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One Controversial and “Forbidden” Habit Essential for Success

forbidden habit of success
Written by Mark Novicki

Get up at the same time every morning, organize your day, think fast and in advance, take care of your body and spirit, learn more, be innovative, develop the problem-solving mind, understand money and what it truly is, understand monetary society, invest…

These are only a few of gazillion habits and actions you hear when you start researching success related topics.

But hardly anyone discusses the importance of just the right social surroundings.

Even if you stumble upon a piece, one critical thing is missing.

And that same missing thing makes all the difference between slow and fast progress. It can even cause a tragic fail.

The Forbidden Habit

We talked about this on several occasions, but judging by the feedback and common practice, people are having a hard time understanding the importance of it. In addition, even if they do, they are reluctant to take the action.

The importance is even emphasized by legendary Jim Rohn, who draws the connection between the Law of averages and person’s success by saying, “You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.

We call them, JIBLERs.



Take a moment and recall past several days.

Eliminate trivia, sex topics, sports and weather, and hobbies. What’s left?

In most of the cases, the unbelievable amounts of pure envy, blaming and justifications.

Now think about the people you were discussing topics with that have led to a sudden surge of envy, blaming and justification.

Write down their names.

You’ll end with at least dozen of names.

Profile each on account of their past, education, and level of financial success. You know the better part of it no matter how hard they are trying to hide it.

To give you a hint:

  • All of those who use the phrase “Money is not the most important thing in the world,” are probably flat broke, living on a credit and facing serious debt situation.

The key point of this exercise is to profile their characters so you would understand your imminent social environment.

Why is this important?

Your life is, in fact, a complex ecosystem of you, people that surround you, physical objects and natural environment. It is the main engine that drives you. How well you’ll perform on a long run, largely depends on the quality of every part of that engine.

Your brain has adjusted your character and cognitive reactions to fit right in since that evolutionary hack ensures the best survival chances. In other words, your responses are conditioned by the nature and psychology of your closest social and physical environment.

For instance, your car will not perform well on the icy road if you happen to be surprised by the early frost before you change your tires. You will be able to drive it, but that ride will not be that efficient nor pleasant and for the most part, it will be dangerous.

So what do you do to improve the performance?

You adjust it to the circumstances.

You’re doing the same with yourself, completely automatically and unconsciously.

You’re adjusting your behavior to fit the situation and conditions around you because we all share one common trait: we want others to like us.

Thus, if you’re overexposed to envy, blaming and justifications, it is reasonable to believe that you’ll act the same way. And that, my friend, is the reason behind your poor financial situation.

How’s that?

People will defend their belief system to the bitter end. If needed, they will make things up with the help of their own brains.

So imagine the situation where few of your friends are bitching about the life, country, government, macro economy and everything else that is usually on the table in those moments. In the same time, you have a great idea in your mind. You are sure you can make money on it.

More you’re hearing about:

  • “Global economic issues”
  • “Conspiracy”
  • “Corruption”
  • “Illegal immigrants”
  • “Frank, who eats garbage now after he failed”
  • “Uncertain future and possible wars”
  • And gazillion other “analytical” theses of the know-it-all guys, more likely you are to fully abandon your idea.

You’re poisoned by the negativism coming from the people who are too fucking scared to make the move so they rather blame and justify.

What the fuck is making them experts in the field?

What are their credentials?

Are they millionaires or less successful entrepreneurs or are they working 9-5 same as you, waiting for something to drop from the sky?

It ain’t gonna happen, sport, so…

Take the red pen and cross every name on that list!

You cannot really expect to live healthy if you’re drinking poison day after day, after day.

Eliminate the poison and start learning from the people who truly make things happen. Learn from those who know how to build the fortune.

Do not envy them – admire them!

They are your role models and not some punks who are doing nothing to improve their status and to ensure the well-being of their families.

Move away from JIBLERs as far as you can and do it now! Your future depends on it.



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