How to Balance Your Daily Chaos

Handle your daily chaos.
Written by Sean Collins

If you are losing control or having difficulties going through the day that means that you aren’t balancing chaos. One day in your life presents one of the most complicated systems in Universe. It has to do with the way you interact with your environment that cannot be mathematically calculated in any way. It is unpredictable.

You see, we humans have certain difficulties with things we are not able to measure and calculate and chaos is definitely one of those things. True, we do have a discipline called a Chaos Theory, but the fact is they are not able to calculate shit but merely observe and try to predict outcomes based on some known variables.

The best example for this is the planet’s weather system. A 24-hour forecast can be made with 75 percent certainty while tornado outbreak can be predicted with less than 50 percent only five minutes before it strikes and start wreaking havoc all over the place. We simply cannot measure chaos.

But we can introduce at least some balance into it to reduce it and this is particularly true for your personal life.

You know many variables of the day ahead of you and thus; you have the power to control it. Only thing you need to do is to focus on it early in the morning; something that hardly anyone does and as a result we have confusion. A mess. That renders us less effective than we should be.

So how can you effectively balance your personal chaos?

It’s easier than you think. You just need to put your mind into it. Because what you focus on expands. It’s that simple.

Early in the morning, after you have your breakfast and everything else but before you leave the vicinity of your home, sit down in some quite place, close your eyes and imagine your day. Remember: you already know most of it. You know fixed events. But what you don’t know can get you off track and cause confusion.

If you need to – and you should, because there is a good reason for saying that a smart person writes while a fool tries to remember – write it down on a piece of paper and set the time frame. That will provide you with the backbone of your daily plan.

Now close your eyes and start creating the mental road map of your day. Walk slowly and think about every junction or side road that could cause you to lose control. For instance, if you have to be at your physician at 18.30 and still make it to the mall at 19.30, what will you do if you hit a road block or get a flat tire?

Both situations will cause you to be late and chaos could strike. This is of course simplified but it is important for you to understand that there is always an X Factor in the daily equation and you cannot predict exactly when it may occur. But you can and you will consider the possibility and that will give you an edge.

Why and how?

If you walk unprepared into the battle you will most certainly lose no matter how well you are equipped. But if you carefully plan your battle, you can potentially defeat an enemy that is far superior because you will predict his every possible move.

It’s the same with your life. When you think of it, there are only so many events and “moves” that can cause distraction. Once you prepare mentally for at least most of them, it will be easy for you to turn things around in millisecond and bypass the obstacle or execute a countermeasure that you have already prepared.

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For example, people will claim that you cannot predict a car crash. This simply isn’t true. Car accidents are result of drivers who didn’t pay attention or react the way they should. In 95 percent of all car accidents with death casualties, the driver who didn’t cause the accident could avoid contact if he reacts properly and doesn’t panic. And he could do that only by mentally preparing himself for everything that might happen during the drive.

Understand that mental imagery is an advanced way to seriously reduce chaos and it will eventually lead you to plan even a week and year ahead with ease. That will make you far more effective and improve your performance.

There is a great reason why Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt use this technique. Learn from them.

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