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The Fastest Way To Make Good Money These Days

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Written by Igor K

How to make money in today’s world, in short period of time, legally, and what’s most important, in large quantities? These are the questions we are going to answer, providing you with the single, most optimal and fastest way to make money today.

And no, it’s not online.


What are the 3 things essential to make money?

To have a fire, you need: A) source of the heat, B) oxygen, and C) fuel. Once you have all three, fire will emerge, spreading rapidly across the place if there’s additional fuel and oxygen in vicinity since you already have a heat source.

Same, for the best method to make money, you need 3 things: A) buyer (oxygen), B) product (fuel), and C) seller (source of heat). Have all three and money will start pouring in.


Your question is only natural: “How can I make money knowing that?”

Imake moneyt’s basically very simple. We are talking about sales. Now before you hit the BACK button, hear me out.

We are all natural sellers, contrary to your belief. You’ve been doing sales for your entire life, only not being aware of that.

Let me ask you something. When was the last time you managed to persuade someone into your opinion or point of view?

Probably today, during the casual conversation with your pals at work, on your break. You convinced one or few of them that “your way” is better than some other. That “your opinion on the matter” is what counts. Screw the rest.

In other words, what you basically did, was selling!

It doesn’t really matter what you were selling. Your intention was clear: to sell something even if it was a pure lie!

So, if you can sell some bullshit to your pals at work that does or does not make any real sense, nothing is stopping you from making money out of your natural skill.

You see, we spend our lives in a perpetual cycle of buying and selling. Every each of us men is perfectly capable of selling stuff because it’s basically something we’ve been doing from the moment we opened our eyes. Men are simply natural sellers.

How often did you try to persuade someone, and most likely succeed if you’re passionate about it, in some judgement of yours regarding your favorite football or basketball team? That’s selling my friend, even though we are not talking about physical product. And apparently, you’re good at it.


How do you utilize that innate ability to sell your opinion to make extra money or to make money fast?

make moneyFirst of all, you need to understand how things work in our current reality.

Unlike what you might think or believe, being in a business of direct sales in traditional environment, scouting for good products to push door-to-door, is the single, most efficient method to make more money than your peer working at traditional 9–5 – without exceptions.

There are two reasons for that:

  1. You work for a profit and making money based on results and not pre-agreed fixed hourly rate. That removes the limit.
  2. Markups on such products are extremely high today because production costs are reduced to minimum on account of cheap materials and automated production. That leaves you with the great profit per sold unit (anywhere from 25% to even 75% in some cases). If you don’t believe me, just browse through high-gravity products on Clickbank and you’ll see it for yourself. Or check the Alibaba for that matter.


But, there’s even better way to utilize your innate talent for sales.

Today, if you want to make quickest buck possible, all you have to do is this:

  1. Target specific group of people that could be interested in a specific product (share the same problem and will accept your solution)
  2. Find or order that product based on your own design using Alibaba interface directly from manufacturer (i.e. cool schoolbags for kids, tool, electronics, and similar)
  3. Make a deal with the local gas stations or few stores to push your marketing material (in most cases, simple colorful flyer with neuromarketing hook) and voila! People will start buying your product because you’re offering unbelievable discount!


In the process, you’re making a killer profit because, what you originally acquired from China for example, for $1 – $5 per unit, now goes for $25+ in retail.

And all that time, you don’t give a fuck about some CEO hanging over your head, pushing you through the fire for measly $3K per month.

Or, there’s a variant of this for those not willing to go extra mile but prefer shortcuts

Some people decide to do freelancing for several companies who are looking for local sales professionals.

When you’re freelancing as a sales professional, the entire analyses have already been made for you. All you have to do is start knocking on people’s doors. Company you’re freelancing for already made a list for you!

That’s how you make money in retail these days if that’s your thing. I know that because I’ve done that 🙂

This particular model will bring you anywhere between 25-75% profit, as we said earlier.

But there’s a problem with this model

The initial retail price of these products is extremely high, which means that you have to be a top shot seller to nail 10 sales per week.

For example, let’s say that I have a vacuum cleaner, with the price tag of $1,600 per unit. Make the sale, and I’ll give you 50%!

How do you sell that vacuum cleaner, knowing that there are plenty, far cheaper, equivalents?

Well, for a starter, you won’t be selling “vacuum cleaners.” You’ll be selling “complete health solutions.” There’s a profound difference between these two, even though you’re basically selling the same product.

Because “vacuum cleaner” removes the dust and small particles, while “complete health solution” eliminates dangerous allergens!

These allergens are caused by the dust mites, which feed mostly on dead skin and hair shed from humans. Those microscopic menaces have evolved from their parasitic ancestors, nest mites, which live primarily in the nests of birds and animals. These mites are largely parasitic and consume blood, skin and keratin. It’s a nasty genetic connection, isn’t it?

What’s most dangerous about dust mites is that the allergens found in their feces are one of the top 3 causes for asthma and other pulmonary diseases. To make things even worse, dust mites prefer bedroom pillows and mattresses as their feeding ground because they like warmth and humidity, along with almost inexhaustible source of food.

Guess when they are most active?

Now, this was an example of quick presentation of our “complete health solution” and if your wife would hear this, saw the enhanced images of these creatures, carefully placed over the everyday bedroom pillow, and then saw the “results” of the presentation, you’ll be writing check for exactly $1,600!

That’s why this model is optimal for those with distinct talent for sales.

To reach that level, you need practice.  

Let’s get back to our most optimal model for making money for newbies in today’s world 

For homework, spend few hours browsing through portal. Don’t pick anything specific. Just let your instincts and automated reactions guide you. Let yourself go and expose your brain to the stimuli.

Do this every day for at least an hour, browsing through all available categories.

In the same time, allocate some time to go through FAQ, so you’d know how it works (i.e. how to order, what is MQ, what are the median prices, timeframes for shipment and delivery, shipment costs, and similar).

Spend just two weeks on – the World’s largest shopping mall, made for sellers, and you’ll slowly start adopting the reality of the things which states: the only way to make money is to sell something to someone!

Only one money-making model defies this principle and that’s margin trading, where you’re “buying” and “selling” under different principles, but that’s entirely different topic.


As we said, you need 2 things in a following order:

  1. Targeted population
  2. Product


For instance, baby boomers, generation born between 1946 and 1964, are retiring now. Most of the folks who are retiring in Western world, are pulling out their money from different funds, which in some cases mean millions of dollars in direct profit.

What’s the first thing on their mind? We are talking about classic, husband and wife group.


They want to spend at least 2 weeks cruising.

Thus, make a deal with the cruising company or some tourist agency and start calling people in age span 60 to 65. Even better, invest some money into cool looking flyers and spread them all over your town. Hire few folks to stand in front of the shopping malls and hand those to your targeted population. 


Ask your kid what are the things (accessories) their generation is hooked on these days. Let the kid explain it in more details. Then just browse for the products on Alibaba, order initial quantity and start selling.

But where is the best money?

Generally speaking, men are sellers and women are buyers.make money

She’ll spend everything and even borrow if got hooked on something. And, women are ones responsible for shopping, more frequently than man, in almost every household of Western world. She’s the decision maker! Keep that in mind when choosing the products!

In addition, woman will more likely buy something from the man than from the woman, if it’s not makeup, but that’s just because men don’t usually sell makeup.

However, they do sell other cosmetic products like hair products for example. Talk to you hairdresser and you’ll see that it’s the guy who is supplying her/his business.

It’s because women are generally more attracted to men than to women. Go deeper into the neuro-analysis and you’ll realize that the main reason why woman will buy from man rather than from another woman is because, deep down, she perceives another woman as competition and impostor. It’s the reality of the things, derived from our primitive instincts.

So, if you want to make a killer on “health solutions”, don’t hire a woman. Hire the man because he’ll do far better job.


What do women like to spend money on?

Freakin’ everything! But there’s one thing, common for all “nester” type of people. And women are natural “nesters.”

Have you noticed what will inevitably attract your wife’s attention when you’re in shopping?

Traveling bags! If it’s a set, even better.

Another thing that will occupy her attention are different boxes and vacuum bags for “practical” storage of the things she’ll most likely never use again. And let’s face it: there’s a shit load of those, right?

This is common for every woman on the planet, without exceptions!

The thing with bags and cardboard boxes is that both tend to “disintegrate” or become “ugly” and “untrendy” after a while. She needs new sets! And she needs it right away.

Now, go back to and do a quick check of available items. The sheer range of offer of seemingly same items will blow your mind.

It’s the moment when your wife is entering the game. You need her opinion about the design and colors, but if you paid any attention, you know that already.

This is what you’ll do from there:

  1. Order a single set of bags and single set of “practical” cardboard boxes for storage in 2-3 basic colors and run to the nearest gas station, which has several pumps across the town. You need those for display. Order more to cover more positions and have first batch ready for sales.
  2. Cut a deal with the owner, agreeing on his share of the profit. He’ll agree because the way for your wife to get that cool “discount” you’re offering is for you to pump the gas at that gas station in exchange for coupons. 10 coupons = 10%; 15 coupons = 20%, and 20 coupons bring 50% discount. How cool is that. This is the oldest trick in the book that still works like a charm. Just remember how many times you’ve been forced to pump your gas miles away, on some God forsaken station, just for your wife to earn that discount!
  3. Next, visit the local graphic designer and copywriter (usually come in pair) and order few hundreds of cool flyers and coupons.
  4. Don’t go to jail. Collect your money!


This is just an example of how easy it is to make money fast only if you want it. Of course, it’s up to you to choose the model that best suits you. Remember: start with locating an interesting group of people who share some similar interest. They are most likely to buy the solution you’ll provide for them.

Make sure that “market” is large enough to sustain hundreds of sales or dozens if you’re selling something with high-end price tag. I know a guy who’s selling airplanes as a freelance sales representative. Guy flies all over the world, selling those small, privately held, aircrafts, making a killer on every single sale he made.

Nothing is stopping you to find your niche and start making money in the only proven and optimal way to make money fast – through sales!

Good luck and all the best to you!


About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.