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5 Survival Skills Every Man Must Have if the Lights Suddenly Go Off

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In any given moment, only 8 minutes to an hour stands between us and the total, global blackout! Thus, having these 5 specific survival skills will make the difference between life and death of you and your loved ones.

Yeah, we know, preppers are getting off on these kinds of topics. Nonetheless, they are forging their survival skills and when the shit hits the fan, and it will any day now, these folks will be ready!

Will you?

Unlike you, preppers are investing large amounts of time and money to be prepared for all sorts of shits that could strike us at any time. You have people that dug out huge tunnels and shelters right beneath their homes and have stashed a 1-year worth of supplies. It looks similar to the Cold War paranoia.

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But since nothing is absolute and everything is relative, that means that these fellows may turn out to be right. One giant solar eruption, in the right direction and at the right time will switch off our global grid in less than a minute!

What then?

#1 – Fast thinking, to calculate your odds and decide the next optimal move – one of the most important survival skills and skills in general!

For instance, if you live in some urban environment like the city or some larger town, your best odds are to get your shit together and get lost from there.

This implies cold thinking and absence of any panic because you won’t be the only one who’ll figure this out and it may be crowded on the streets. Thus, you must think fast about your auxiliary routes.


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That implies mental training.

Run a dull life without any perspective and situational awareness and this shit will catch you completely unprepared. Your wife will probably demonstrate a far more effective decision-making than you. Hence, do spend some free time creating more neuronal connections between your two cerebral hemispheres. You never know what lurks behind the next corner.

Remember: a mind is changed by the event. And an event is every single stimulus coming from the environment. Thus, with every following word you read, for instance, you’re physically changing your brain.

#2 – Self-defense, to protect yourself and your family from the packs of wolves

This is one of those most rudimental survival skills every man must have even in our modern setup with the police, high moral standards, and electricity.

Make no mistake; if something like this happens, if the lights go off, say goodbye to decency, politeness, and moral. You’ll have the bloodthirsty gangs roaming all around the place, scanning for their next victim. Thus, learn the close combat skills against an armed and unarmed enemy and learn how to use guns and rifles.

#3 – Primitive hunting skills, to be able to provide for your family once you find yourself alone in the wilderness

Those bullets won’t last forever. So you better start learning hunting and gathering skills now to be ready later. It’s a great stuff to learn anyway because it connects you with the origins – with your ancient ancestors.

Simply put, go spend some time deep in the woods and practice these survival skills.

Remember: it takes only 8 minutes for the deadly radiation to reach the Earth and fry our electrical grid. No warnings. Only deadly and scary silence before the whole hell breaks loose.

In the best case scenario, we will have an hour max. before everything goes dead!

#4 – Orientation, to avoid getting lost

You can forget about the search and rescue service if something like this happens. You can also forget about the emergency medical care also.

It will take time for the civilization to revive again. 5 years according to the most optimistic assessments. Although, these assessments don’t really consider the consequence of the mass panic outbreak and the instant, worldwide regression of the society to our most primitive survival instincts.

Until then, you’re on your own. Getting lost in some woods means panic attack, which leads to reckless decisions and subsequent injuries. You really don’t want to reduce the survival odds of your group by hurting yourself.

#5 – Masonry, to be able to build the improvised shelter for your family

Even if you choose some cave (like couple us from Ballz Mag did), you still have to be able to construct things such as safety barriers on entrance, shelves, improvised toilets and some more advanced stuff like entire buildings.

When I think about these things, that YouTube guy always comes to my mind.

He’s using only the materials he can find in the surrounding natural environment and ends up with the primitive hut and the fireplace in it. Take a look. It’s the most inspiring video because the dude is not stopping on just building the hut. He pushes the envelope and creates all sorts of stuff, starting with the good old pottery! He’ll even plaster the entire place.


Feel free to add additional skills you find essential for these kinds of circumstances. Maybe we missed on something obvious? Point it out and explain the importance of that particular skill.

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