The Recipe for The Perfect Business Idea

Recipe for Perfect business idea
Written by Igor K

Yes there is a recipe and if you deviate from it and start adding some different stuff while losing the essentials, you will fail – guaranteed. So pay attention and I promise you this: even if you already have an idea in your mind and started breathing life into it; you will change the good part of it or at least the way you are thinking about it.


You need:

1/3 of SOLUTION(S)

1/3 of VISION

1/3 of PASSION


While first is relatively self-sustainable, second and third are mutually deeply connected and heavily relies one on the other. In addition, when second and third resonates perfectly, solution becomes global phenomenon.

But what these ingredients truly mean?



Like a freakinparrot but here it is again: you will be paid in a direct proportion to the value you are bringing to the market. Thus, bigger the solution and more market you can cover with it, more money you’ll make.

Now what is solution per se?

When IBM made PC, they ran into a problem: what the fuck should we do with it? It’s too complicated for the ordinary households and they are the real market and source of indefinite revenue.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen jumped in and wrote the first operational program for this novelty. But that wasn’t all these two did. Few people know that Bill Gates is responsible for early adoption of the mouse.

Somewhere around that time, Dell’s engineers developed a weird looking gadget with two buttons on the top of the front panel. It looked like a freaking mouse. They called for the meeting of the Board of Directors to present the idea. Problem was: not even engineers who built it were exactly sure about the potential usage. They had a hunch and some blurry vision, but that was all to it.

They ended up mocked in front of the Board and by the Board with remarks such as: “We are a serious company. What will people think about us if we present something like that to them? Ridiculous.”

What they didn’t know was the course of events happening not so far away in a headquarters of IBM. Gates and Allen breathed life into one of the famous novelties of all times: personal computer running on MS-DOS.

And Gates heard about that funny looking gadget also. He knew exactly how that piece of hardware could be used. So he “bought” it out from the Dell’s engineering department (they were lucky to give it to him.)

You see, what Gates had was a clear….



about computer being on every desktop and in every household in the World. He saw it before anyone else. He was able to foreseen the future. Was he really?

No he wasn’t. He only had a clear vision about that combination of plastic, glass, microchips and wires. If he somehow develops a program that will act as a bridge between hardware and programs, and it’s easy to be used in the same time, this could go global.

It was his vision about computer in every home that led him to where he and we are today. He provided humanity with a big ass solution. But that solution wasn’t so big in early days. It took time before it became “catchy.”

And it would never happen without….



Gates and Allen were so passionate about their vision that from the 1981 and very first sold unit with MS-DOS operating system to 1985 and Windows 1.0 they didn’t even sleep.

They invested themselves into their vision and what started as a solution to few thousands, transformed into a global phenomenon.

At the beginning of their journey they couldn’t possibly know that their vision will become reality. But they had faith and they had passion to push even when all the others were slowly but surely giving up.

Their initiate SOLUTION wasn’t so big and the market didn’t even exist. What they did was creating that market and in the same time increasing the potentials of their solution.

The point of this is simple: solution will stay minor solution without vision and passion. Tesla could simply keep his invention of AC for himself and only God knows when would somebody invent that thing. Instead, he had a vision to electrify the World. He shared his vision and passion with others and in no time one of the biggest projects of those times saw the light of the day: hydroelectric power plant on Niagara waterfalls.

Was AC in the moment when Tesla had invented it some kind of “solution”? No…where he lived, electricity was the unknown term.

Do not underestimate the power of vision and passion because these two can turn a single unstable electron into one of the most important advances of human kind.



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