To Make More Money You Need These 4 Things

Written by Sean Collins

Whether you’re just bidding for some high-paying job post or trying to set up your own company, there are 4 things you need to clearly demonstrate in order to make more money.

This comes from analyzing thousands of high-end CEO’s who are expecting these traits from their candidates but are also underlining them as the vital 4 prerequisites of every success.

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Be driven, trustworthy and respected and you’ll make more money

You’ll be surprised to hear that some CEO’s are doing the background check of the candidates by calling their family members, neighbors, and peers.

These usual background checks occur before the interview. What they want to find out is whether these 3 features really do apply to the candidate or did he/she simply tweaked the CV.

Thus, the third-party recommendation can be vital in your effort to make more money.

If your lifestyle or character does, in fact, encircle all 3, you have the perfect mixture and there is no reason, except the innate laziness, why you shouldn’t attempt to achieve more.

Either in your current professional environment or by going solo and engage the market with your own solutions.

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Do give a shit about the greater good and not only about yourself

Why are you looking for the raise or the new job? Why do you want to start your own company?

To make more money?

Sure, we all need money. But is it the predominant factor?

Not even close.

To enjoy respect in your professional and private environment, you need to live with the vision about the greater good. For instance, if you are attending the interview for the job, it must be perfectly clear for the interviewer that you’re not there just for the money. You have to honestly care about the company’s vision and its clients above everything else.

Same can be applied to entrepreneurship.

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If you’re in just for the money, it won’t last long. People can smell that, same as you. Don’t forget that!

Your immediate focus is on client’s satisfaction, for instance. But not just as a thought or a daydream. Actions are what count and not just prayers. Yes, it’s great to say something like, ‘You’re in my prayers’, but where that leaves you? What good do you get from my prayers?

“My phone is malfunctioning,” says the angry client. “I’ll pray for it to revive again,” you respond. You sold that phone and now you simply don’t give a shit. That sends a clear signal to people that’s it’s OK to start trashing you all over the freakin’ place.

On the other hand, the “Send it right over and we’ll take care of it immediately. In the meantime, we’ll secure another device for you so you wouldn’t be without the communication device,” gets you the new clients!

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Ability to stay persistent no matter what will enable you to make more money

This is arguably the most important trait in any form of success.

For example, when your engineers fail to fix the broken device, you won’t get immediately on the phone with the unlucky client, apologizing for your inability to fix the problem.

You’ll either find someone more capable of solving the problem or you’ll risk some of your revenues and provide the client with the new device if everything else fails.

In other words, you don’t just cave in on the first sign of trouble or failure.

Nobody respects that and people will avoid doing any kind of business with you. It’s because we admire those who stick to their missions even if it means some hard pain along the way. That’s what makes a hero.

unfuck life step 4


Yeah, we covered the ‘trustworthy’ sub-trait but are you someone who strikes trust into people? Can you convince me that you’re someone I should rely on even when the shit hits the fan? Will you expose yourself for the benefit of the group or will you cave in like a chicken?

If we don’t trust you, you can’t do shit.

Because hardly anything can be achieved solo.

For the most part, you need help. And nobody will help you if we don’t trust you! Remember that.

The handshake has a profound meaning because we are, in fact, exchanging the trust chemical (neurotransmitter), oxytocin.

That’s why every type of success relies heavily on the ability to establish the basic trust with the other party! Be the man with the integrity. It’s never too late to change!


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