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3 Neat Tricks to Regain Lost Confidence in a Snap (TEDxTalk Video Inside)

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Written by Mark Novicki

When your expressions are not validated by your closest social environment, you’re falling into the state of acute depression. That translates into the extremely low level of self-confidence. If you allow too much time to pass by before you regain lost confidence, the acute state may easily turn into a chronic.

Nobody is immune on this. It’s the way we are programmed.

Our actions and responses must get approved by the members of our group as the only way for us to feel good about ourselves. But sometimes, even the best intentions or attempts get rejected.

The trouble is, we have no time to feel sorry for ourselves. It’s counterproductive. That means that we need some system to quickly reset, snap out of it and regain lost confidence.

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Maximize your testosterone levels while reducing your cortisol secretion in 30 seconds

You’re heading on a job interview or your boss called for you and you know how he’s sharpening his teeth while waiting for your arrival. What do you do?

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Amy Cuddy

A famous TED talker, social psychologist Amy Cuddy, reveals how quick power posing practice increases the level of self-confidence. Simply put, those who power pose for a fragment of time before attending the job interview or some other potentially uncomfortable situation will perform greater than those who do not practice this.

It’s now known that the power posing is increasing the testosterone levels while decreasing cortisol output, making a man more than capable to regain lost confidence on short notice.

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When feeling down, to quickly regain lost confidence think the dream

While still in your power pose, think about yourself in 10 years from that point in time but in the most positive and affirmative way. Dream big. Think millions. Think wealth and abundance. Cheer yourself up in less than a minute.

Or dream the aged version of you to give yourself an additional boost.

We have a limited time on this planet and it’s really helping to imagine yourself aged and wrinkled. UCLA professor Hal Hershfield showed test subjects age-advanced photos of themselves and gave them an opportunity to invest. They were twice as likely to put money into the account than when not shown the photos.

As Cuddy concludes, we are always trying to decrease the gap between us now and us in the future.

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Practice gratitude for things that happened and things that didn’t


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Jenn Scalia

Visibility strategist and coach,  Jenn Scalia, said it best, “Once the daily gratitude became a consistent habit, I started incorporating gratitude for the future. In other words, gratitude for the things I wanted (but didn’t have yet). For example, I would give thanks for booking two new clients who paid me in full – even if it didn’t happen yet. This is really effective because the mind doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not true. So when you affirm what you want in the present tense, you actually start to believe it.”

It’s basically the effect of anticipation.

You’re prepping your brain for the event that is about to happen. More you detach from “I wish” and embrace a “Thank you” for the events that didn’t take place yet, sooner you’ll regain lost confidence if it comes under a direct threat.

It’s because you’re focusing on it.

Merely wishing and daydreaming about some hypothetical future is not enough. But if you picture the event like it already happened, your own brain will guide you to fill in the memory void. Just don’t push this concept too far because you might lose the sense of reality.

That’s why it’s critical to picture the exact physical thing or the event when you’re setting your goals.

For example, if you want the beach house, drive along the coastline and make one single pick. It can be a house or even a piece of land. Every time you’re daydreaming about watching the sunset from your deck, imagine that exact physical place!

By doing this, you’re radically increasing your odds. In addition, just by imagining that place, you can regain lost confidence in a snap. It becomes your safe zone!


OK, folks. Now you know how to regain lost confidence in just a few minutes. Expand on this and start practicing the “walking tall” behavior. It’s important to at least appear like you know where you’re going.


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