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How to avoid breaking under the pressure of modern life

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Written by Mark Novicki

The stress and pressure of modern life you are feeling now is caused by the overwhelming expectations, imposed by our modern culture. These expectations, that makes you wanna put the bullet in your head, are a direct result of the blatant exploitation of our male sex drive.

In this short and concise tutorial, you will learn how to avoid breaking under all that pressure, but you will also find out how generations of women managed to build the momentum that ultimately fucked you up. All through misuse of your built-in desire to have sex with them.

What usually starts as a loving and passionate relationship, pretty soon turns into a full-scale slavery and exploitation. Something known as marriage.

Yes, it may come as a surprise to you, but if you are frequently finding yourself overwhelmed with the life and have that unexplainable desire to just fucking disappear, there’s only one cause for your ordeals. Women. And the fact that you allowed it.

Sorry to be the ones who will break it to you, but, as you know, here at Ballz Mag, we are dealing with reality – no matter how harsh or borderline insulting it may sound.

We do things that way because running away from the reality of life has never brought anything good to anyone. Problems are just accumulating and after a while, they become close to impossible to solve.

And all of those “problems” are here only because of the one single reason.


Trying to be the great husband and even better employee is coming to collect. The same story repeats itself across the globe.

Men, in their desperate attempt to please everyone around them, are falling victims of their own efforts. Efforts to meet increasingly high expectations.

In some instances, it all starts by trying to please an over-demanding father. Then mother usually takes the lead in setting the bar even higher. And just when you think that things cannot get any worse, you go out and find the job. According to the main dogma, preached by your parents, school system and society, that’s exactly what you are supposed to do – to slave!

Normally, once you land your first job, you start giving 120% to stick out from the crowd and ensure long-lasting future within the company.

You are still young and full of energy. Life’s good and seemingly easy. There’s always time and stamina for a great night out to relieve some pressure.

Few months/years later, the wife comes along. The Universe is yours. Life turns into one big, happy and fast roller coaster full of passion and sex.

Until things settle and life takes over.

Add mortgage, car loan, credit card debt and 1-3 kids into the equation and you have a recipe for a serious nervous meltdown. It takes just a simple, meaningless trigger to knock you out of the track and force you to go ballistic and start acting self-destructive.

All because you failed to set some ground rules for every separate stage of your life.

Instead of setting the rules of engagement, and enforcing them, you kept continuously bending for ever more folks. And more you were bending, better they were fucking you. The bar was getting higher by the minute.

Overloaded with all those expectations, you start losing the ground under your feet. Nothing makes sense anymore. What are you doing? Where are you going? How will this all end? And when?

Many questions. No answers.

Yet, against your better judgement, you keep on pushing. Like a hamster inside the cage, running on the wheel. An endless rat race where, in one point of life, even death starts looking appealing. It seems like a sweet relief.

Because, there are times, when you simply can’t cope with the stuff like:

“I want that.”

“I need that.”

“You must get me that.”

“How come they have it and we don’t?”

“Don’t talk about my mother like that!”

“When will you finally grow up dammit!”

“You are useless.”


“My biggest regret.”

I’m not in the mood.

You see that last line? That single line, frequently used by wives all around the world, the line that you know all too well, contains the essence of your ordeals.

All that you have ever done for your wife, or any other woman (beside your mother, of course) is driven by sex. And they all know that. They know how to use it in their best interest.

“Make him fetch” is the name of that game.

The rule is simple: have sex with him and he’ll do anything for you. Keep on doing it and he’ll grow a habit. Fetching for you will become his second nature. Just have sex with him for a little while, that’s all.

After a while, wives grow tired of it. They simply cannot force themselves anymore to have sex with their dull husbands. So they come up with the simple pile of horseshit, known as: “It happens in every marriage. That’s normal. Women are like that. They lose their sex drive with age.”

So now, she doesn’t have to put out that much while having her puppy fetching for her.

However, if the husband is not around that much, the wife will inevitably start looking around. Somebody simply must fetch. It’s how the game is played.

And here lies the fundamental reason for the struggle of contemporary husbands: you know that if you don’t keep fetching, somebody else will. The awareness of that simple fact of marital life is what keeps you going, whether you’re getting some or not.

It has little to do with love or passion. It has everything to do with our male pride and integrity. You simply don’t want to be that guy whose wife was cheating on him.

And she knows that. She’s playing on that card, knowing that you’ll most likely bite the bullet before letting some other man to fetch.

That’s the ultimate donkey carrot and the primary stressor at every married man.

And the gradual increase in stress is proportional to the accepted overload

This inherited culture of living, where we are busting our ballz to please our women, has gone so far that we are now falling in a state of depression if our neighbor buys a new car or change the windows on his house, while we can’t afford anything similar.

No matter how hard your wife is trying to persuade you how she’s isn’t thinking less about you because of that, you simply don’t believe her.

That leaves you with two choices:

  1. Keep on pushing.
  2. Act aggressive to disguise your incompetence every time she calls you up on something.

If you keep on pushing, trying to make more money, since everything does revolve around the money, the stress will become overwhelming and you’ll be forced to find the relief valve. In many cases, that valve is not approved by your better half or society in general, which will cause the collapse of marriage.

If you choose diversion, you’ll create the atmosphere of fear and resistance, which will cause the collapse of marriage.

However, if you start rejecting demands and requests and impose your own rhythm and schedule, there’s a chance that you’ll have your cake and eating it too.

What are we talking about here?

How many times did you find yourself overstretched to meet some demand, or requirement, or a wish, and then struggled to re-induce the balance?

In all fairness, would you even be considering that option if it wasn’t for some side influence, let’s say, your wife?

New stuff, redecorations, gadgets… plenty of them, gazillion different shoes, boots, dresses and shirts nobody even wears, redoing the kitchen every 5 years, new living room every 3 years…and we could go on like this for couple of hours.

Do the math. We are talking about serious losses. Money, that could be invested in more appropriate and far more efficient way to make additional money, got misused.

In optimal circumstances, properly used money would, subsequently, eliminate the need for loans and credit cards. That means living according to your actual standard for a while, and not paying back interest rates because the house, with an active mortgage, is not yours. So far, you’ve been paying an expensive rent, that’s all.

And all of that, just to indulge some sudden urge of an impatient girl who’s just having this big delusion of being an adult. All of that, just to impress someone who, inherently, cannot be satisfied.

Don’t forget that her expectations are only getting bigger with your every new attempt to impress her and show her how you are The Man.

How far are you willing to go?

Now, just for fun, remove the “wife” person from the equation.

Is anyone else demanding and/or requesting irrational spending of money or wasting of time and energy on stuff you don’t really care about or find useful in any way?

NO ONE. Not a goddamn soul. In such a scenario, it’s entirely up to you how you’re gonna spend your money and live your life. Even if you gamble your entire salary and spend the Christmas bonus on hookers, ending up broke and hungry, nobody will nag about it.

Yes, it does question the sanity of marriage and sanity of us man who are accepting that overload.

However, the sex drive is simply too strong.

Consequently, that means marriage.

But that marriage does not have to include the overload. It’s just the matter of ballz and willingness to say the simple: “ENOUGH OF THIS HORSESHIT WOMAN! We don’t freakin’ need the new furniture right away. We don’t need to redo our bathroom next month. We don’t need 124 pairs of shoes and boots and special storage room.”

What we do need is that money you want to spend for no good reason at all.

We need that money to create an environment that will ultimately start making money. That’s what we need and that’s what separates rich and poor or those on the verge of poverty.

Sure, we can take the quick loan and buy a brand new kitchen or some useless electrical appliance that will collect dust. That’s easy. But why would we want to spend our money in a way that doesn’t make any profit? Isn’t it better to create the surplus first and then buy stuff with our own money?

Why would I waste the minute of my life on some dull subject or things of YOUR interest when you never even try to spend at least a minute doing something I like?

Where’s the balance? Why isn’t there any balance?

What’s in it for me?

Every healthy relationship, regardless of its nature, depends on a proper balance between how much we are giving and how much we are receiving. The equilibrium.

If there’s no balance, we are becoming overloaded because there’s no compensation for everything we are doing for the other party in the relationship.

In many ways, marriages are just relationships stripped from proper balance. The Husbands, even stop demanding sex after a while because the overwhelming amount of rejections creates the anticipation of rejection and man simply stops trying. With time, the husband becomes fully independent and less needy.

Wives, on the other hand, never stop being smartasses. Demands and requests never actually stop.

As we are aging, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cope with even the smallest of those demands and requests. For the most part, the word “annoying” is the best one to describe how husbands perceive wives.

We have been living in such an environment for hundreds of years. It’s more than enough time to create an accepted form of social conduct and custom.

And that, my friend, is what has created the society — the culture — in which men are simply overloaded.

In despair, many are ending the misery by shooting a bullet in their own heads. A sweet relief of death.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to be a slave.

Because, in the end, no matter how it seems, your wife needs you more than you need her. You just need to stop accepting the overload, that’s all. There’s nothing she can do about it. Just decrease the level of pressure.

From that moment on, start focusing on things you find interesting and inspiring.

Just remember the ultimate wisdom: WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS! So focus on something fertile and not something futile. Exit the rat race!



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