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What You Ought to Know about Money to Have it

Written by Sean Collins

So obvious yet so overlooked and totally neglected. For some strange reason, many of us think that we know all about money and thus, how to manage it. At the same time, nobody even tries to learn more about money management skills the same way we learn how to use the tools or drive the car. And then many wonder what the fuck is wrong with the system and society.

Nothing. The system is perfect. Only you don’t get it.

What you need to know about Money and Debt respectively is that combined they make a neat survival hack

diagram of the debt and money hack

When a lion cub is born it is provided by the parents and the group same as the human child. However, when a lion comes of age it has only one way to survive: to fight for the living space while constantly hunting and killing for food.

A human child, once of age, can start from the point of debt; something nature doesn’t even understand. Simply put, it can borrow money to obtain legal housing, transportation and communication systems, appliances, tools, weapons and everything else needed for survival and beyond – without fighting for it.

At the same time, the child doesn’t have to go through ordeals like a young lion because, unlike the lion, the child can go in “minus”.

In other words, the lion can’t afford to relax or make a mistake. Unlike the animal, the human child can survive 80 years making one mistake after another. It only needs to sell its labor if no direct inheritance exists or apply for a welfare.

It is beyond important for the human child to learn everything about money and debt BEFORE it takes its first independent steps! Have that in mind while raising your child so it wouldn’t repeat your mistakes!

Use of debt (borrowed money) as the mean for the comfortable life

As we already said, once ready to survive on its own, the human child is in debt. Its “net worth” is under nature’s lower limits of survival.

No other species on this planet can survive if it doesn’t constantly hunt for food. Yet, humans are perfectly capable of doing it. We can spend our entire lives in debt and still be able to live relatively comfortable life. And that’s something unseen in nature.

Our ancestors, who lived not so long ago, didn’t have the margin we have today. They couldn’t go in minus. We can.

Hence, money and debt are nothing more than a survival trick we pulled on nature.

In other words, we outsmarted the survival of the fittest notion and made our own rules of survival.

The fact is: unlike the lion, you can spend the entire month and even more without moving from the chair and still be provided with the air, water, food, sex, and sleep. And even if shit happens and your entire concept collapses, you can file for bankruptcy and state will cover your basic survival needs which means that you’ll survive even when you’re not able to hunt anymore. Just another perk only human species has and it’s something we invented by ourselves for ourselves.

Hell, some folks are living in debt and still having pets, which implies that our survival trick can, in fact, be helpful to other species as well.

When you think about it, you have to ask yourself where’s the end?

Because money can push you up beyond the upper limits of nature’s ability to provide in a common way

A lion will ALWAYS have to hunt. Even if the animal is dominating some part of African savannah where prey is relatively abundant, it will only have occasional sections of the year where food and “luxuries” practically drop from the sky.

A human being, if determined enough, can learn, understand, and apply basic principles and mechanisms of monetary society and reach the point of sync where it is actually perfectly capable of sitting in the same place for decades while indulging every over-excessive craving. How’s that for the survival trick?

All you have to do to reach this point is upgrading your matrix a bit to comply with your current environment. Once your actions start to resonate with the environment, you’ll start your way up. In other words, you need to learn everything about money, debt, and the monetary-market system respectively because that’s your African savannah. That’s the world you are living in and it’s necessary for your survival to familiarize yourself with the core rules of that world.

Remember, a lion can have only so much. You can have it all. If you want it.

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