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13 Unbelievable Sex Facts You Don’t Know

13 sex facts you don't know
Written by Steven Hawk

There are some sex facts that are relatively unknown to the general population. And while it may appear as trivial at first, after closely reviewing some 50, 60 largely overseen facts about the sex, there are 13 that are not only attracting attention but are also connected with two most important things in the life of every man and woman:


Yeah, some of these are just funny sex facts, but let’s face it guys – we do need that info. We are always in pursuit for some intel that will put us under the spotlights tomorrow at work or in the bar.

Just for you, we are bringing you the exclusive topic for conversation where you’ll be the center of everyone’s focus. If you are about to use this information at work, MAKE SURE TO HAVE SOME WOMEN AROUND. Not only that they will be interested in hearing what you have to say, but there are good chances that you’ll strike them as someone who knows his business.

Sometimes, that’s all you need to get her attention, remember that.

First, the icebreaker, or the way to start conversation

Sex does 2 things:

  1. It makes people happy
  2. It blocks the pain.


Clitoris and vaginal stimulation in women activate the firing of endorphins neurotransmitters, reducing the sensation of pain without pills. Same applies to men because sexual intercourse is the most powerful exercise for the heart and prostate, plus, there are those endorphins again.

It works rather simple.

In 2008, a 32-year-old woman, a passionate cliffhanger from the UK, attempted the vertical climb on a 250-foot cliff, in the middle of the Australian outback. One of the safety bolts got loose and she found herself dropping from 60 feet of height straight to the stone plateau. Broken hip. Open fractures in both legs. Crushed knees. Both arms broke in more than one place. Broken ribs. Massive head trauma.

From the point where she slammed down at almost terminal velocity, it takes 2 hours for a healthy human being to walk to the nearest spot where there’s at least some chance of someone passing by. Her sat com got destroyed so there was no way to contact the rescue.

The woman crawled for 6 straight hours, moving through the sharp rocks and even through the puddle of muddy water to avoid bypassing it.

All that time, she felt only minor discomfort and was more pissed because of her disability to move faster than because of the pain itself.

Hours later, when she finally reached the dirt road, a guy passed by, spotting her in a grass. He immediately turned around, got her to the car, gave her some water and called for rescue. She still didn’t fail any serious pain.

The moment I saw that helicopter, I suddenly felt like I’m breaking apart. The sudden surge of pain all over my body was unbearable so I blacked out. I woke in the helicopter just to blackout again. Nothing they gave me helped to reduce the pain.” Said Margery in the interview she gave after returning to Liverpool.

What happened was the demonstration of the brutal efficiency of our defense mechanism.

Her brain activated endorphins that blocked the pain receptors. That’s what painkillers do. The active substances “fool” the brain to release these natural blockers.

Sex does the same!! You don’t feel the pain and you also released some stress in the process hence; you’re much, much happier J


OK, you successfully opened the conversation with the real-life story used for educational purposes. All eyes are on you. They need more. Let’s give them what they need!

SEX FACT #1 – Vibrators originally served a different purpose

This is why you want ladies in a group. They would be interested to hear that at the end of the 19th century, engineers invented vibrators as an aid tool for the doctors dealing with the female patients.

Now you have their attention because they can’t wrap their heads around the possible usage.

Well, it turns out that doctors used vibrators to massage clitoris of the female patient to reduce the hysteria.

Nobody can really tell how efficient was that therapy, but do try to take away dildo from your partner and find out what hysteria really is. It’s reasonable to believe that one night, one of the doctors, took the tool with him. Wife found it and the rest if history!

SEX FACT #2 – Cuddling IS NOT what people do immediately after having sex!

Contrary to general belief, 36% of people older than 35 immediately visit their Facebook and Twitter profiles right after the sex.

Are they updating their statuses?

Some even do that.

While he’s bragging, she’s uploading this one special image she has for the occasion, clearly showing her friends the dark mood. Apparently, those 2 minutes were inadequate to satisfy her needs.

The question is: why the hell would someone grab the smartphone and immediately scroll through tweets and statuses, right after the orgasm?

The experience was not that good, is the only viable answer.

Because, if you fuck each other’s brains out, it will take at least 2 minutes to catch some breath. And let’s not forget that sexually satisfied woman will smile and play with your hair while your head is between her legs. It does take time for the two people, who just had an amazing experience, to get back to their routine.

Thus, the conclusion: if she’s turning away and grabbing her smartphone, you didn’t do such a great job, so don’t brag about it.

SEX FACT #3 – Your “number” is probably much, much lower than hers is!

There’s this dogma that men are more promiscuous than women. We believe how the number of women we slept with is larger than a number of men she bumped ugly with.

Dude, it seems that we are dead wrong about this!

It turns out that women have 17% more sexual intercourses than men during the lifetime.

  1. Be it as it may, there’s a large chance that studies included a large number of women who are changing guys like socks, subsequently tipping the scale. So that might not be the actual percentage. Yet, it still tells us something:

They are not telling us everything!

Your precious probably didn’t mention every guy she slept with.

You know that because, every now and then when you two have few too many and start talking about each other’s past, a name suddenly pops up. Only a few years before, she was swearing to all Gods how the number she told you is final. Yet, it seems that you are finding out about the new name every 3-4 years.

Do the math.

SEX FACT #4 – The average length of orgasm is another reason why women live longer than men

It’s not just their innate advantage coming from the period and that stuff that prevent a heart attack.

Since it’s clear that sex improves the overall health, it’s only reasonable to believe that orgasm has the decisive impact on that matter because it’s during that intensive sensation that the most beneficial stuff is being released.

So when I tell you that women’s orgasm lasts 20 seconds on average while men’s revolves around the number 6 (seconds), what’s that telling you?

Yeah, you don’t have to be a freakin’ scientist to figure out the following:

All things being equal, her chances to live longer, under the assumption that she maintains regular, quality sex activities (at least twice a week), are 30% higher than yours.


It does seem that our orgasm lasts a bit longer than 6 seconds, doesn’t it? I guess that’s the illusion, same as the one about the average volume of ejaculate.

SEX FACT #5 – Sex her up to prevent breast cancer!

Apparently, women who experience more than one orgasm a month, have far smaller chance to end up on chemo due to the progressed breast cancer.

But that’s not all. Greek scientists claim that men, who reach the orgasm during sex at least 7 times per month, while in their 50s, are less prone to male’s breast cancer.

Yeah, that shit happens, I shit you not.

SEX FACT #6 – Orgasm during the HIIT?

Do you love running? How about bodybuilding?

What is the one thing that’s been missing in both of those activities?

Good old ORGASM!

How cool would it be to have some recreational activity, good for your general health, stamina and improved visual appearance that includes orgasm, right?

Well, there is one and it takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes to burn 200 calories, depending on the intensity of the “HIIT” that pretty much always ends with orgasm or few!

Yes, it’s the SEX. Do it like two beasts in the middle of the woods, and it won’t take more than 15 minutes to burn 200 calories.

Now, there’s one thing that’s been bothering me when I was reading this study for the first time. It was made and published by a woman. What I didn’t see in conclusion was a simple recommendation for all the women out there.

As you know, they are always seeking for some way to burn those calories because they can’t say no to a chocolate. They run, they twist, they lift weights, they attend intensive self-defense classes, aerobics, pilates. They are drinking all those awful teas and popping very questionable pills.

Still, no matter how hard do they try, the struggle with the overweight doesn’t seem to end. It’s a continuous process.

And in that process, they can get hurt, hit by a car, raped, killed by some punk who’s trying to steal $20 from her purse, mocked on account on their “excesses,” humiliated because they can’t perform even the simplest exercise.

All that time, all they have to do to live healthy, stay in good shape and have a great figure, is to have regular, passionate sex. Yet, they are often refusing this natural remedy, known for its benefit to the overall health and maintaining an optimal weight.

SEX FACT #7 – Women are more opened and loosen than we think

How do you react when you stumble upon the porn where one guy is fucking the other right in the ass? The very thought about that image made you sick, didn’t it?

Would you say that you’re perhaps narrow-minded when it comes to sexual pleasures?

Because, a woman will openly show signs of arousal when she sees the naked body of another woman, let alone girl-on-girl action!

We, on the other hand, don’t feel good if we are exposed to man-on-man action. And the image of the naked man’s body doesn’t activate any type of reaction, let alone some sexual arousal.

The premise is simple: they are more open-minded than we are when it comes to sex because clearly, they can see the viable “option” in any scenario.

SEX FACT #8 – Sex makes you dirty – in a good way!

She’s in that sexy, reddish lingerie, lying on the bed, calling for you. You come in, losing your clothes along the way. She grabs you and pulls you down just to go down on you. Every once in a while, while she’s sucking your cock with the obvious enthusiasm, she looks up, smiling and jerking your dick, slowly yet firmly. Then she does something extraordinary. She swallows your dick all the way down to her throat. It even feels like she’s enjoying it.

Now, in that moment — and be honest now — is there something you wouldn’t do for her if she asks you?

You’ll do absolutely anything!

You’ll endure spanking, slapping, biting, hot waxing, even pissing. There are no limits. Whatever the fuck she wants to do to you and wants you to do to her, you’ll accept with added enthusiasm, regardless of what that might be.

Sex makes us dirty. It removes all the boundaries. Someone who never tried anal sex will gladly accept it, once in the right mood.

Drive her into that state and she’ll accept your every suggestion because it works both ways!

SEX FACT #9 – What if she picks up her phone in the middle of the sex?

It indicates that you’re having sex with the woman who is the mother of at least one child because studies showed that 12% of mothers will use the phone during sex.

Her state of mind is much more complex and different than the one of a woman who still didn’t give birth to a child.

You know how they say, “Lord, if something is due to happen to me, let it be what’s in the mind of my wife and not my mother.”

Meaning that the mother is always concerned about the well-being of her child(ren), constantly expecting to hear some bad news over the phone. That’s why she’ll pick up the ringing phone even if three guys are roasting her simultaneously.

SEX FACT #10 – Was your first younger or older than you?

This is the interesting fact about the sex.

You know how teenage girls are considered more mature than their male peers? And how they are always scouting for older guys?

Naturally, that makes their fathers very wary about the older guys who are hanging around their young, teenage daughters.

However, little do they know that devil lies in another backyard. The irony is, as you will see (remember), fathers know that!

So they are more matured and have their eyes on older boys only, right?

If that is the fact, then how come the average age for virginity loss is 16.9 years for boys and 17.4 years for girls.

Apparently, the majority of females are scouting for younger male flesh to pop their cherries because it just doesn’t make sense any other way.

My first was way older than me. Some 10 years if I remember correctly. My brother’s first was a year older. My longtime friend was just 14 when he had his first sexual experience with the 17-year-old, quite a good looking girl.

Maybe they mature faster than us, but the undeniable fact is: they are more likely to sleep with the boy who’s younger than them.

So, if you’re the father of the teenage girl, who’s approaching 15, don’t ignore those younger boys. One of them will become her first! Your first was most likely older than you. Let that experience leads you, my man.

SEX FACT #11 – If you want to freakin’ stick it in her ass, just fucking say it!

Because people who have no problem expressing their sexual desires and secret wishes are happier with their sex life than the silent ones.

And it’s only natural. Try walking into the grocery store and just stare at the saleslady. Do you think you’ll walk out with the bag full of fresh oranges?

Ooh, you feel ashamed talking about how you’re dreaming to slowly penetrate in her anus, bit by bit, until you’re all in and then, gradually fuck her in the ass, until both of you cum screamingly?

You’re getting your boner as you’re reading this for fuck’s sake man. So go there, make sure she’s in that mood, make her some coffee, open a chocolate and say, “Dear, there’s something I’ve been wanting to discuss with you for a long time. You see, there’s this thing on my mind.”

She’ll say, “OK. What is it?” And grab a piece of that chocolate.

And then you continue, “Well, you know those moments when I’m down on you, pleasuring you with me tongue?”

“Yes?” Her pupils are widening. She’s excited and borderline aroused. Her body hair is rising. And there’s something weird, yet pleasant happening down there. Her mouth is moving very peculiar while she’s chewing that chocolate. It’s like she’s expecting something dirty, only not sure what that could be.

You use this moment and take the full advantage of it by saying: “I’m dying from the desire…” And you make the meaningful break, looking directly into her eyes.

You’ll see how her mouth is opening and her tongue is playing with that small, melted, warm piece of chocolate. Her fingers are playing with the hair and she’s focusing your eyes. You can see the subtle smile in the corner of her lips.

Is it possible that you’re thinking about the same thing?

Let’s see…

98% of women who tried anal sex claim that they have experienced the powerful orgasm. In retrospect, 82% of women will experience the similar experience during the oral sex, while only 56% will cum during the vaginal, classic intercourse if the situation is optimal.

What do you think?

You think she doesn’t read magazines? You think she doesn’t fall into that group who are choosing anal sex as the favorite category on Pornhub?

Most women choose threesome with two guys. Then comes the girl-on-girl action. On the third place comes the anal sex. These are the stats published by Pornhub recently about the habits of their female users.

You can bet your goddamn ass that anal sex was the first thing on her mind the moment you said ‘I’m down on you.’


“Desire to do what?” She’s fully concentrated. She wants to hear the words coming out of your mouth. She needs to hear them for it to become real.

“Well, I would do anything to try anal sex.” Now her eyes are wide open and she’s about to say something but you won’t let it.

“Before you go mad, hear me out,” you calm her down with your palm,” we’ll go slowly. We’ll take days and weeks if needed.”

“Are you crazy? What the fuck is wrong with you? Now I see why you put the chocolate on the table. You never do that unless you want something from me. And let’s face it, wiseass, you only want sex and blowjob on the highway.” And she’ll get up from the table.

Now, don’t panic. It has to role out that way. The majority of women will react in such a way. But the seed has been planted. Now you only need to wait for it to grow mature.

You’ll start slowly, working her black hole with only one lubricated finger. Next time, you’ll add an additional finger. The point is to loosen up the sphincter and widen the hole so she feels the low pain that first time you put it in.

When that moment comes, MAKE SURE TO USE LUBRICANT and GO SLOWLY! Don’t force anything. Yes, it will hurt her a bit but after a while, that pain sensation will transform into the serious sexual arousal and end in the explosive orgasm. Why do you think they love spanking and choking, wiseass? They love to feel dominated because they are wired that way. She wants to feel her man!

But none of that will happen if you don’t speak your mind out loud!

SEX FACT #12 – After a good orgasm, good night sleep is guaranteed

After she goes through several orgasms during anal sex, her body will get overwhelmed with oxytocin, the body’s own relaxant. Same will occur to you after you fill that asshole with your cum. Both of you will just crash down and fall asleep.

And sleep is the only time in your lives when cells are regenerating. In addition, that’s also the time when your body will utilize lipid drops (accumulated fat) for energy production, causing the weight loss and subsequently a normal blood pressure.

Yeah, it’s all connected and sex is that magical thing that keeps us juvenile and alive for a much longer time.

SEX FACT #13 – Don’t worry if it’s cold in the room or in a tent when you fall asleep after a good round of sex

If you have sex at least twice a week, your body will produce and release 30% more of immunoglobulin (IgA), a Y-shaped protein that stands in the front line of defense against viruses. Cold or windy, all the same – you won’t catch a cold, guaranteed!


There you go. Some of these were funny sex facts, some were rather serious ones with the major impact on your general well-being.

The conclusion is simple: HAVE SEX and make it count – every time! It’s not only a uniquely wonderful experience. It keeps you healthy and alive.

All the best to you with hopes that you’ll have sex soon. She’s sure as hell expecting your incentive, in anticipation of the ultimate pleasure!

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