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4 Tips to Help you Last Longer in Sex

Written by Charlie Greene

We’ve all been there before, the heat of the moment is upon us and you’re ready to get freaky between the sheets. Suddenly, after only a few of your newest moves (thanks Reddit!) you’re ready to explode and almost kill the moment. For most men, it’s a rare occurrence that can be normal and expected – but if you’re not quite performing the way you’d like, it can be a substantial mood-killer for you and leave her begging for more until she’s satisfied. While you’re more likely to be bothered by it than she is, consider the following four tips to help you extend your bedroom technique, while blowing her mind.

Discover the Kama Sutra

While we’re always looking for new ways to wow her in bed, there’s also a good chance you can learn a few things about delaying ejaculation too. That’s because there’s an entire technique to delaying yourself through training.


To give you the brief explanation, start slowly with only a few strokes in and out. Take a brief break by holding yourself against your partner until you don’t feel “excited”. Repeat this process slowly over the course of five minutes. Gradually build up until you are at a thrust a second. If you feel yourself getting too close to the edge, stop thrusting and hold yourself perfectly still against your partner until the urge wanes a bit.


Stop freaking out about it

One of the biggest anxieties men tend to have is the ability to perform in bed. In fact, some men get so anxious about being able to satisfy their partner, they can’t even hold an erection. Stop worrying about how you’re going to do and start feeling more confident. Essentially, the goal is to stop listening to the little nagging voice inside your head and to start enjoying the moment.


Break it up

Stop for a moment and think back to when you were first learning about your body. Chances are, once you found something that felt good, you did it as fast as you possibly could – until, well you know. For most men, the same habits keep appearing, which can definitely speed up your release. If you find yourself getting too close, take a few moments to switch it up. Take a break in between and rub yourself against her labia – something that often gets ignored but needs attention every once in a while. If that doesn’t work, use your mouth to explore her body while you calm down.

Work your muscles

Everyone (whether male or female) has a set of muscles known as the PC muscle (the muscles that control your bladder when you’re going to the bathroom. To help improve your stamina in the bedroom, take a few seconds to tighten them during the day. If you’re not sure how, try and stop your urine mid-stream. This can help you strengthen the muscles that send blood flow to your penis (which can increase your stamina long-term).


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Charlie Greene

Our sex expert, Charlie, is a long-time professional in the adult industry, specialized in screenplays for several major production houses. She is direct, have zero tolerance for weak and insecure men, loves to get in bed with another woman from time to time, and consider herself borderline nymphomaniac. Enjoys writing explicit sex stories that are mostly based on her own experiences. A loud advocate of sex toys and sexual liberties. Enjoys kink sex and admits to having one particular fetish that makes men addicted to her.

"Every time I lie on my bed to write a new script or a sex story, I get all wet. If there's no man around at that moment, can guess how it ends."