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Five ways to finger her like a pro

Whether you’re lying in bed trying to start something sexy or you’re at the movies looking to spice up your sex life, knowing how to use your hands can be a definite advantage to most men. Few, however, know how to get her off using nothing more than a bit of lube (or spit) and the right movements. If you’re looking to show her your freaky side, master the five following techniques today:

  • Gentle Rubbing

Despite the name “fingering”, this technique actually involves very little internal stuff (making it a great way to have fun in public. You can do this technique over her clothes, against her panties or against her directly – which can be helped along with a bit of lubrication.


To start place your entire palm (not the fingers) at the top of her slit, letting your fingers trail over top of the slit. Apply a firm pressure against her hip bone and gently rock your hands back and forth – gently pushing downward as you do. Keep the motion smooth and slow. The idea behind this is almost similar to a “dry hump” – which can give pretty intense orgasms.


  • The thumb tease

While she’s sitting beside you, start by rubbing her thighs with your hand, very slowly making your way toward her panty line. Your thumb can slowly start skimming over the lip (NOT her slit) as you’re rubbing – which can turn her on without touching. Focus on the crease of her panties, where they meet her leg.


After you’ve rubbed her there for a while, gently slide your thumb underneath her panty line and move toward her slit. Don’t touch her between her lips. Once you’ve reached her wetness, start over on the other side. Continue until she’s spread her legs completely open and continue the same technique against her clit.


  • The Gentle pull and twist

As you’re moving your hand down between her legs, use your thumb and ring finger to gently spread her lips apart slightly, which will leave your index and middle finger free to roam. Instead of continuing to move your hands further down, gently squeeze her clit between your fingers – laying your fingertips flat against her (like you would twiddle a pen). Gently pull at the clit between your fingers and start rocking your fingers up and down as you pull. For added fun, spit generously on your fingers (and her clit) as you’re playing with it.


  • The gusher

Make sure your fingers are completely covered in lube as you’ll need to make quick movements with this move. Have her lay on the bed, with her legs spread wide apart. Get her warmed up, to the point of seeing a glistening, wet hole. Using two fingers push into her quickly (the idea here is going to be fast and hard) until they won’t go in any further. Make sure your fingernails are facing down towards her butt. Curl your fingers up towards her belly button until you feel a fleshy mound inside. It will be the size of a walnut. Once you’ve found that spot, push up on it as you pull your fingers out (ONLY until you no longer feel that fleshy part, not all the way out). Keeping your fingers curled up, push your fingers back in quickly – again pushing up on the fleshy part. Start slowly and then move until you’re going quicker and quicker.

Using your free hand, use your thumb to gently rub her clit (this needs to be gentle or it will be over stimulating). This can cause even the most shy woman to squirt quite hard if done properly. Make sure that you let her know sensations of needing to urinate are normal and that she isn’t going to pee – encourage her to let go of that feeling.


  • The Progressive Finger

While most men finger a woman with only one (typically the middle) finger, women enjoy feeling ‘full’ instead of having something just teasing her insides. That’s why it’s important to start off with that tease (even making her wait before inserting the one finger all the way). Once she’s used to having one finger inside her, slowly add a second finger (your ring finger). Turn your hand sideways and use your index finger to play with her clit (almost in a flicking motion). Then add the baby finger to gently play with her asshole (trust me, most women LOVE this – even if they’re not a “butt or anal person” as it mimics the feeling of your balls when you’re fucking her. Over time, once she’s gotten used to the finger playing in that area, you can begin applying gentle pressure to her ass hole, eventually inserting it up to the first knuckle.


  • The Water Baby

This technique is a pretty powerful technique as well. Start by having a shower together (note: you need a removable showerhead to do this). And gently glide your fingers over her slit. Kiss her hard as you rub your hands over her mound and encourage her to place a leg on the side of the shower. Remove the showerhead and lower it to her slit, aiming the water directly on her clit as you continue to rub lower (teasing her hole with your fingers, but not putting them in all the way). If your shower has a “massage setting” turn it on that, but not an incredibly high speed.


Slowly start inserting your fingers more and more (Pushing in a bit and pulling all the way out, pushing in a touch more, pulling all the way out) – until your fingers are all the way inside her. Keep the jet pointed directly at her clit and thrust your fingers in and out. Wait at least five seconds after she starts getting off to remove your fingers and the jet. Let her rest a few minutes before starting the process over again, only this time, use your dick instead of your fingers.


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