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16 Fatal Sex Mistakes Women Never Forgive

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Written by Stephan Moreau

If there’s one thing that makes a man a great lover, it’s his tendency to avoid making fatal sex mistakes women never forgive. There are 16 “errors” we do during sex that women find repulsive, disgusting or as the ultimate turnoffs.

Do them regularly and your woman will start denying sex while you will stay totally oblivious not knowing what the hell is happening because, as we all know, she won’t tell.

They are very secretive when it comes to their own like’s and dislike’s, even though it’s clear how life would be much easier for both if only she could find the courage and/or decency to tell you what you’ve been doing wrong.

So how about we unveil these 16 most hated sex mistakes and improve your sex life?

#1 – Avoiding kissing her body and rushing to her vaginal region is one of the most frequent sex mistakes

Yes, sure, from time to time she gets so horny that you can bend her over the kitchen counter but let’s face it – those moments are hard to come by lately.

For the most of the time, she likes to be properly guided into just the right mood BEFORE you attack her clit and vagina.

It’s not some switch that you can turn on and off as it pleases you. Clitoris and nipples respectively are extremely sensitive but stimulation in wrong moment/timing will cause a sensation of discomfort at the woman.

Furthermore, every time you start to rush things by jumping straight to her loins and firing with your tongue all over the vagina, she feels like you’re paying by the hour. What do you think is happening inside her mind if she gets that feeling?

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Orgasm and sexual pleasures respectively are in our brains. At females, this is an even more complicated process. If it wasn’t for that complexity, we would be multiplying like droids in a galaxy far far away.


If you take your time and kiss her long and passionate…if you move down and up her body, gently kissing that soft skin and tickling those invisible hairs with your tongue and chin, she’ll quickly start turning on the switches.

Soft, gentle non-French kissing at the beginning will fire up enough oxytocin in her bloodstream, instantly turning her on. At most women, sex as the ultimate pleasure sealed with the seismic orgasm is only possible after establishing the trust. And oxytocin is the trust chemical.

You see, you have to keep proving that trust over and over again. That’s her ultimate turn on.

#2 – Drooling into her ear like overexcited dog

This is one of those sex mistakes that clearly indicate inexperienced lover. Yes, earlaps are sensitive. Soft touch with your lips on her ear is also a great way to warm her up. Gently nibbling her earlap will be helpful too. What is not advisable nor pleasant is giving her ear a saliva bath while trying to break into her brain with the tongue.

Who knows, maybe some guys have fetish on that shit.

Be it as it may, she won’t appreciate the ear full of your saliva.

Instead, let her ear be just an occasional stop as you are working her up and down. It’s far better just to pass by it so she can feel your gentle warm breath and just a short contact with your skin.

#3 – Smelly truck drivers are things from porns and highway hooker’s lifestyle

You can fuck everything up with the poor pre-sex hygiene. Breath and body odors are extremely important factors to every woman. So trying to kiss her or lie on top of her after eating an onion-rich cheeseburger that you had as the reward for your hard work in the backyard won’t fly.

Sure she’ll put up with it but if you see her turning her head away, that’s a clear signal that you should use a bit more of mouthwash or maybe use more soap when you’re showering.

There are only so many moments in marriage when she’s so horny that she’s ready to disregard unpleasant odors of your manly body.

#4 – Her boobs are not stress-relieve squeeze balls

Although it feels great to have a pair of juicy XXL’s to play with from time to time since it’s obvious that those dudes on internet porns seem to be having a blast when squeezing, kicking and bouncing them all over the place. But that’s the thing: those chicks get well paid for the amount of pain they suffer.

Not to say that there aren’t women who are slightly leaning toward the masochism and genuinely enjoy good squeeze but for the most part, she has to be horny as fuck to enjoy the hard pressure.

One of those moments may occur when you’re positioned sideways. In this erotic and highly sensual position, your penis is entering at the just right angle, stimulating the area that is suspected to be the G-spot. If you start her up properly and do everything by the book, she’ll even help you to squeeze her boob. If nothing else, she’ll tell you to put some force in it.

That being said, one thing has to be clear to every man on this planet: boobs are more sensitive than anything on our male body. Be gentle and don’t squeeze too hard.

#5 – Chewing her nipple like it’s a gummy bear

Lick it…touch it…feel it. Don’t fucking chew it like a candy. Nipples can get so oversensitive sometimes that even the sudden breeze of air can be unpleasant.

You can only imagine how she feels when you start chewing her nipples like a bacon sandwich. Go easy. Gentle bite after few circular moves with your tongue may work. Anything more aggressive will make an enemy out of you.

#6 – Total ignore mode of other parts of her body

Her body is one giant erogenous zone. It’s not enough to focus solely on Eastern and Western hill and the Tunnel. She will start resenting it if you’re continuously avoiding her neck, arms, belly, inner and outer thighs and even feet.

Just think of it this way: when you’re thinking about the G-spot, imagine her entire body. Stimulate every part of it to accumulate that raw sexual energy at your woman.

#7 – Quick fingers

Don’t forget that they know when you’re trying to pull some crap you saw on porn. Her vagina is the last checkpoint. Your finger shouldn’t go in until you can feel the swollen clit. Only then she’s is wet enough for your fingers to slide in.

And when they are in, don’t try to break the world speed record. It may work for pornstars and some women but in general, fingers should not move in and out too fast.

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#8 – Sex in socks – instant turnoff sex mistakes category!

Of course, we are talking about our “manly” socks. When she’s in her socks it’s actually hot. But when you leave yours on, she’s cooling off. In her mind, the situation has only one possible end: “His socks are on so he’s looking for 1-minute humping and that’s it.”

Let’s face it, people, no woman can get off under 2 minutes. Those are extremely rare events, which you’re most likely missing.

Take those goddamn socks before anything else!

#9 – “Oops” and then you just walk away…

Shit happens to all of us. We get so horny after being deprived of sex for so fucking long that premature ejaculation is unavoidable. And she won’t mind if you react in a timely fashion and in a right way.

That implies using your tongue and fingers after you slide down on her.

The trick is: you’re down on her, licking and fingering in less than 2 seconds after you fired out the first echelon!

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Her vagina can stay lubricated enough to sustain penetration for only a limited period of time. Don’t buy into that crap of marathon sex where the guy is bragging out loud how he can drill for an hour.

He’s loud because he thinks that marathon sex is something women are longing for. Oblivious and stupid as he is, he’s trying to get their attention with that bullshit.

In reality, he’s a dumbass. If a woman even hears him saying that, she’ll think twice before bumping ugly with that dude. Not even a weed will get her to suffer an hour of agony.

5 minutes of intensive sex where the score is 1-1 is, in fact, better experience for her than 40 minutes of deep core drilling even if you managed to make her come twice or even 3 times.

However, there are those moments and days in the life of every woman when she could take down a platoon of men in a single night. More you’re pounding wetter she gets. And it all happened because you A) picked the right moment, and B) did a great job in the beginning that led her to her first and second orgasm in a series fast.

Thus there are exceptions from the rules. You only need to recognize the moment when the sex marathon is the option.

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#11 – Never ever ask the orgasm question

“Did it happen,” will make her hate you. If she faked it, you’re putting her in a difficult position. Women don’t like to lie about their orgasms. If she’s faking it, she won’t speak about that.

Do you honestly think that she’ll come clean to you?

If you’re any good lover, you’ll know. Her after-mood will tell you everything. While there’s no way to distinguish fake from real, we can assess the situation shortly after the sex. Focus on her behavior and you’ll know if you care.

#12 – When orgasming, she’s in charge!

Once she’s on the verge of the orgasm, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING! You’re doing things just right so refrain from grabbing her hair or changing the position and/or rhythm. Of course that you’ll speed up the licking, fingering or penetration when she’s having an orgasm but that’s just the thing of the additional force you’ll put in your moves.

#13 – Things we see on the internet may happen only after exhausting negotiations and proving that we’re good for it!

Admit it, nothing thrills you more than when you grab her head and come all over her face. The thing is: if she loves you and you’re always putting her needs before yours, she will allow it from time to time.

As for the deepthroating, a woman will do it on her own during the 69. Just don’t try to fuck her throat. Let her decide the timing, the depth and everything else. You’ll feel it when it happens.

And she’ll do it only if she genuinely loves you and needs something to be done or to prove the point. That’s her ultimate argument because she knows that there’s nothing else you enjoy more.

So, when you think about it, there’s always a motive.

She’s either showing you that no woman comes even close to her or she wants you to dig few holes for the flowers.

#14 – “Whoopsie, I missed the hole…sorry honey”

96% of women reach orgasm during anal sex! That’s the fact.

So instead of trying to swoop your way into the black hole, talk with your partner. She’s maybe too shy to tell you but if something comes even close to clit stimulation with your tongue, that’s anal sex!

And it’s worth every effort for both of you. If, of course, you do it right where “right” reads as “being gentle and patient.”

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#15 – It doesn’t taste good, trust me.

And I know it because after months and months of persuasion to try to get her swallow, one time, she soaked her fingers in a certain amount of my disposed white liquid without me realizing it and stuck her fingers in my mouth. Yuck!

Again, from time to time, she may use it as the argument to get something done or prove the point.

When she’s sucking your dick, the last thing she wants is to get suffocated by the streams of sperm, surging down her throat. Pull it out or alarm her that the volcano is about to erupt!

#16 – “Thank you, darling, that was wonderful.”

You may as well leave the money on the desk. That’s how she feels after you “thank her” for sex. It’s OK to compliment on her when talking about your sex life but don’t ever thank her for sex.

She perceives you as the challenge and reward, not as charity work!


Oh, one more thing. Don’t try to bang her hot relative in the hallway while she’s sleeping in the living room. I almost got shot in the middle of the action.

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