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We made cages and wheels for hamsters. Who made ours?

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Treadmills. Gyms. Parks. Diet pills. Vitamins. Antidepressants. Religious institutions. Jobs. Governments. Laws. Police. Military. Terrorism. Politics. Democracy. Put it all together, and you’ll realize how our entire civilization is stuffed inside one giant cage with millions of wheels. And someone is having fun watching us all running.

That someone would be the autocracy of the new age, while we are being peasants — the smelly, dirty and possibly contagious crowd — whose sole reason for existence is to serve their aristocratic masters.

Why are we allowing that?

Why are we still dying for the personal benefits of only a handful?


Why are we allowing the governments to be above us because that same government represents the state, and the state is people, and the people are the state. You simply can’t detach one from another because it’s one and the same. Like a brain (mind) and the body.

Is it really possible that we are allowing and even authorizing the self-enslavement?

How else can you rationalize the fact that regardless of all of our wisdom and knowledge, we haven’t really moved from the times of the kings and their armed bullies?

Why are we still deliberately living in feudalism?

What the fuck is wrong with us?

It’s even worse now than it was during the old feudal system. We now have to pay for water.

Even if you try collecting the rainwater or digging a well on your own private property, the state — the government chosen by you — will charge you the recurring fee for that privilege – one way or another.

It doesn’t really matter that the constitution of every “democratic” country states that the private ownership is inalienable.

The logic therefore implies that the private ownership should be considered as sanctity. And since you are the state and the state is you, how can someone charge you for your own private property?


Even better, how can someone, for example, charge you for rain?


Who is he? Who gave him the right to claim this essential planetary element? Because, by the common law, you can claim only what you’ve made or discovered.

But don’t worry. It only gets worse.

President of the Nestle Group recently said something that no one took seriously. It just slipped unnoticed. He said, “Water should not be a privilege and the right. It should not be something accessible by anyone. We should control and charge the use of all drinkable water on this planet.”

Who are “we”?

“We” the people?


Visit the gym, take a deep look at all those people on treadmills and you’ll see the answer.

Cities = Cages. Treadmills = Wheels.

When you see all those men and women running on the treadmills, in some closed, air-conditioned space, you simply can’t stop perceiving them as hamsters inside the cages.

Why are they doing it? Why are they deliberately running in one place when there’s an entire planet on their sole disposal FOR FREE to do whatever they want? What’s wrong with that picture?

It appears that we like living in our cages.

There are millions of people who never actually left the city limits. Never stepped outside the fence. Never saw or felt true freedom. Never saw the wildlife. Never took one single breath of fresh, unpolluted air. Never drank directly from the spring.


Because they are afraid.

The only place where they feel safe is inside the concrete cages we built for ourselves. Inside the cities, where we feel shielded from the night predators of the past. Predators that, in all reality, don’t even exist anymore. We made sure of that.

Regardless, people are reluctant to leave their cages, completely disregarding the fact that aristocracy never failed to exploit any kind of primordial fear for their own interests.

In an attempt to further justify that irrational decision, we’ve even coined the term for it. You can hear it lately all over the place because it’s been challenged and disputed as something that inhibits personal progress.

The so-called “comfort zone.”

Bullshit. One big pile of bullshit. That’s what it is. Because how the fuck can you feel comfortable in an environment that’s been designed around and driven by the induced stress and anxiety. By a constant fear of getting fired. Losing your money one way or another. Losing the ability to feed and shelter yourself. Losing your life if you happen to run into a real predator of the night – another human being!

What kind of a comfort zone is that? How can no one see through the design itself? Through this deceptive matrix, build with our own hands? Why are we fooling ourselves?

Once again, we all fell victim to our own delusions.

We just like to think that we are safe and sound. We like to ignore the fact that the life expectancy of those who are trying to stay healthy and in good shape by running on the treadmills while popping synthetic vitamins is much shorter that of those living outside the cages. We even like to believe that we have a say.

Because we live in “democracy”?

If so, why do we keep hearing these same old “news”:

“People once again beat the government.”

Can anyone see the uttermost nonsense of this news headline that we are constantly seeing, all around the world? Can anyone see the insanity?

Once again, like it was the case in the dark ages, we are at the mercy of the few rules that we personally and deliberately put on the thrones.

Good moment to regress a bit. Back to the statement of the Nestle Group’s president and his idea to privatize and monopolize all the drinkable water on this planet.

Is it a plausible scenario in the near future?


All he has to do is to bribe the people you’ve chosen to run and maintain the cage and that’s it.

All they have to do is to use the tool on their sole disposal – the police; a needed and essential repressive tool of the government to keep the nature’s ultimate killers under the control by preventing random outbursts of violence and subsequent mass bloodshed. The same institution that’s been frequently abused and misused to serve the private interests of only a few.

The notion. The enforcement. And that’s it. You will have to pay for the privilege to open your mouth and let the raindrops right in. Try to avoid it and you’ll be penalized.

You think that we are over-exaggerating?

By your own opinion, what’s bigger:

  1. A) the number of things you are allowed to do, or
  2. B) the number of things you are not allowed to do?


It doesn’t take long to realize how the most of the things that come up to your mind are illegal, forbidden, banned, punishable by the law. For the most part, all that crap is disguised with the label “for your own personal safety.”

Now, how many times did someone come to you and ask you for your opinion about some legislative act? Did your opinion make even a letter in any of the laws?

That’s right.

And yet, against your better judgement, every 4 years or so, you are wasting your limited time, and go voting for the same kind of people, over and over again. People, who will soon start charging you the falling rain!

Remember what Einstein said: “Repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

What do you think? Are we sane or insane?

Can we change our destiny? Can we have a say?

As things look right now, our fate, in all fairness, doesn’t look very promising. It’s therefore easy to understand why people like Elon Musk are doing everything in their power to settle on another planet, as far away from the Earth as possible. Just so they could leave this shit behind them – even if it means breathing the artificial air and risking sudden depressurizing.

It has nothing to do with some environmental issues like global warming and shit. Even if our climate changes beyond all recognition, we will still have more or less breathable air (easy to recycle) and just the right pressure – something that don’t exist on another planets.

It appears that they are willing to live with such a tremendous risk just to get rid of the assholes who are running the show over here. Those same assholes that are now plotting to charge the rain that drops freely and without any control or influence from our behalf.

You really can’t reasonably argue against their decision, can you?

They wanna settle Mars to set themselves free!

They just wanna start fresh, without being bullied by some corrupted pricks and their sponsors. They don’t want someone with the IQ of the room temperature to tailor their future. Because, it’s clear as the whistle that the people who are running the world for the last few centuries are not doing their jobs well, to say the least.

For as long as we can remember, the interests of few are above the interests of majority.

Even today, when we have the means to induce the needed equilibrium and provide every single human being on this planet with the roof over the head and 3 meals a day. When we can build a digital library in every household. When we can bring fresh, drinkable water to every corner of this beautiful, water-covered planet. When we can cure almost every disease. Today, when we can make sure that no child suffers any kind of deprivation.

It isn’t happening.

Why the fuck are we allowing that?

We the people. We, who have built this world. We, who have built every building and every road. We, who have connected every single corner of this wonderful blue-green planet.

After all we’ve done, we are forced to struggle with our own survival even though we’ve built the world that is almost completely automated. Just because the aristocracy is controlling the supply of money.

Money that we the people have invented. Our own hands are printing it on a paper that came from the tree we harvested.

And yet, against all logic, we are not allowed to have it in adequate quantities.

2% of the entire population is deliberately limiting the cash-flow, releasing small drops to those who are continuously building up the utmost comfort for those few.

And after a hard day on the job, now the completely exhausted worker, who’s been busting his ballz to keep this society running, day after day, is not even allowed to feed himself with meat and to drink free water.

The funny part? That same worker, or even better, millions of hardworking men and women, are authorizing this ultimate injustice with the simple act of voting, just so the autocracy-bred and prepped heir could take over the throne.

Even those politicians who are seemingly coming from the “crowd” are just there for the marketing purposes because they have to follow the well-defined rules of engagement.

In case they refuse to follow the rules, in case they choose to work for the people, something nasty from their past or present will find its way to media outlets.

And then, when it happens, when one of the peasants, who somehow managed to climb to the throne of the power, fall down, completely humiliated, then the working force is gloating over his tragic destiny – knowing that the event itself is just the show put up by the aristocracy.

How’s that for definition of insanity?

It seems that we are a lost case. A complete FUBAR.

NO, we are not.

In reality,

The change we desperately need, lies in determination and determination alone.

What they fear the most? What scares the living bejeezus out of the aristocracy?

  • Loss of comfort.

Who makes sure that they can enjoy the utmost comfort?

  • Ordinary people. You, me, your son. Peasants.

What if we refuse to maintain the comfort?

  • The aristocracy will suffer.

And what happens when autocracy assumes the possibility of the turmoil that could endanger their comfort?

  1. The Police receives the executive order to reinstall the order by apprehending those responsible for rebellion.
  2. Eventually, the pressure becomes so hard that even the police force starts breaking apart.
  3. Ceausescu and his wife end up, blindfolded against the wall.
  4. Firing squad — ordinary people…people like you, me and your son…the peasants — executes them on the spot.

As you assumed, the solution for the well-being of the workforce, their children, and our elderlies who spent their lives serving the aristocracy just to be “awarded” with puny pensions, is one simple global strike.

Simple, because all we essentially have to do is stop doing what we are supposed to be doing and that’s it. It cannot be simpler than that.

All we want is to be fairly compensated for our labor, that’s all.

  1. We want to be able to provide an abundance of quality food for our families.
  2. We want to be able to drink free water because it’s us who are maintaining the water system across the globe and not the aristocracy.
  3. We want to be able to take our families out, at least once a week and eat the freakin’ veal, not the chicken.
  4. We want to be able to have our 16 hours spent the way we want because we are willing to sell only 8 hours, Monday-Friday. Overtime, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays should be paid in pure gold because we refuse to be slaves.

It’s simple as that.

We the people, we are the state, we are the government and we refuse to sell our labor for less than it’s required to live a life worthy of a human being. We refuse to be slaves for the aristocracy.

When you think about it, it’s not that hard to do the math and set the most optimal, abundant fee per unit of labor for each individual country, relative to the current standard (standard that, in all reality, is controlled by us humans and not some divine entity or “invisible hand of market”).

And yes, we know what they’ll say. “Companies cannot pay that much. If we try to enforce something like that, it will inevitably result in mass layoffs.

Well, maybe we should shut down the so-called companies that are treating their employees like slaves while their Board of Directors and few executives are driving BMW’s and living in mansions.

You see, it’s easy to run the company when you have the slave workforce. Everybody can do it. A child can be a top executive.

Nobody seems to realize that the best companies are those who are paying their workforce way above the average. The result is a happier, more productive and more innovative worker. Consequently, the company itself thrives. Which means that you are better off investing in a laboring corpus than in an institution.

Yet, against any logic, when shit hits the fan and our bubble starts leaking, like it happened in 2008, the immediate response from behalf of the governments is pumping money in the banking sector and global conglomerates, predominantly those dealing with money and funds, but also those that employ a large number of people.

The more logical system would be this:

If companies (and governments) would pay the appropriate (adequate) fee per unit of labor, the world economy would experience a massive revival because trading would increase worldwide. It would happen due to the abundance of the average household’s budget and the fact that we are a consumer society, easy on the trigger when it comes to spending money.

So with one simple decision, everything would change for the better.

You gotta ask yourself:

How it’s even possible that no one sees that?

It makes more sense to pump “emergency” money into the households (paychecks) than into banks and corporations because if you are left broke, what could you possibly buy from the corporation that is now salvaged with the massive influx of taxpayers’ (your) money?

You can’t “invest” in some hedge fund because you are completely broke. Your poor credit score makes you ineligible to take the loan from the bank.


Forcing some sense in aristocracy seems like the inevitable action.

Is this a dream or the realistic goal?

Can we unite the world and initiate the global strike that will change things for the first time ever?

Our minds and our hands built something extraordinary. We have established a global communication network that allows us to contact anyone on this planet in real time. 7,4 billion people can communicate with each other instantaneously.

That’s all we need to coordinate our global reaction.

We don’t demand something big or impossible. We are not interested in anarchy. We don’t want to decapitate people. It’s not a revolution. It has nothing to do with the violence of any kind. Violence is completely unnecessary.

All we want is a fair price for the labor we are selling and free fucking water.

You think that the police force or military personnel will have something against the massive personal raise of their hourly wage and that they will stop the massive uprising?

Just recall the events in the former USSR, Romania, Eastern Germany and similar situations where people grew tired of constant oppression. Even that repressive tool of every state is constituted by ordinary people, people like you, me and your son. They will help bring the change eventually.

But it’s up to us to start the revolution and send the clear message to the aristocracy:


We will not be slaves. We will not suffer and die just so you would live comfortably or achieve some sick and deviant personal agendas. We want what is rightfully ours.

Make it happen or suffer the complete loss of the comfort.


A simple message that can be relayed to every human being in less than 5 minutes. The message that sums everything that’s been wrong with the world for the past 10,000 years. The message that resonates with every man and woman who are suffering the consequences of the society divided on the aristocratic minority and the peasant majority.

The message coming from us, the people, who should never forget one simple fact about our society:


Peasants, as they like to call us, can sure as hell live without the aristocracy. Aristocracy, on the other hand, can’t survive without the peasants.

So who needs whom exactly?

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