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Brutally Deflowered by Two Guys, Enjoying Every Moment of it

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Written by Charlie Greene

“Who’s the new guy?” Tabitha asked, her face joining mine at the window. Tabitha was my best friend and confidant; after seeing a moving truck out front we decided to spy on the new tenant – particularly after seeing a strong, hot-ass man unloading the truck alone.

“I don’t know –“ I started, my eyes following the silhouette from the front door to the moving van again. He was definitely fit, his arms thick and heavy. I watched as he reappeared from the van with two boxes, making his way back around the house again. “—but he could pick me up anytime.”

Tabitha snorted slightly as her face shifted to the window again.

I wasn’t sure if he could see us, staring at him as he paced from the house back to the van over and over again – but at this point, I hoped he could. Instinctively, I pushed my dark brown hair out of my face and behind my ears.

“I heard he works down at the jail as a guard.” Tabitha whispered, almost afraid that saying it out loud might be problematic. I raised my eyebrows at the thought, trying to picture him forcing inmates into cells and holding them on the beds if they didn’t comply – suddenly the inmates I was imagining were replaced by images of me. I shivered as the heat between my legs grew at the thought.

“Well, he could restrain me anytime.” I retorted, watching him walk back again from the van. “I think I should go over there and say hello.”

Tabitha laughed lightly, her eyes meeting mine. “Yeah Abby, I’m sure that’s exactly what you’ll do.” She pushed me lightly against the couch – her face mocking me as she always did when she thought I was being stupid.

“What? I will.” I pleaded, my voice sounding more angrily than I wanted.

Tabitha nodded sarcastically, “Abby, you really think he wants some eighteen-year-old twat to come knocking on his door – after moving all day?”

I raised my eyebrow at the thought. “I think that’s exactly what he wants.”

* * *

I walked casually over to the front door – my heart racing with every step I took. I tried to think of how I was going to introduce myself; how I was going to explain that I wanted to welcome him to the neighborhood by fucking him.

I stopped a moment trying to collect my thoughts. I had decided to wear a thin sheer tank top and shorts that sat just above my ass cheeks. I knew that wearing no bra was probably a slutty decision, but I wanted him to see my cute perky tits –before he changed his mind.

The breeze felt cool against my tits, causing my nipples to harden and pucker as I walked. Being heavy chested, I could feel them bouncing a swaying as I walked – sitting high on my chest, despite their large size. Thoughts of the new guy rubbing them with his hard cock flashed before my mind – sending waves of heat throughout my body.

I approached the door and before I had second thoughts, decided to knock. I shifted uncomfortably as I waited for him to answer – hearing the shuffling sound coming from inside the house.

The door opened quickly and his face seemed confused by my appearance. “Uh, hi?” he began, his eyes giving me a once over before shifting back uncomfortably. “Who the hell are you?”

His eyes looked rather intently at my face, trying to avoid looking down any further – seeming embarrassed by my outfit. I pouted a moment and crossed my hands over my chest, hiding my tits from his sight.

“I’m Abby; I live next door.” I waved motioning to the house a few over from his. “I saw you moving in today, thought I would come over and welcome you to the neighborhood.” He snorted slightly, his eyes still staring at my face.

“And why the hell are you dressed like that – Abby” he snapped, his voice sounding agitated more than anything.

“I thought—uh—I thought you would like it?” I stammered, my voice now shaking under the interrogation. I squeezed my arms over my chest even harder trying to hide myself from his ungrateful glances.

“Abby is it?” he asked, his eyebrows arched high on his face. “Listen, you’re cute. I’m sorry I was kind of an asshole; I thought you were a buddy of mind. But listen, in my line of work, looking at you would get me fired – and on the other side of the bars.” He ran his hands through his hair and shifted back against the door.

“What?” I asked, annoyed by his comment. “You think I’m a minor?” I snorted loudly, my eyes narrowing as I tried to process his comment. He actually thought I was a minor—like I was just some kid trying to get his ass arrested.

“How old are you Abby?” He asked, seeming amused by my retort. I grabbed my license from my purse and threw it at him. He grabbed it quickly before it hit the door and read the date printed beside my name. “So you’re eighteen then –“ his eyes trailed down over my body – seemingly unafraid of going to jail any longer. “I’m sorry. I just don’t want to risk it – ya’ know?”

I smiled up at him a moment as his body softened against the door. I watched as his eyes shifted to either side of the house – before gazing down at my chest, still covered with my arms. He pushed open the door and motioned inside, his gaze still fixed on my tits.

“Why don’t you come in –“ he stated, his hand gesturing inside the house. I felt a pang of excitement ripple through my body as I imagined having my way with him. I let my hands drop to the sides of my body and walked through the front door.

I walked inside the house and waited for him to close the door – before turning back around to meet his glances. I watched as his eyes narrowed on my tits – obviously trying to see through the thin material at the deep pink nipples beneath. His eyes trailed lower, staring at the small shorts covering my pussy – obviously enjoying my outfit.

I could see a slight bulge forming in his pants, which he was no longer trying to hide as his eyes continued to wander over my body. Trying to keep the heat moving, I trailed my hands over my stomach and up to my chest, feeling my nipples harden as I cupped them.

“So, you didn’t tell me your name…” I began, my fingers still gently playing with my tits as I spoke. His eyes were glued to my fingers and the small tents that had formed in my shirt. I pinched my nipples gently sending my pussy aching for more.

“Chad. It’s Chad.” He stepped closer toward me with his eyes still locked on my tits. “You’re not a … paid… professional…” He stammered, trying to find an elegant way to determine whether this was a set up.

I shook my head ‘no’ as I continued to thumb and paw at my tits. I could feel them standing hard and firm against the fabric – tickling as I moved my hands over them. I trailed my hand down toward the bottom of my shirt, allowing my fingers to run underneath and upward toward the swollen globes. The shirt trailed upward as well, exposing the underside of my breasts as I played.

I glanced down at Chad’s cock to see it large and thick beneath his shorts. I raised my eyebrows at the site and he laughed a little bit, trying to avoid the awkwardness of a half-naked girl standing in his front entrance.

I turned away from his stares and began walking toward the staircase – pulling my shirt higher and higher as I climbed. When I knew I had his attention locked on my ass cheeks that were swaying beneath the fabric, I pulled the sheer shirt over my head and let my tits free – knowing his eyes were desperately trying to see an unrestricted view.

“I want to see the rest of the house,” I said, my pussy practically dripping in anticipation. I turned slightly to see Chad standing at the bottom of the stairs, his mouth open in shock. His eyes glanced at my chest still not visible from where he was standing. I continued climbing the stairs until I reached the landing.

Chad hadn’t moved, as if afraid to startle me – frozen at the bottom of the stairs. I turned around and gave him a full view of my hands playing with my pink nipples. My hands trailed down, determined to get him so aroused that he desperately wanted to violate every hole. In a quick motion, I undid the button to my shorts and slowly trailed my hands under the soft panties – against my wet slit.

“Jesus Christ.” Chad whispered, still frozen at the bottom of the stairs. I plunged my fingers deeper, against my hole – before bringing them up to suck the juices off. I pulled my shorts off entirely, leaving nothing but my panties sitting tightly against my body.

Chad moved closer toward the stairs, trying to get a better view of my wetness. I leaned my body against the wall and lowered my fingers back toward my slit – unable to control myself any longer. If Chad didn’t want to fuck me, I sure as hell was going to fuck myself for him to watch.

My fingers went beneath my panties again, this time finding my swollen clit and circled around it gently. I felt it thicken under my fingers, my wetness starting to show through the fabric. My fingers trailed down deeper, finding my pussy – and pressed against my hole – playing gently without going inside.

I moaned loudly as my body started to shiver with anticipation. Chad moved a bit closer, his cock hard and thick under his shorts – pressing against his hands as he tried not to rub it.

“Chad…” I purred, my fingers still playing with my pussy. “I want to see your cock.” My eyes focused on the heavy bulge as his hands pressed harder against it. I could tell that he wanted to fuck me – but the only way that would happen was if I could get his clothes off first.

I pulled my fingers out from my panties and grabbed at the sides of the fabric, pulling them down slowly. I watched as Chad obediently pulled his shirt off and reached for the buttons on his shorts – his cock now pressing hard against the boxers he was wearing. I continued to pull at the panties, revealing my smooth pussy. I turned around as I pulled them over my legs and gave him a behind view of my thick lips and pink clit as I bent over.

I stayed bent over a moment and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart slightly, spreading my lips and letting him see my tight hole – pink and wet. I pushed my finger inside my hole which nearly sent me over the edge.

“Chad, are you going to just watch me or are you going to come up here and fuck me hard?” I thrust my finger back inside my hole – feeling my pussy clamp down over it.

Chad paused a moment, his cock still pressing hard against his boxers as he started walking up the stairs. He came to the landing where my pussy sat inches from his face and his hands trailed over my round, bubbly ass cheeks.

His hands squeezed my cheeks tightly before smacking it. I could feel his breath inches away from my dripping slit, as his breath sent pangs of passion through my body. I braced myself against the wall as his hands pawed at my ass, standing up and reaching around my body to grab at my tits.

His fingers thumbed over my nipples as I felt his boxers press hard against my ass. I could tell he was big – feeling my slit spread slightly to accommodate his hard cock, still covered and hiding. I reached behind to grab his cock while his fingers continued to play with my tits – unable to wait for him any longer.

I reached beneath the fabric and felt his thick hard shaft – pulsing and smooth. I pulled it out quickly, allowing it to press against my ass without the fabric. I waited anxiously as he shifted again, rubbing his cock against my slit – against my wetness.

“Chad, I have to tell you something –“ I whispered, his head now perfectly in line with my tight hole. Chad groaned slightly as his cock continued to throb against my lips. I wanted to feel him deep inside me, I needed to feel him stretch me.

“I’ve never fucked someone before.” I panted, my lips practically dripping my juices on the floor. Chad paused a moment, his body hardening a minute before pressing his head against my hole a little harder.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Chad growled, way too turned on to stop now. “Are you sure you want to?” I waited a moment before pressing my body back into him quickly – pushing his cock deep within my pussy.

I felt it stretch and pull as Chad moaned loudly. His hands wrapped around my hips and thrust in deeper, filling my hole as hard as he could. His fingers found my clit and began playing with it as his cock continued to pull out slowly. Again he thrust into me hard, this time feeling wet and slippery against my own juices. I could feel my inner lips hug against his shaft, feeling the hard head hitting deep within my pussy.

“Oh my God.” He panted, his thrusts getting faster and harder. I felt my tits swaying under the pressure of each thrust and I could tell he was getting closer. “I’m going to cum.” He panted he hands locking on my hips tightly as he continued pumping hard into my tight hole. I could feel my own waves pressing deep within me as his fingers continued to play with my swollen pearl.

My body started pulsing and shaking as each thrust sent me into my own hard orgasm – my body shaking as his cock started to pulse. I felt his cock pulse even harder and waited for him to shoot his hot, sticky cum deep within my hole. Chad moaned loudly as his balls hardened – blowing his load into my pussy – feeling my pussy clamp down hard on his cock as he did.

As he stopped pumping we stood locked together a moment, trying to drain every ounce of his cum into my dripping hole. We both tried to catch our breath a moment, heaving and heavy from just having hot kinky sex at the top of his stairs. I heard the door open first, unable to move with Chad’s cock still planted hard within my hole.

* * *

“Chad, who the hell just opened your door?” I barked, my head resting against the wall. Chad laughed a moment as he listened for a familiar voice at the front entrance.

“Hey Chris..” he called out, his cock still pushing in and out of my hole gently, rocking back and forth. I heard the footsteps at the bottom of the stairs and turned to see a shorter man standing there looking up at us.

I wondered if Chris had watched Chad before – or if he’d want to plow my pussy too.

Chris’ eyes grew wide at the sight of my naked body, his hands instantly trying to hide the growing hardness in his pants. Christ walked up the stairs and moved past our naked, entangled bodies – stopping in front of my body and staring intently at my swollen tits.

“Who’s this?” Chris asked, his eyes now focused on my pink slit that still had Chad’s cock stuck inside it. His hands reached out and pressed against my clit – sending another wave of heat through me.

“This is Abby,” Chad started, pulling his cock out of my hole and reached around to play with my tits again. I could feel his shaft starting to harden as he watched his friend play gently with my thick lips – currently covered with Chad’s cum and my own juices.

Chad held me up a moment, holding me tightly against his own body as his friend’s mouth closed over my tit. Chris sucked and licked at the tender nub, his teeth clamped down gently as waves of ecstasy pulled through me again. Chad’s hands held my other tit tightly, playing anxiously with the nipple – making me want to feel his cock deep within me again.

I could feel Chad’s cock harden again, this time pressing tightly between my ass cheeks as Chris continued to lap and suck my other nipple. My pussy ached again, wanting to feel him deep within me – dying to know what Chris’ cock felt like thrusting in and out of my hole. I pressed back against Chad’s cock, feeling his head press against my tightly puckered ass.

Chris’ mouth started trailing over my stomach, making his way to my slit—tonguing it gently as he spread my lips apart. I watched as Chris’ mouth sucked my inner lips into his mouth, his eyes finding mine as he played with my pearl. Feeling close to yet another orgasm, I started panting as the two men played with me.

“Chris, get this –“ Chad said, his hands still clamped down on my tits. “—she’s a virgin.” Chris’ eyes lit up at the mention of a small, tight pussy and he stood up to see my face – leaving my hole begging for more.

“Really?” He asked, his eyes fixed on mine. I nodded as Chad pressed his cock harder against my ass – dying to feel both men inside me. Chris glanced down at my pussy, still dripping from moments before and reached for his own cock.

“Chris, I think we should both fuck her.” Chad motioned, his cock still pressing hard against me, ready to thrust deep within me at any moment. Chris smiled a moment as he reached for his button. I glanced down waiting to see what cock was going to be pounding me this time and smiled as he pulled out a thick, hard cock.

“Abby, do you want me to fuck you now?” Chris asked, his hands firmly wrapped around his cock – pumping it slowly at the thought of my tight hole. I nodded slowly and licked my lips in anticipation. Chris grabbed my leg and lifted it up slightly, causing my lips and ass to part.

Chris lined his thick cock against my hole and pressed it deep within my pussy – sending the heat through my body as it stretched under the thickness. I could tell that he was thicker than Chad and waited for the slight burn to pass. Chris pulled out slightly and pressed his dick into me again, this time faster and harder.

“Chad, fuck my ass… please.” I begged, my pussy starting to feel the deep pleasure growing.

Chad grabbed my ass cheeks and pressed his cock into my tight hole, waiting for it to stretch around his shaft before continuing on. He pressed further inside me as my body nearly exploded under the pleasure. Chad pulled back out and thrust in, this time moving faster.

I felt both cocks pressing into my holes – each one ramming deep within me, hard and fast. My tits jiggled and my head pressed back into Chad’s shoulder as they sent me into my own orgasm much faster than their own. My body jerked and shook as each thrust intensified – my body unable to contain the screams of passion any longer.

“Fuck – Chad she’s so tight.” Chris said, continuing to thrust inside my tight pussy. I could feel his cock harden as he began panting with each push. My pussy continued to tighten as my own orgasm rippled through me again, sucking down on both cocks now thrusting into me as fast as they could.

“You guys need to fucking cum with me…” I begged, as another wave of orgasms started building deep within me. Both men started panting, as they shot their loads of thick white milk inside me. I moaned out again as I felt both holes creamy and wet from being filled – each thrust sending me into a deeper orgasm.

When they stopped and pulled out, I looked down at my holes to see white cream dripping from both holes and smiled, completely satisfied. I didn’t know how often I would be seeing Chris and Chad, but I knew that I would have to stop by at least once a day – or possibly ask for a new roommate agreement… especially if it meant getting filled and stretched by these two.

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Charlie Greene

Our sex expert, Charlie, is a long-time professional in the adult industry, specialized in screenplays for several major production houses. She is direct, have zero tolerance for weak and insecure men, loves to get in bed with another woman from time to time, and consider herself borderline nymphomaniac. Enjoys writing explicit sex stories that are mostly based on her own experiences. A loud advocate of sex toys and sexual liberties. Enjoys kink sex and admits to having one particular fetish that makes men addicted to her.

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