural block and completely give herself in. Whisper magical signal, ‘I love you’, in her ear while in full body contact and she’ll turn into the wildcat. Her body will start moving and twitching from the anticipation of pleasure.

And all because music, your proximity, your support and your positive attitude hacked her mind, forcing the brain to release two most important sex chemicals: oxytocin & dopamine.

Give it a shot. It works like a charm. Just make sure it’s her kind of music, not yours. And stay away from some melancholic tones. You want to turn her on, not to make her cry. Although, there are instances when that might work also.

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