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G-spot or Profound Influence of Gravity on Your Sex Life

Small and average (thin) dicks pay attention! It’s about time you learn what G-spot really is and why your woman either bends all the way down or straightens up when you’re dogging her. It’s due to one biological feature, hidden inside the walls of her vagina! This short tutorial will make every woman disregard your obvious “shortage” and you’ll learn how to drive her to orgasm by stimulating her “G-spot.”

Do her from 90° angle and she’ll appreciate it more

G-SpotWhat are her favorite positions? Let me guess. Sideways and doggy style with her chest down and butt maximally pushed up, almost in a vertical line, right? You know why? Because the most sensitive part of her vagina is the wall! You should therefore make every effort, in any given situation, to rub the wall.

In-line penetration in many ways is the same thing as throwing the wiener in a hallway. She won’t feel it, especially if she’s wet and/or wide. Your job is to apply the “angle penetration.”

When in missionary position, and assuming that you’re not equipped with horse-sized dick, stretch your legs all the way back, forming the straight body line. Dip it in under the 90° angle to constantly stimulate the vaginal wall.

Apply the same approach to any other position. For instance, if you two are standing up, either lift her torso all the way up on your chest or push her back down as much as she’ll allow it. By changing the angle of penetration, you’re applying more pressure to the vaginal walls, making her “feel” you better.

But where’s that damn G-spot, you ask?

G-SpotWell, it’s basically whatever you do that causes her to come! It’s not that much about ‘where’ but more about ‘what’. In more specific biological meaning, “G-spot” would be the vaginal wall. There is no a “spot” like some physical bulge somewhere inside that you could simply press, push, rub and make her come.

It’s a corridor of nerves residing inside the walls of her vagina, starting at the vaginal entrance and stretching all the way to the uterus entrance. Deeper it goes, more sensitive these nerve endings are because they see far less “action” or as some suggest, “G-spot is 2-3 inches inside the vaginal wall, at the side of urethra.” Probably has something with female-prostate tissue, surrounding the urethra.

That’s why your fingers will do the least pleasure if you’re moving them in and out in-line with the vaginal tunnel. Instead, turn your palm up, push index and middle finger all the way in and then “call someone,” rubbing the vaginal wall. Move the tips of your fingers all the way back to the pubic bone and do circular moves. Or if you want to go in and out with your fingers, do try to put as much stimuli on the upper vaginal wall. But make sure it’s wet inside and that your fingernails are properly manicured. You really don’t want to cause any kind of discomfort or pain.

Is it the same to rub lower or upper vaginal wall?

This may be confusing, so let’s lift the fog. The term ‘upper’ refers to the general position of her body relative to the environment. In other words, if she’s kneeling in front of you and you’re fingering her, the ‘upper’ means just that – the side facing the ceiling. On the other hand, when she’s laying on her back, the ‘upper’ is the side closer to her abdomen; again, facing the ceiling.

What’s the catch?

Gravity! When she’s on her back, gravity is pulling her body down, making the ‘upper’ side of vaginal wall more sensitive since it’s literally “falling down” on your hand. Turn her on the belly, and the situation is somewhat different. The point is: whenever you are in the opportunity, try to stimulate the ‘upper’ side of the vaginal wall where ‘upper’ is relative to the environment and not to her body anatomy.

That’s why she enjoys doggy style with her chest down and butt up far more than the missionary position (if nothing else, she doesn’t have to look at that stupid face you’re making when having sex with her.) It’s the effect of gravity. You have to go in under the 90° angle in the missionary position to enhance the stimulation since the “meat” is being pulled down.

Of course, there’s that psychological effect of doggy style where power and dominance is clearly demonstrated. Every woman is wired to respect and expect that. Same thing dogs are doing to establish a ranking and the same reason why some guys turn gays after being molested by some aggressive male adult and forced to be over submissive for the entire childhood. He’ll fuck another guy in the ass because it’s the demonstration of the ultimate dominance, far greater than fucking a woman in the ass. Not that it’s the rule of some kind, but it does happen frequently.


Angle up and she’ll enjoy it better. That’s all we’re saying.

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