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5 Simple Habits to Get Self-Motivated and Boost Productivity

Written by Sean Collins

Being self-motivated and driven is all about the right habits. If you don’t have a habit of taking notes, for example, you will forget something. If you don’t have a habit of managing your money properly, you’ll never have it.

The 5 habits listed and explained in here hold the great potential in terms of self-motivation, persistence, and growth. No matter how funny some of them might seem, it’s the lack of them that’s been withholding you all this time.

#1 – Get up at the same time each day

You’re programming your internal clock. As a result, you’ll have higher efficiency in a field of time management. Pick the time and stick with it no matter what. Pretty soon, you’ll notice how your daily productivity is increasing and that will make you self-motivated to achieve even more.

For some of us, this particular habit makes an essential step toward progress since it installs needed level of discipline that leads to becoming extremely self-motivated and driven.

#2 – Assess the day ahead before you leave your home

It’s called “mental imagery” and it’s what allows you to predict otherwise unpredictable. Because the fact is: you know much of your day. It’s just a matter of realizing the course of events triggered by your leaving for work.

This is a method that has been utilized by the top executives and top athletes around the World. It presents a certain mental hack and pushes your analytical and problem-solving potentials one step further.

#3 – Spend 3 days a week in a gym and you’ll become self-motivated in just 2 months!!

And progress in both endurance and weight load. It’s the progress that counts mostly since it will send a signal to your brain that there are no limits. As a result, your brain will start building additional neurons and synapses to compensate and prepare for the overload.

At the same time, you’re strengthening your willpower in the shortest period of time because it takes some raw determination to keep up with the extremely demanding programs of muscular development.

It’s far more than just a body makeover. It is a mental exercise and that must be your primary concern because success is hardly ever built on raw muscle power.

#4 – Start keeping records of your spending

This is arguably the single most important habit you should implement in your life.

Run your personal life as you’d run the business, keeping the precise records of your expenses. In no time, you’ll start understanding what you’ve been doing wrong.

You know as well as we do that money is like water. It will slip through the smallest gap. Find the gap and seal it!

#5 – Spend 1 hour each day reading inspirational works

Learning process must never stop. It’s what makes possible for people to achieve more with their lives. Reading scientific works, advanced development programs, innovative breakthroughs, and testimonials coming from the people who made it are essentials for your personal growth.

You are learning from the past experiences of the people who understand the system for what it truly is. In other words, you are not falling into a trap of false prophecy and claims made by the people who are too scared to exit their delusional bubbles.

Acting as a counterweight, quality books, how-to videos, and advanced personal development programs will expose your brain to new, effective stimuli which will cause positive alteration of your central belief system – the matrix.


Even if you skip the first 4 habits (you’re advised to implement number 4 by all means), this last habit or spending at least an hour of every day reading and watching something interesting will keep developing your intellectual potentials.

Two things will occur as the direct results:

  1. You will inevitably run into something that will trigger a decisive action and change your life;
  2. It will prevent dementia and mental regression, usual for people who are not exposing their brains to new and complex stimuli.

It cannot be stressed enough how vital this habit is and you are advised to start practicing this as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble making your first pick, start here.

About the author

Sean Collins

An investigative journalist with the thing for business, confidence, societal, and human behavior topics. The straightforward guy with the opinion that doesn't always agree with the mainstream. We call him Choozo. Cuz he's picky. About freakin' everything.