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Life Sucks? 10 Signs That You’re Doing Well in Life

life sucks
Written by Sean Collins

Yout think your life sucks? Life is great and we will now prove it to you – once and for all. No matter what you think about the quality of your life, you’ll soon understand that you have more than enough to be thankful for.

The majority — and we are talking about the 70% of the entire population — lack a couple of things from the list below, which makes their lives a bit harder. Sustainable, but harder, nevertheless.

Like spoiled brats, each and every one of us tends to moan and bitch about how life sucks and how we are unlucky or doomed or whatever. Nothing seems to have the potential to keep us happy and satisfied.

However, when you consider everything, there’s only so much you, me or every other man on this planet needs to consider himself successful and thus, happy.

In fact, there are only 10 things we need

Facebook page, Power of Positivity, has recently published an interesting video that really puts life in perspective.

One thing becomes clear: in the world where obligations just seem to exponentially rise in volume and where the race for more never truly ends, it’s good to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and see how everything is, in fact, just great.


life sucks

How to Avoid Breaking Under the Pressure of the Modern Life

These 10 things are seemingly insignificant on their own, but when observed together, their cumulative effect is what counts. Roughly, 75% of the entire human population lack at least 5.

But how about we start with the one “perk” most Westerners are taking for granted.

It’s electricity.

Not listed in 10 signs of happiness yet important and overlooked element of happiness, nevertheless.

Take a look at those satellite images taken during the night. Observe the spread of lights.

Did you know that even though it seems that we transformed the Earth into a spinning Christmas tree or a flying circus, the majority still doesn’t enjoy this commodity of our contemporary society?

Even if they do, they can’t afford more than a fraction of the power a traditional Western household uses during one single dinner.

In other words, their life sucks.

Why is this happening when we have the technology that transforms the energy of the Sun and the wind into electricity?

Can there be light in Sahara desert? Sure. On Himalaya? Why the hell not.

We can install wind turbines or solar panels wherever the hell we want.

However, we are not doing it. Because “it costs money”.

What is money?

It’s a virtual value we the humans invented to fuck Mother Nature. Not God, not some aliens, but we the humans.

So why don’t we upgrade every part of our civilization? Why don’t we make education and electric power free and available to anyone? Why life sucks for so many people?

Because we are the weirdest species that has ever existed on this planet. We are driven by envy and stinginess, jealously guarding what is “rightfully ours.”

And what is “ours”?

Nothing. And that’s the catch.

You, me, Bill over there, and Dikembe in Africa, we ain’t owning shit.

It’s all relative because once we drop dead, all those millions we made will worth nothing to us. Homes that we are buying. Cars that we are driving. Businesses that we are setting all over the world. It will all be devoured by darkness in less than a second.

Our battery will run out of power and we’ll become just a couple of letters on the tombstone. Some descendant will forget or avoid to pay the bill and it will be like you never existed because you failed to leave the permanent mark in the fabric of time by achieving something remarkable. Your speed-race was focused on money only!


life sucks

We Made Cages for Hamsters. Who Made Ours?

In our pursuit for those millions, we will step over other people like they are some stairs we need to cross to get the prize.

We don’t see how destructive our rampage is.

We don’t feel the agony of the others around us. We are only focusing on our own existence and well-being, completely ignoring the foundation of our progress and evolution – sharing and helping others.

It now seems that this crucial element of our success is being pushed aside. Its influence is fading away and we are regressing; slowly becoming those hedonistic creatures we once were. We are getting back to the system that got eliminated by the hand of evolution as obsolete and least efficient.

Already the generation of our children will face the consequences of our selfish actions. They will most likely be forced to seek for the solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist today.

They will be having trouble breathing!

Once green and healthy, our planet is turning into something brown-reddish with the questionable quality of air and water.

Is this really something we want our kids to inherit from us? Is this why we are pursuing money and killing anyone who gets in our way? To fuck this planet beyond the point of repair? To make it inhabitable?

And all that time, no one realizes that we have more than we actually need.

30% of the entire human population — and that sure as hell includes you, my friend — is living in abundance and ultimate pleasure like no other species on this planet.

You are reading this. That’s how we got the clue about the level of your well-being. You may think that your life sucks but it doesn’t.

And there 10 signs that prove you’re doing well in life.

#1 – The roof over your head

This night, approx. 70% of the entire human population will spend the night under the sky, without even the most primitive roof over their heads. If you do have one, consider yourself lucky because you fall into 30% of the wealthiest.

#2 – You had something to eat today

Did you know that roughly 70% of all the children on this planet will go to bed this evening without dinner?

They don’t have anything to eat.

It’s really hard to imagine that in the time of abundance, there are still people — and kids, to make things even worse — who are dying from famine.

Is there something you can do about it? Is there something we can all do about it?

Check your trash. How many edible goods did you throw today?

#3 – Your heart is pure

There’s no burden on it. Being fair and positive is something that’s been defining you from the earliest age. And it doesn’t matter if you slip from time to time. You act with best intentions. It’s just that the lack of experience threw you off the course, causing unwanted consequences. Mistakes, you’ll never do again.

#4 – You wish well for the others

Those who are not wishing well for the others, who envy and resent never truly achieve the desired and even needed quality of life. It’s due to the one fact of life: negativity cannot result in positivity.

In other words, greater you feel about yourself, more satisfied with the life you become! And you can feel great only if you are focusing on positive.


Are you unlucky

Are You Really Unlucky?

#5 – You have clean, drinking water at your disposal at all times!

Out of 5 essential elements of our existence, drinking water takes the second position, right after the air we breathe. We can survive without food for almost 3 weeks. Without sleep for 10 days if necessary. Without sex for life if we choose to. But without water, we cannot survive for more than a couple of days.

And even though this beautiful blue-green planet is made mostly of water, only 1% of the entire accessible water supplies is actually drinkable.

It does seem like a lot considering the size of the Earth but pollution took its toll and a large number of people is forced to buy this life-important, should-be-free element. Which means that in case of some unfortunate accident, where you’d be left incapacitated and permanently disabled to make money, you’ll be practically left for dead.

So, if you can pour yourself a glass of water or grab some of it from the creek, consider yourself very lucky.

#6 – Somebody cares about you

We are wired in one particular way: we depend on the others. Our mirror neurons are forcing us to live in a state of constant duality between how we see ourselves and how others are seeing us.

As the result of this neuronal activity, we are always seeking for the way to get our expressions validated by our closest social environment. In other words, we are seeking for acceptance even if it means changing our behavior entirely and joining the cult.

If you have someone by your side. Someone loyal. Devoted. Someone who loves you no matter what. Consider yourself lucky. You’re living a great life. There’s no need for you to join some strange orders (groups) to feel accepted! You have it right there, in your bed, every night.

#7 – You know how to forgive

There’s one seemingly strange and unlikely proof of how important the forgiveness truly is.

What gives Christianity such an edge? What does that religious movement offer to its followers?

Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.

Redeem yourself through confession and your sins will be forgiven, erased, and forgotten.

Unfortunately, many are just seeking for the redemption while not providing others with it.

We will hold a grudge for decades if needed not because we are that principled but because it’s easier to avoid confrontation. By holding a grudge and persistently avoiding forgiving someone’s wrong deed toward us, we are choosing the simpler way. We are turning our heads away from the problem until it comes back and bites us when we are least expecting it!

If you are someone who can, in fact, forgive and move on, you’re that much happier because you are not holding all that negative energy within. People who are able to forgive are generally more satisfied with the quality of their lives because they can see the bigger picture.

And that bigger picture is simple: everything is relative except one thing.

Do you really want to spend this limited time on Earth being negative and stubborn; or do you want to seize the life and grab it by the ballz to make the most out of it?

The choice is yours, as always.

#8 – You have clean clothes

I bet you’ve never even thought about this. Clean clothes every day is something normal and expected. Walking around dirty and smelly is just not the way to live one’s life.

Yet, there are plenty of those who cannot afford to wear clean clothes every day. In fact, there’s a large number of people who are limited to only one pair of worn and patched clothes that never saw fabric softener nor the detergent.

Think about that next time you see your wife ironing your shirts. You made that possible. Be proud because things can be much worse.

#9 – You never lose hope

Not that you’re acting like a freakin’ Santa on speed but you do live your life optimistic. The glass is always half full. And you’re right about that. Against all odds, you exist!

One night, when everybody goes to sleep, sneak out from the city and go into the darkness when the night sky is clear. Lie down on the ground and look up. That will give you some perspective of how highly unlikely it is for you to exist.

#10 – You breathe!

You still think that your life sucks?

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