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6 Things That Separate a Bad Lover from the Great One

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Written by Steven Hawk

Are you a great lover or the bad one?

Are you successful or prone to failures?

As you will soon learn, there are just 6 things that you need to change and transform your sex life. At the same time, each of these things reveals one other important fact about the man.

You see, sex and success go hand to hand because exactly the same chemicals are released during the arousal phase in sex and some challenge at work, and same things happen (only different hormones kick in) during the orgasm and successful achievement of some goal.

If you lack any of these six, you might recognize the major reasons for your low output on a professional level but also in the bed. Your woman is not happy about it. Because it makes you a bad lover!

#1 – Selfishness

It’s not only about you, for God’s sake. Sex and orgasm will be that much better if she enjoys it equally. Teamwork, that’s what it is. The same is with any type of personal success. Whether you’ll admit it or not, you depend on the team. And that team operates well only if each member shares and collaborates.


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That’s something deeply imprinted in our minds. It’s that same collaboration and generosity to help the other member of the team that made us so great on this planet.

The same doctrine applies to your bed. Be selfish, she’ll start to resent it, and there is a high possibility that she’ll switch her membership to some other group.

#2 – Pettiness

While it’s good to be detail oriented, going too far with it will backfire.

So what if she wears a different set of bra and panties? You’ll take it off anyway.

So what if she didn’t shave? Did you?

Her feet smell a bit? What are you, some alien? It’s that scent coming from her body that turns you on.

You don’t know is it her vagina or did someone open a can of fish? Fuck the soap, it’s for pussies. She is the best on the 2nd and 3rd day during summer without showering, all sweaty and smelly. Connect with your origins goddammit; connect with the caveman inside you. The caveman lover just doesn’t give a fuck!

What’s this got to do with your professional environment?

Don’t micromanage every fucking thing.

Allow people some freedom and don’t resent every small mishap. People have lives to live and problems to deal with. Of course, they’ll do something that doesn’t really obey your principles. So fucking what? Will the Earth stop spinning? Relax, dude, and have fun. You live only once and you live fucking short.

#3 – Lack of dedication

A good lover finishes what he’s started every time. It’s that dedication that separates success from failure and you can see it everywhere; especially in your bed.


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You’re in or out. There’s no third option. If you want to spec go to strip joint or peep show. If you wanna have great sex with your woman, make sure that you finish every single task you’ve started.

Again, apply this to your professional environment and you’ll see the progress almost instantaneously.

80% of people are slackers. They are reluctant to do even those most essential duties let alone something beyond that scope. And it’s what differentiates a manager from a worker. Not that the worker isn’t dedicated, but the level of that dedication is inadequate for him to move up on the company’s ladder.

#4 – Fluffy belly and the endurance of the sloth are not the signs of the great lover

How on Earth would you ever lift her up from the ground and fuck her brains out, if you are not capable of holding her in your arms for at least 5 minutes? How in God’s name will you lift her on your shoulders, stand up, and eat her pussy like a pro?

And you’ve been wondering how come everybody keeps claiming that the average sex lasts for 21 minutes when in your case it’s maximum 13 minutes – 2 minutes of sex and 11 minutes of apologizing.


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Get yourself in the shape, sport, and witness the miracle.

When you don’t have to breathe like a wounded bear while you’re doing her from behind, sex becomes far more intense for both of you and your dick doesn’t get fluffy for no good reason.

#5 – Poor tongue skills

A great lover takes his time to master the tongue skills. His tongue muscles are strong and capable of fast movements over the extended period of time.

It gives him yet another neat advantage: when he’s speaking to someone, he speaks clearly and with confidence. His tongue doesn’t get stuck. It gives him an edge in a professional environment because people get him more seriously.

And if the word goes out that he’s making magic with his tongue, he’ll reign supreme, my friend.


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#6 – Complete absence of concentration to feel the moment

It’s all about proper timing. A great lover listens to her sounds and feels her movements. He knows when to speed up and add some additional force. She doesn’t have to tell him anything.

And that focus is exactly what gives him an edge when it comes to opportunities. The great lover will hardly every miss on some opportunity because he is used to paying close and intimate attention to his closest environment.


That’s it, fellows. Think about this. See if you can find yourself in one or more of these and work on it. You’ll kill two flies with one stroke.

Of course, feel free to add to this list. Follow the tone but send the message.

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