Six reasons why you should get a sixpack

six-pack makes great lover
Written by Igor K

Not beer but carved abs, that’s what we are talking about because as you will soon find out, you are losing way too much on account of your lack of will.
Only small number of men is making sure that their stomachs look like photoshopped. While it is not required to have those, it will do wonders for you if you make this simple and fast effort to minimize the fat on your belly and see your dick once again.

1. Your wife will be amazed and you’re in for regular and extremely hot sex

She won’t be able to refrain herself from keeping her hands in that area while you two are doing it. Women like six packs but this affection is exponentially increased if you’re married and a proud holder of fat ass belly. This sudden transformation will leave her in positive shock for a long period of time.

2. Your self-confidence will boost beyond limits

Not many men are aware of the fact that one of the reasons for their poor efficacy lies in a fact that they are not satisfied with how they look. It affects self-confidence like no other thing.
This is natural because you are programmed to do every effort to become a prime specimen of our species. If you’re not experiencing yourself like that, you will have great difficulties in almost every aspect of your life.

 By changing this particular segment of your body, you’ll witness a dramatic personal change. There is something mystical with those freakin’ abs because you can pump your biceps, triceps, back and legs but nothing will act like a carved abdominal region.

Everybody, but especially females will take a longer and lustier look at the man with six pack and thin arms than on a guy who’s got The Hulk type of arm and no abs. Go figure.

3. Your professional environment will start looking at you with different eyes

And this is not just about female co-workers who will drool for you and fight for your attention. Your executive and the entire working collective will start to experience you as someone who is willing to do even more.

In businesses no other virtue gets more respect.

Combined effect of these 3 will boost your career and put you on a growth trajectory. Because men are simple. More sex equals happy life. High levels of self-confidence translate in higher levels of performance and effectiveness. And finally respect from your professional environment will give you the wings.

But it is easy to dream about it. How the fuck should you do that?

Not that easy but your efforts will be awarded. First you have to drop some weight and your best and most efficient approach is low-carb diet.

It’s simple. Lose everything that has even a trace of complex carbohydrates such as bread, pastry, potato, rice, soy, sugar and anything else based on flour.

Eat meat, vegetables, dairy products and fish for a month and you’ll start dropping 2 pounds per day without any side-effect. Don’t eat too much and don’t eat after 19:00.
Once you lose some, start pumping abs using every available method on your disposal. It will take couple of months to do this but as weeks pass by you will start noticing the difference.

As we said, you don’t need carved abs at all. What you need to do is to strengthen that part of your body and at least reach the point where your abs separates from sides. You will see that line right after you drop weight but as you are progressing with your workouts; it will become sharper and sharper.

In reality it doesn’t take more than half an hour per day. You won’t be doing a full-scale bodybuilding but it is something to think about because bodybuilding does wonders on your self-confidence.

What’s important to memorize is this: your abs are not used to direct load of force so for the first couple of days go easy. 5 minutes; that’s all. Simple crunches will do just to warm them up and prepare them for more severe exercises. If you overload them immediately, you are very well aware that you’ll suffer immense pain and that could potentially kill your enthusiasm.

Be determined and persistent about this. Be a man. Suck it up and die trying.

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Igor K

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