10 Overlooked Symptoms of Cancer

Written by Igor K

Sudden weight loss when not dieting; blood in your feces or urine; coughing up blood; a lump in the breast, groin, testes, side of the neck or armpit; severe, unexplained pains or aches are the symptoms we know all too well. There’s no family in this world that hasn’t experienced the tragic loss caused by the cancer.

What is cancer in simple words

It’s a rebellious cell. Each cell in our body is programmed to execute self-termination (scheduled for termination) in a specific moment, to be replaced with the new one. But cells can be stubborn and every once in a while, some of them decide to rebel.

Instead of ceasing to exist, the cell starts multiplying, practically overriding the original code. It appears that cell, in specific conditions, is perfectly capable of writing its own code.

You have to wonder about something here: we are getting old because the body cannot produce the adequate amounts of substitute cells to keep the body young and highly operational. And yet, a cell can initiate this process on its own. Is there a possibility, in a distant future, to control this process and learn how a cell is doing that? Are there any researchers who are trying to study this process on a deeper level?

Because, it seems to me that we could use this abnormality to further extend the lifespan of a human being once we manage to impose the perfect equilibrium between rouge cell and central program. An absolute cure for cancers may in fact be the key to longevity.

I may be over the line here, but you simply never know. It wouldn’t be the first time that we would exploit something deadly in a health treatment.

But for the time being, we have to be careful. Cancers are autoimmune deadly conditions and according to Dr. David Bloomfield, the oncologist at the Sussex Cancer Centre, Royal Sussex County Hospital, and medical director of the Royal College of Radiologists in UK, there are vague indicators of possible growing cancers:

#1 – Hoarseness or croaky voice

If it lasts for more than couple of weeks, it may indicate that the tumor is being developed somewhere in the head and neck areas. It can be a symptom of vocal cord cancer.

Same goes for persistent cough. Get that examined if nothing helps.

#2 – Heavy night sweats

It could indicate lymphoma, a type of tumor developing among the cells of lymph. People with lymphoma have a high metabolic rate because cancer cells are using lots of energy, according to Dr. Shankara Paneesha, hematologist from Spire Parkway hospital.

#3 – Persistent heartburn

In some cases, the constant feeling of heartburn may indicate the appearance and development of stomach, pancreas and even ovaries cancer in women.

#4 – Stubborn middle back pain

In 1% of all cases, the middle back pain is caused by the pancreas cancer, according to Dr. Pippa Corrie from Cambridge University Hospital. The classic symptom is the upper abdominal pain that spreads to back. Add loss of appetite, chronic fatigue and unexplained weight loss and you’re ready to see the doc.

#5 – Pink discharge after menopause

Pink discharge like subtle vaginal bleeding, occurring after the menopause can indicate growing endometrial cancer. This type of cancer shows an increasing trend because it’s possibly connected with the overweight.

#6 – Problems with normal urination

With age comes the prostate issue as we all know. So if you are camping over the toilet and struggle to make the initial pass of urine, go see the doctor because you might be dealing with the growing prostate tumor. It may or may not be malignant.

#7 – Painful or problems swallowing

Head, neck, mouth, vocal cords or tongue cancer may be indicated with this. The good news is that any of these can be successfully treated if caught early. Smoking, alcohol abuse and HPV are known causes.

#8 – Looser stool

It doesn’t necessarily have to be blood in a stool. Any significant change in shape, color, texture, frequency or possible pain over the period of a few weeks, calls for the good doctor. It can indicate possible bowel or pancreas cancer.

#9 – Sore that won’t heal

If you have a wound that won’t stop bleeding even after two to four weeks, go see the doc because melanoma almost never hurt but it may itch or bleed.

#10 – Mouth or tongue ulcer

If you can’t get rid of the ulcer in your mouth for more than 3 weeks, report it to your physician. Also pay attention to unusual white spots on the surface of your tongue that could easily transform into the cancer.


Not the greatest subject to kill few minutes with , but we need to be careful. Too many men dies from cancer simply because they are way too reluctant to see a doctor.  And in many cases, reluctance to see the doctor or plain ignorance caused the death that could otherwise be prevented. Be smart about it and you’ll live longer.



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