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Top 6 Sex Positions to Have Her Screaming in Bed

top 6 sex positions
Written by Charlie Greene

With nearly 65% of all women unable to have an orgasm from penetration alone, it’s no wonder why women are so hesitant in the bedroom. While you might think you’re blowing her socks off – chances are, she’s not as excited as you might think. If you’re looking to blow her socks off every single time, consider these 6 sex positions the next time you roll around in the sack.

Reverse Cowgirl – one of the most exciting sex positions for a woman who wants to be active or dominant

sex positions reverse cowgirl

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In this position, lie on your back and pull your girl on top of you, so she’s straddling your member. Instead of facing your face, have her face your toes instead.

This sex position is ideal due to easier access to clitoral and anal stimulation.


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Have her grind around in circles until she finds the sweet spot and gently rub her while she rides you.

Doggie Style – one of the preferred sex positions for a good reason

sex positions doggy style

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Doggie style is perfect for getting her off as she has more control of where you’re hitting.

Start by having her on all fours –using her hips for control. As you get into things, allow her to lower her torso or spread her legs further apart, adjusting her body to find the G-spot. What’s more, while you’re having fun, reach around and stimulate her clit with your hand or a toy (like a small bullet).

Spooning – among the gentler but most effective sex positions

sex positions spooning

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For those women who enjoy a more shallow penetration, spooning offers a gentler approach to getting her off.

Spoon up behind her, with her legs bent slightly – you’ll be hitting the front of her vaginal wall, which is where the majority of her nerve endings are. It also helps to create a tighter fit within the vagina, meaning less feels like much more.

Put a Pillow Under Her – Missionary – the quickie classics sex positions

sex positions missionary with the pillow under her back

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One of the main drawbacks to the missionary is it’s often hard to hit the G-spot repeatedly (for an orgasm).

The next time you’re having some fun, put a pillow under her ass so it’s creating a different angle of entry. By elevating her hips, you’ll have a smoother access to her G-spot.

If she’s too wet (which seriously decreases stimulation), pick her legs and cross them.

For her maximum pleasure, take her around the ankles and lift her legs and ass slightly up. It’s the double-effect!

However, some positions can be uncomfortable for a woman. Hence, always ask what’s working for her.

Get Her Feet Up during missionary sex position

sex positions missionary her legs on his shoulders

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If you’re on top of her, it’s hard to fully get inside her vagina. To maximize your thrusting power (and her potential to get off), reposition her feet to your shoulders.

By repositioning her legs, you’ll have a deeper penetration, which can help with hitting her G-spot.

If that sex position is uncomfortable, have her lift her legs to your chest or bend her knees upwards slightly.

Reverse Missionary (Flat Doggy Style), sex positions with the twist

sex positions flat doggy style or reverse missionary

Damn, this guy is on fire…

Have her lie down on the bed, with her stomach flat against the mattress. Although you’ll need to lift her hips upward slightly to thrust inside her, the idea is remaining as horizontal as possible, pushing into her with your legs, instead of your hips.

The friction of the thrusting can push immense pressure on her G-spot – sending her over the edge effortlessly.

For added fun, have her use a small vibrator underneath her body (over her clitoris) where it remains resting between the mattress and her nether region.

Now when you know how to lead your woman to the screaming orgasm by combining the six most effective sex positions, you should also further forge your tongue techniques. We recommend the following tutorial, written by a sensual, sexy woman who knows what women want! Yeah. It’s the same woman who wrote this guide.


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