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What it Means to be Self-Aware

Written by Igor K

Everybody is preaching about how important it is to become more self-aware to live your life with more ease and to be happy. But what does that really  mean? What the fuck is self-awareness all about? What is the catch?

Same as the will, self-awareness is an abstract term that describes the resonance in communication frequency between neurons in your brain. It’s basically a chemical thing for which we made up a practical term.

In short, being self-aware is knowing yourself and your environment. But in fact it’s a combination of these two and to truly know yourself you have to learn and understand your environment. Because it is your closest social environment that has a decisive impact on who you truly are.


How it all begins

Self-awareWhen you are born you are given a certain “potential”, or the empty bottle which has to be filled with the “intelligence.” You see, high IQ is not  defined by your genetic inheritance. You can only inherit potential and that same potential can be expanded indefinitely.

What that means is this: a child born in, for example, extremely religious environment will believe in a dogma. The Child will be indoctrinated from day one. After a while the child’s brain will recognize that the best chances for his/her survival is to accept the dogma (indoctrination) so the brain starts to collect blocks of information and place it in child’s left cerebral hemisphere.

That’s why they say that God is in your left hemisphere.

What about the right hemisphere? Its only purpose is to challenge the left. But when you are raised in a dogmatic environment, your beliefs are firm and right side of your brain cannot challenge the left. You are becoming a strong believer and if you are challenged by someone who holds the opposite beliefs from yours, you will defend it to extremes.

The best example is a blind belief into specific political program and/or direction.

We just love to be the part of the group and we will pick the one closely related to our own beliefs. If you are a patriot, chances are that you’ll pick the most conservative option. The stronger your beliefs are, the more extreme your pick would be. And if you are truly a lost case and someone who cannot find his place anywhere, you will then pick the ultra-nationalism.


When does it start to change

With age comes the wisdom they say. It does make sense, but only if the person who is indoctrinated from the earliest age has the ability to receive information from the “outside world.” Person has to be exposed to the information that deviates from the belief system.

This is why most extreme religious movements are doing their best to isolate their members. They are preventing them to become more self-aware because they might start raising the questions. And let’s face it: more extreme the system is, more likely it is that only one person with his own selfish motives is running the show.

So to become self-aware you have to make yourself open for every kind of information, theory and idea. You need to absorb many different points of view and basically wreak havoc inside your brain. You have to force dissonance in frequency to shake your belief system.

How does it change

As it has been said, person with strong and one-sided belief system has a perfect resonance in frequency. Neurons are firing out the small electrical discharge when they are communicating with each other. For each task there is a specific frequency and when person has no choice (no alternative), system operates impeccably.

So we can say that choice is the first step to reach higher level of self-awareness.

Translated in our modern monetary society that means this: if you were raised in a classic, working class family, you’ve been taught that you have to work hard for your money and that the money is the prize at the end. That’s the most common matrix of perceiving our society. You were taught that greed is bad and even before you reached your puberty you were already resenting people who have money.

You were indoctrinated to think that way. It is your belief system.

But when you hit the rock bottom of the life and end up hungry, you start to question your entire belief system. Right side of brain finally kicks in. Because it became clear to the brain that something isn’t right. Your survival is endangered and that’s the only thing your brain cares about – to keep your alive and happy.

You open yourself to alternative and alternative is: greed is good and being filthy rich is awesome. You don’t resent wealthy people anymore. Instead, you start to learn from them. You are opening up for the possibilities and options.

So, you became more self-aware and figured out that your old belief system, well…sucked big time.

In fact, you can take the most extreme believer and with given time and effort fully transform the way he thinks. It’s called brain washing and it is quite easy to be done.

About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.