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5 Facts about You and Their Impact on Your Life

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Written by Mark Novicki

And the interesting thing is: you are not even aware of these 5 while may be the key to the change you’re desperately seeking for. Take few minutes and really think about what you will read now.

Because this is who you truly are no matter what you believe.

Constant self-observation and self-assessment are the keys to open-mindedness. Open-mindedness is the only way to move forward. It’s essentially a person’s ability to accept information that would normally be contradictory to one’s original self-belief. As the result, a person cannot fall victim to misbelief or counter-productive and destructive dogma.

This must be your ultimate goal. It must be the ultimate goal of our entire species because it is the only way to get rid of false prophets and dangerous dogmas developed with only one purpose: to control and dominate the population.

Open your mind and you’ll see right through the lies.

#1 – You are the sum of what they’ve taught you or missed to teach you

Your belief system had been built by your closest social and physical environment. You were born pretty much as a tabula rasa with only the basic operational program.

Different stimuli, coming from your environment were converted by your brain into memory blocks and stored in your left cerebral hemisphere. It’s where the God is!

Who says you were taught the right way? Perhaps it’s time to add new useful memory blocks?

#2 – You are lazy by nature

Every attempt to move beyond air, water, food, sex, and sleep will be obstructed by your brain since its basic purpose is to keep you alive and active using minimum resources.

For example, any type of complex thinking process uses 30% of the entire energy potentials in every given moment. To prevent rapid deflation of energy reserves, the brain just pulls the plug. In other words, you just give up not knowing why.

Therefore, the strong stimulus must be present in order to relentlessly move forward, overruling the brain minute after a minute.

That’s why, for example, quitting your 9-5 acts as an ultimate stimulus.

#3 – You respond as they expect you to respond

We have an innate desire to belong to the group and to receive validation from the group. It’s been written in our core program from the times of first gatherings in groups.

Our mirror neurons are constantly firing since we are living in a state of constant duality between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Thus, your every response will be perfectly adjusted to your closest social and physical environment.

It’s nothing but a survival instinct. Whatever you do, you’re seeking the approval or your actions, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Therefore, pick your group carefully. In other words, make sure that the people who surround you are pushing you forward and not blocking your progress by constant blaming or justifications or some selfish motives.

#4 – It’s your own mortality that’s been triggering compulsive and irrational behavior

We are seriously limited due to the fact that we are perfectly aware of our limited time on this planet. That’s why we want it all and we want it right now.

It’s not the greed, as some people are trying to persuade us. It’s the perception of the own mortality that keeps pressuring us.

There is nothing ultimately wrong with this if a person is making the right decisions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In that rush, we tend to skip stairs. For example, most of the people have an irrational habit of spending borrowed money while not compensating or even trying to make more of it by themselves! In other words, they just crawl through the life until the memory of them fades away.

Those aware and determined are making every effort to get their name in history books. Because, in the end, how do you want them to remember you?


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#5 – It’s you who is building the obstacles and imposing limits

Not your origins, not the system, not God, the company, the government or your parents. It’s you.

Your potential narrow-mindedness keeps blocking you since you are not allowing optimal stimuli to nest in your memory. It’s a chemical thing where your brain activates self-defense mechanisms to protect your central belief system – so you wouldn’t lose the connection with the group you are belonging to.

Believe that something is impossible and you’ll never make it happen. But set your mind on something and you will fly a rocket to space.

That’s what makes placebos so effective. It’s just a matter of persuading you that it’s a real thing.


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However, if you step away from dogma and detach from blaming and justification just for a while, you will physically alter your belief system.

You can witness that occurrence on reality shows where few individuals gather around the obviously wrong leader. When they are separated for only a few days from that central person, those followers, under the influence of the opposite information that acts as a certain revelation, change their point of view and discard that false leader.

Because, in the beginning of the process, there is no right or wrong. The point is to absorb all sorts of seemingly contradictory information to be able to filter the ones that hold a potential benefit for you.

Every other approach is limiting you because you are simply not aware of something that might trigger the desperately needed change. You are not aware because you are not allowing yourself the exposure.

It’s what open-mindedness truly is and why it’s critical to live your life like that.

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