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18 Methods to Keep Home Safe from Forced Entry

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Written by Ballz Magazine

A seasoned police detective is walking you through 18 most effective methods to keep your home safe from forced entry. We thought you might be interested because the security of your home does take the primary role in your family’s life.

Follow these 18 safety methods and prevent forced entry to prevent a possible tragedy.

1. Lock the place well when leaving

Whenever you leave your home, lock the doors, balconies and make sure you don’t leave anything open “for the air to flow in.”

Because even the smallest opening (“crack”) can be exploited by an experienced burglar. For them, it’s like having a key to your home. Hence, to keep your home safe, lock the place down!

2. Install the surveillance system

Along with the chains on your front door, it is a good practice to have a wide-angle peephole and a video interphone at least.

For the extended security, try to cover a wider area and make sure that the system is recording; at least when you are not around.

If someone breaks into your home and steals your possessions it’s gonna be easier for the detectives to identify the perp and get your stuff back.

3. Install the alarm system

And don’t be a cheapskate here. A good and reliable alarm system keeps the home safe and saves lives.

Think about the one with the image snapshot technology or a fingerprint identification for the maximum anti-hack protection.

4. Sensored power-lights on critical places

When the punk gets hit with the 500 watts of the pure white light he won’t be able to see his dick for a half an hour later. Thus, make sure you cover all “tactical” positions in the close perimeter.

5. Bars on the ground floor points of entry

This is where you can expect the intruder to make his move so enforce the windows with the steel bars.

Of course, you don’t want to make the prison out of your home, so install the type that opens.

6. Do not leave ladders and similar in your backyard if you want to keep your home safe from burglary

You really don’t want to help some punk to climb up on your balcony and endanger your wife and children. So keep the climbing devices out of the reach.

One another thing. Having a tall tree right next to your home may not be a smart idea. If possible, remove it. At least you won’t have to lose your time cleaning leaves and fallen branches.

7. Lock when inside and surrounded by the loud noise

If somebody is alone at home and listening to the loud music or even drilling the damn hole for some shelf, make sure your entrances are locked because you obviously cannot hear someone entering.

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for the professionals to exploit the circumstances. Keep that in mind.

On average, it takes less than 20 seconds to carjack the locked vehicle.

8. Let someone checks the place while you’re gone

Arrange the deal with someone of your trust to keep an eye on the property while you’re on vacation or similar.

Let that person walk all over the place and turn on the lights at evening.

The pros are known to survey the target for some time before deciding to break in.

9. Don’t “hide” your key!

Even the small children know that they should look under the doormat, in slippers or in flowerpots.

So don’t be a fool thinking that you can hide the key somewhere.

By doing that you are endangering your household because you never know who might be monitoring you.

10. Don’t tell anyone that you are leaving!

With the exception of that kind soul that will keep an eye on the place, don’t spread the word about your absence in form of some door stickers or answering machine.

That’s the first step any burglar will make when checking out the potential target – he or she will call your landline!

11. Don’t “hide” your money and jewelry in stupid places

Thinking that nobody knows about the “secret” pot on a kitchen counter, the box near the windows or doors, envelope under the pillows and mattresses, and the metal safe under the cloths in your wardrobe is just playing stupid, nothing else.

Get a proper safe and let the professional install it on some other place than behind the mirror or paintings.

12. Take pictures of your jewelry

It will be that much easier for the police to identify it if they stumble upon the pieces in some raid.

You see, the way investigation works in these cases is that the detectives are tracking the stolen goods because the stolen property uncovers the chain and ultimately leads to the perp.

13. Don’t allow unknown people to enter your home

The world is full of pricks that deserve a bullet between their eyes.

Be aware of the tricks such as:

  • Sudden collapse of a strange person right on your accessway
  • Fake IDs
  • Suspicious sales representatives
  • Beggars and similar

If you don’t know the person than how the fuck should he or she knows where you live? Do you pop unannounced in other people’s homes or do you call them first?

14. Educate your kids on safety matters

Children are helpless if you don’t teach them not to open the doors for strangers and to call you on your cell immediately!

15. Prevent the pile of mail in your mailbox!

It’s the sure sign that nobody is around.

Thus, make sure you have somebody picking your mail if you’re gone for some time.

16. Replace the lock if you notice the key is missing

Don’t wait because you really can’t be sure that the key is not stolen by someone who was recently in your house or from the wife’s purse.

The new lock will buy you a good night sleep.

17. Do not put your name and address on your key

This does not require any additional explanation.

18. Memorize strangers and suspicious behavior by constantly being aware of your surroundings

To keep your home safe at all times, try to memorize the faces and other relevant features of the individuals who simply do not belong in your environment.

Write down the description of the vehicles and the license plates and, by all means,


CALL THE POLICE immediately!

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