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The Mind-blowing Paradox of Contemporary Human Society

Written by Ballz Magazine

Do you get that feeling, every now and then, that something’s really a way off? Like, that we are all living inside some large prison camp that, in all reality, should not exist? It’s like we can break out of it whenever the hell we want, but for some strange reason, we are staying imprisoned.

You are not alone.

When you do some deductive thinking and deep cross-time analysis, you’ll see that, in every given moment, there’s just 2% of the entire human population willing to challenge the odds. To challenge the status quo. To do what others are afraid of doing.

Go back to your school days. Say, high school. How many top athletes were there? How many top students were there?

1-2% at best. The potential alphas.

And then, there’s the rest of the crowd…

On the other side of that medal, there’s 98-99% of that same population that does nothing else but following the lead of the minority.

It’s a pattern, we see in every mammal species, and as much as we like to think that there’s something divine and spiritual about us, we behave same as any other wolf pack or herd of antilopes.

In a same manner as wolves, our group is organized, managed and ruled by the severe minority. We are governed by only a handful of individuals.

But unlike their wild counterparts, human “alphas” are not defined by the brute physical force or specific leadership skills anymore. A long time ago, we tricked the nature and removed the classic notion of the survival of the fittest. Our virtual value is now the new standard that defines the level of comfort of our lives and the odds of our survival.


In a game of becoming an alpha, deceptiveness and cunningness substituted moral leadership and strength, and that’s our biggest problem.


The rest of the crowd is just followers. The servants who are considering themselves lucky if alphas drop few crumbs or move away after the feast and leave the food unguarded.

Followers, who are living their lives in a constant state of fear. The severe majority.

The question is: WHY?

Because, at any given moment, there’s only 1% of the entire population ready to make the decision that will influence the lives of hundreds, thousands or even millions of others.

From the remaining corpus, 20-30% are fundamental followers. If we use a state as an analogy, that would be members of law enforcement, the justice system, military, government officials and top parties’ members without official state-related duties.

The rest are just minding their own business, hoping that no one will come and slaughter them. In silence, they are paying heavy taxes and all sorts of para-fiscal charges. They don’t want any trouble.

Now, add genetic heritage to the equation.

Certain traits and habits will be transferred to the next generation and so forth. A child of a leader will most likely become one due to the inevitable effect of the genetic heritage and specific social environment in which the child is growing up.

Same, a child of a peasant will most likely never move any further than being a foreman in some production facility or a construction company. He or she will be forced to employ hard labor, just as their ancestors did on their farms. Everything stays the same. Only the environment changes a bit.

That’s why we can always track down the “bloodline” or at least particular, well-defined, social influence, specific for each group, be it aristocracy or peasants.

In other words, for as long as we remember and for as long as we will be present on this planet, the “presidents” will always come from a specific social environment. The aristocracy will therefore remain “pure” due to genetic heritage and influence of the specific social routine.

It’s, therefore, easy to see why we have such a divided society.

Aristocracy is deeply rooted in our past and even when they decide to allow mixing with the “new non-royal bloodline,” the behavioral indoctrination of the child will do the job and specific habits and behaviors will be transferred to the next generation regardless.

That’s just the simple biology of the mammals.

However, given our advanced thinking abilities, one might logically assume that the major corpus, constituted of peasantry, will keep the severe aristocratic minority on a short leash. In any given moment, a group of angry thousand can crush the group of just five people.

Yet, it isn’t happening.

The question is: WHY?

Why the majority allows to be treated as inferior? Why are we even keeping the aristocracy alive when it’s clear that they are ready to trade millions of peasants for a day of their own comfort, without even thinking about it?

Because we failed to use our advanced brains appropriately.

Let’s say that we organize a small group of 100 men and women. People who never saw one another.

Before the Day 1 ends, 5 of them will separate from the group. Not physically, but mentally. The situation is simply forcing the extraction of that 1% constituted of those with the most emphasized natural leadership skills.

We all have those skills, make no mistake about that, because we all have both dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters in our brains. It’s just that we have to find ourselves in a situation where we have no other option but to lead the way.

The group is now starting to organizeg in a way we are wired. And this is where both the problem and the solution are found.

Remember the French Revolution? One group of tyrants substituted the other? Just for the both groups to end in the guillotine in a matter of days?

That’s the way it should be but it’s hardly ever the case.

If those 5 “leaders” show any signs of hedonism, selfishness or corrupted behavior towards the rest of the group, they should be immediately overwhelmed and removed from the equation.

The cycle now repeats and the next 1% gets extracted. It would most likely be those who led the rebellion against the oppressors.

If this new leadership exhibits the behavior similar to the original leaders, they should also be removed to allow the process to repeat itself and eventually extract only the most worthy and most optimal leaders.

The practice (past) has shown that the best course of action is to physically eliminate those with hedonistic, deviant and selfish ideas who managed to assert themselves as “alphas.” History has taught us that if they remain alive within the group, sooner or later they will start plotting yet another deviant agenda that will ultimately lead to death of innocents. Those genes and those behaviors will be transferred to the next generation.

Our mistake – the mistake of the crowd, is that we most commonly stop after the first cycle and fail to do adequate and satisfying filtering. We lose our heat and just want to get back to our routine.

It’s like putting the man who never flew a plain in a cockpit of the jumbo jet full of passengers. He’s got the passion, but lacks the skills. Skills that are trimmed with time and utmost control of the crowd.

That’s why we have wars. That’s why we have to pay for medicine. That’s why we have to pay for the rain that freely falls from the sky. Our newly established leadership is left without the control and pretty soon the ancient hedonism gene starts emerging. When that happens, our alphas turn from social beings to aggressive individuals who are willing to risk the lives of millions for some personal agendas.

Leave the kid in a room full of flour and see what will happen if you fail to keep the kid under the control for the optimal amount of time.

Same applies here. It’s us the crowd — the peasants — who made possible for the aristocracy to even exist.

Our reluctance to see the process all the way through, allowed wrong genetic material to nest and inevitably gather that 20% of fundamental followers.

It now takes a full-scale civil war to make things right in some cases because those 20% are military and police forces that need some time to reset and see how they are fighting on a wrong side. By the time they come to their senses, dozens or even thousands must lose their lives. Just because we persistently avoid completing the process of extracting the most optimal alphas.

We will never be a society based on equality. It cannot be achieved because we are fundamentally different. In addition, we are wired to be led by those who bears power and strength.

Thus, there will always be two groups. Minority, constituted of leaders. And majority, or the crowd.

For things to change, the crowd must be actively involved.

We are the regulators. We control those few. They are the government, elected (authorized) by us, the crowd, to maintain the operational functions of our society (cage). They are merely the maintenance workers, responsible for keeping the system alive and healthy.

They are not here to selfishly enjoy the benefits of our hard labor. They are not some gods that we need to worship as they are trying to present themselves to the general population.

It’s that distorted perspective that must change immediately for our lives to change for the better.

And the power resides in us the crowd, because, in reality, the aristocracy is helpless and pretty much useless without us peasants.

Think of it this way.

Imagine our average billionaire. A definition of a new age alpha. The man’s got it all. He’s in construction and real estate business. Tens of thousands are making sure that his ideas and plans are turning into reality. The billions on his numerous bank accounts are made by those tens of thousands of hard workers (peasants).

Now imagine that workforce programmed. You turn it on and off with the switch. And tomorrow morning, you decide to turn the switch off.

The multibillion operations are at a standstill. The influx of money has stopped. Debt is accumulating.

It takes less than a month for all those millions to melt down under the heat of the debt pressure and for our aristocratic billionaire to lose his comfort.

Here’s the trick.

Currently, there are approx. 74,000,000 people, or 1% of the entire population that hold 46% of the entire money supply. They are the prime examples of our aristocracy. Again, only 1% of them, or 740,000 people are the true aristocracy. The rulers of the world.

We can keep slicing that number until we finally reach the king and queen because, at any given moment, in any given group, there’s always just 1% of those who are ready to do whatever it takes.

So basically, nothing has changed from the times of Roman Emperors, Pharaohs of Egypt and relatively contemporary Kings and Tsars of Europe and Asia.

What made possible for the Roman Emperor to indulge his any hedonistic wish?

Or to be more accurate, WHO made it possible?

Ordinary people.

If those people would cross their arms on their chest and leave, what would happen with that Roman Emperor?

He would pretty soon be dirty, smelly and hungry.

Being a spoiled brat, who never experienced any kind of hardship, he would probably end up dead in less than a month. Even if he would somehow survive, the chances for his aristocratic revival would be slim to say the least.

Now, let’s fast forward to present and take a look at one simple countryside household. We’ll see hardy people capable of protecting themselves and providing with all that’s necessary for their survival. It’s a comfortable life given the fact that no one is organizing their time.

Another example is our city family, made of two working parents and their kids. Their comfort mostly relies on the paychecks parents receive for selling units of labor. For the most part, they are under the stress because they are never really sure will they see the next paycheck or even if they will remain at their jobs. Their level of comfort is lower than the one of our countryside family because someone else is scheduling the good portion of their time.

However, neither comes even close to the comfort of our aristocratic family.


Because our countryside and city families are allowing that.

And all they (working class) essentially have to do is to stop selling their labor.

Because, if our working class stops working, the system becomes completely paralyzed and aristocracy starts suffering. Their level of comfort is decreasing at a staggering speed, until they reach the bottom.

The same happens in a scenario where our countryside is no longer willing to produce food for the urban areas (working class and aristocracy). The system would experience that same paralysis.

Although, that would affect the working class since they are depending on produces they can purchase for the money made by selling the units of labor.

Hence, the conclusion.

If the workforce, worldwide, stops their usual, everyday operations, it would trigger the filtering process we explained earlier. Those who are willing to meet the new demands, those would be rewarded with the positions of alphas.

In other words, all we need to do to change our fate is one global general strike with the simple demand:

Price of the unit of sold labor that enables abundant life worthy of a human being.

The funny fact is: if we force them, the aristocracy, to release more money to us, the peasants, the entire system would experience a revival since there would be more money to spend on millions of useless products. After all, we are a consumer society. As such, we love to spend. They are just too greedy and too afraid to see it.

You see, aristocracy has this deeply rooted paranoia. They honestly believe that if they make the workforce richer, the workforce might challenge them and try to take over their thrones.

In reality, if you make your worker richer, you made a happy and satisfied person. You made a follower. Think globally and you can see the happy society.

For the most part, we are happy if someone else lays everything out for us and we just have to follow the game plan. Publicly, we will “hate” our boss. Secretly, we love him because he lays everything in front of us. And if he is generous when it comes to paychecks, we’ll love him even more.

Because, why would anyone kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

We have to make them realize the mistake they are making. We have to put the world on hold for couple of days and set the new rules. After all, we have the power because we don’t need to yell or to burn cars to show our dissatisfaction and to list our demands. We only need to stop working for a while. All of us. Globally. And they can do shit about it.

We can live without them. Things would even improve if we remove this current aristocratic paradigm from the equation. But they can’t survive without us. They don’t exist without us. Remember that.




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