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5 Overlooked Causes of Low Libido Connected to Low Testosterone Levels

Written by Steven Hawk

And these are, in fact, overlooked situations where you’re unwittingly reducing the level of testosterone — the main sex drive — and ending up apologizing because “that has never happened before.” In other words, you are unwittingly causing low libido.

In essence, what makes men stronger than women?


Testosterone is a single, most important reason why men are physically stronger than women. With 20 times higher output in a synthesis of this hormone, men are built to endure a heavy duty.

By increasing the amount of testosterone in your body you will perform and execute on a much higher level of efficiency. This comes especially important when you are assessed on account of your performance in bed.

Make no mistakes: fuck around with the levels of testosterone and you’ll be apologizing frequently.

Not to mention the fact that your wife will start reconsidering her original decision to live with you. Why would she suffer when there is plenty of fish in the sea?

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Here are just a few mostly overlooked occurrences that reduce the levels of testosterone in your body thus, causing low libido. We are talking about the ad-hoc or acute events and situations after which you are practically depleted and as such, incapable of having good sex.

unfuck life step 1Extensive weightlifting depletes testosterone

During the bodybuilding session, your body is using the extreme amounts of this hormone for several metabolic processes.

One of those processes is the predominant role of the testosterone in a build-up and strengthening of the muscle fibers. At the same time, testosterone is used to enhance the overall density and strength of your skeleton.


Recovery time is critical. Hence, you need to restore the testosterone levels before you get all naked with her.

unfuck your life step 2Low-fat diet disables the synthesis of testosterone

Stop eating that damn bacon,” says the lovely wife and then wonders how come her man is constantly failing to perform well in bed.

Testosterone is derived from the cholesterol which implies the import of fats through diet.

No fats, no cholesterol, ergo no testosterone. Not that you should stuff yourself up with the greasy food but going vegan without compensating will most likely render you completely dysfunctional in bed.


Be smart about what you eat. Mix it and reduce the quantities. But don’t eliminate fats permanently. You wanna have sex, don’t you?

quality sex life depends on high levels of testosterone

Quality of your sex life depends on high levels of testosterone

unfuck life step 3Living a “dull” life definitely doesn’t reflect well on testosterone levels

  1. No challenge means low secretion of dopamine.
  2. No dopamine means the acute state of depression.
  3. The acute state of depression means that you’re acting more like a woman than a man.
  4. And that means that your body simply doesn’t have any good reason to produce some extra quantities of testosterone other than what’s vital for your basic survival.


Face a challenge or two from time to time.

You’ll see…it does wonders to your sex life when you find, answer and win the challenge. The intensity or size of the challenge is completely irrelevant as long as it “disturbs” your dull routine a bit.

unfuck life step 4Extensive period of physical passivity

By increasing your body activities, you will make a positive influence on your overall endurance, strength, and libido. Chemical reactions inside your body which use testosterone in their metabolic processes are responsible for the increase of everything mentioned above. And let’s face it: all three are equally important when it comes to great sex experience.


Move your ass frequently.

But, bury yourself in that chair and all you’ll get is a thick layer of fat. And that shit will affect the quality of your sex life.

unfuck my life step 5Cortisol overexposure

Cortisol, the level one stress hormone of the flight-or-fight response mechanism is a known cause of low libido in men.

Perhaps you think that you cannot change the fact that you’re constantly under the stress with much of that stress derived from the financial uncertainty.

Well, you can and, what’s most important, you must because cortisol is effectively fucking up your chemical balance, practically inhibiting all secondary mechanisms.

Sex drive is a secondary mechanism, after all.


Work out your plan, my man. Don’t just wander around.

Create a set of goals and develop a strategy to reach them. Every small win will pump in dopamine which will eliminate cortisol and you’ll be fresh for a great round of sex!

And here’s how it’s done:

turning dreams into reality boost dopamine and testosterone


It’s always peculiar how seemingly insignificant events and situations can make a serious negative impact on your life. It sometimes seems like a Domino effect.

But you can prevent it.

Just try to understand ‘Why’ something is happening and you’ll see the solution.

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