8 Ways to Tell If She’s Waiting For Something Better

Is your woman waiting for something better.
Written by Charlie Greene

Maybe you’ve started dating someone new or maybe you’ve been together for years; when you’re in a relationship, there’s always going to be ups and downs. If you’re not sure where the relationship is going, there’s definitely a few red flags. In fact, women tend to give off more signals when they’re becoming bored than men – if you know what to look for. Here are six signs that your woman might be looking at other options:

She becomes highly private

If it seems like you’re constantly trying to pull information out of her, instead of openly talking about your day – there’s a good reason to be concerned. That’s because women tend to emotionally remove themselves from a relationship, before they cut it off (to remove any wish-wash unsure feelings). Talk openly about your day with your partner; if you find that she doesn’t want to contribute a lot of the conversation – keep an eye on the relationship.

She’s highly interested in sex or doesn’t want it at all

Everyone is different when it comes to sexual relationships – some women are insatiable and others could go months without having any contact. However, if you’ve been in a committed relationship for a few months and are starting to notice a shift in her desires, there’s a good chance there’s a reason behind it. That’s not to say that she’s having an affair, there are plenty of reasons she could be lacking the attraction (she could be stressed, having physical issues, bored or feeling insecure) – but if it continues over an extended period of time, try sitting down with her and finding out why.

She goes out without you – a lot.

All independent women have the occasional evening or weekend away; whether it’s a girl’s night or whether she just needs space to recollect her thoughts. The problem starts occurring when she seems more inclined to attend events or celebrations without you. If you’ve noticed she seems more reclusive with her invitations or she seems to prefer attending gatherings alone – she might be leaning towards a single lifestyle.

You argue about almost anything

Think about the last time you had a huge blowout. What was it about? Chances are, if you’re fighting over who left the mug in the sink—there’s an underlying issue. Most couples will bicker with each other throughout the week, as no one can get along with someone 100% of the time; but if the frequency is increasing or the intensity is building over something minor – it’s reason for concern. Many times a woman will deal with her insecurities about a relationship by trying to start a fight, whether it’s over something minor or whether it’s jealousy related. While she may be entitled to feel that way, two adults should be able to discuss and work through problems that arise.

She’s working a lot more than usual

Picking up the odd overtime hours aren’t going to hurt anyone – especially if she has a high-demand job. If she’s coming home late and she’s normally done at a standard time, there’s a good chance that something else could be going on. Women tend to stay away from the home more often than usual when they’re unhappy – which may have prompted the extra hours on the job. If money isn’t an issue and you’re both financially stable – be weary of any longer overtime shifts on an on-going basis.

She acts out of character

Everyone in life has mood swings – whether it’s a bad day at the office or you’re just feeling happy about receiving a raise. If your woman is typically happy and you’re starting to notice a negative self-image, deteriorating mood or ongoing fatigue—her body might be giving you clues there’s an issue between the two of you. While the occasional bout of upset, sadness, anger or jealousy is normal, if it becomes a regular thing, consider it a red flag.


She withdraws from your affection

Humans are physical creatures who enjoy contact with one another. Simple gestures like holding hands, cuddling and kisses throughout the day are common and fairly normal for most individuals. If your partner seems a little off about physical contact (especially outside of the home) than it’s likely because something else is going on. Consider how often you two used to hold hands or cuddle and evaluate how it’s deteriorated. It may very well be that you’ve been together so long that the novelty has worn off – or something more serious (like an ongoing trust issue).

She makes irrational conclusions

If your business meeting ran late and her first accusation is that you’re having an affair, she’s likely got a few anxiety issues to deal with. This is especially true if you’ve never given her a reason to think you’re being unfaithful (like a prior affair). Some women are naturally more jealous than others – especially if she’s struggling with self-esteem issues, but it doesn’t give her the right to become irrational and not want to listen to your reasons for being off schedule. Try to sit down and talk to her about any concerns she might have, before they blow up into something that can’t be fixed. If you’ve given her a reason to worry, however; you need to take your salt and deal with any on-going problems that have occurred.

While these reasons might be a simply conversation with your partner to resolve, it’s important to remember that acting out of character is never a good sign. Make sure you stay open with communications (without yelling or throwing things) and discuss any worries you have instead of letting the build up to a huge argument. While you might notice small changes, she may be completely unaware of it happening – which can shift back with gentle reminders. Remember, while she may consider leaving you – if she’s still with you, it’s because she cares. 

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