5 Signs It’s Time to End a Relationship

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We’ve all been in that spot—you know things just aren’t going according to plan. You know what I’m talking about; if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this article. Maybe you’re fighting all the time. Maybe you’re just waiting for something to “happen”… maybe you’re just not ready to call it quits—yet.

You’re anxious or tired all the time. That spark seems to have disappeared … somewhere. Yet, for whatever reason, we continue to hold hope that one day, it’ll just pick back up. In the meantime, here’s 5 signs it’s time to end a relationship.

  1. Your Needs Just Aren’t Being Met
    Maybe you’re just disconnected on an emotional level, or maybe sexually it’s just not where you need to be – either way, it’s probably time to call it quits. While a relationship is hard, it’s not fair to remain in a relationship where there’s a void in key areas like sex or emotional connection.
  2. There’s Absolutely No Respect Left
    If you’re both at a different part in life, it can be difficult to find that mutual respect for one another that every relationship needs. This is especially true if there were repeatedly broken promises throughout the relationship. If you know you’re committed to the relationship and she doesn’t seem to be into it any more, it’s time to break it off.
  3. You Just Aren’t Sexually Attracted Anymore
    Alright, so no one likes to openly admit this one – especially when it’s a subject of physical attraction. If you’re finding yourself being annoyed or repulsed by your partner—it’s time to call it quits. While you might think you’re doing your partner a favour by staying, if you’re not sexually connected, it’ll only lead to resentment and hurt later on.
  4. You Just Can’t Forgive and Let Go
    While most times it seems the motto is forgive and forget, it’s important to understand that certain situations require special consideration. If you’re finding it is nearly impossible to “get over” situations or apologies that just don’t settle well – it’s time to cut the strings. Forcing yourself to look past them can leave emotional turmoil and mistrust that will likely never be rebuilt.
  5. Having Fun Just Doesn’t Happen Together
    While life always has its ups and downs, it’s important that any relationship has more up-time than low parts. If you’re finding those nights out end up in upset or frustration (how many times does she have to ignore you for that bartender?) – it might be time to call it done. 
  6. You Fight Over Everything
    When’s the last time you and your buddies fought over which left their shoes on the stairs? If you and the missus are fighting over little things that never bothered you before, it might be a sign your relationship is crumbling. Bickering is normal in a relationship, however; if you’re stressed about the next war that’s going to break out over the bed not being made, it’s time to move on to someone else. 

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